Wes Johnson Is Ready To Lead ‘Cuse Into the Dance

March 18, 2010 – 8:00 am by Michael Bean

Get your dancing shoes on. We’re just hours away from the opening round games of the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. There’s a slate of good games to kick off the action today. One team who has to wait until Friday to play is the #1 seed in the West region, the Syracuse Orange. Syracuse is the fourth and final #1 seed to play its opening round game. They’ll do so Friday night against the #16 seeded Vermont Catamounts.

Wes Johnson, the Big East Player of the Year and the ‘Cuse’s top scorer, joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about if Coach Boeheim was livid with the team for their poor showing in the Big East Tournament, what he thought when he saw Coach’s wife for the first time, the best team and player that he’s faced all year, if he thinks he’s too unselfish with the basketball, the injury of center Arinze Onuaku, and if he’s decided whether or not this will be his final year at Syracuse.

On if Coach Boeheim grilled the team after their loss in their opening game of the Big East Tournament:

“You know, he doesn’t like losing too much, but he gave us a good speech in preparation for the NCAA Tournament  about how this is the one that really counts. So him going in after the loss and saying that really helped the emotions a little bit.”

On what he thought when he saw Coach Boeheim’s wife for the first time:

“I was like wow. Go ahead coach!”

On who he thinks is the best team Syracuse has played this year:

“I would have to say Georgetown.”

Best player he’s faced:

“De’Sean Butler.

On if he thinks he’s at times too unselfish with the basketball:

“I think so, I think so. That’s one of the questions everyone says – they say I’m a little bit too unselfish. But we have a great team. It’s hard not to be unselfish, we have a lot of great players. There’s seven of us that can lead the team in scoring any given night, so that’s what comes with it. I think a lot of people on our team are unselfish.”

On if injured center Arinze Onuaku will be playing on Friday in the 1st round game against Vermont:

“We hope so, that’s what we’re hoping. But if not, him being there, that’s enough for us. We’re hoping he’ll be there Friday.”

On if this will be his last year at Syracuse:

“I’m not really sure. I haven’t really put too much thought into it, but when the time comes for me to decide, I’m going to get with Coach and my family. But until that time, I’m undecided.”

Listen here to Syracuse guard Wes Johnson on the Dan Patrick Show

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  1. 3 Responses to “Wes Johnson Is Ready To Lead ‘Cuse Into the Dance”

  2. Well at least he was honest about if he will stay at Syracuse or not next year. As opposed to the last 4 characters that left early the last 3 years and stating that they will be back and a couple of weeks later they leave. Flynn, Devendorf (even though he was probably pushed out), Harris, and Greene.

    By Shane on Mar 18, 2010

  3. So Wes is a guard. Interesting.

    By Mike on Mar 18, 2010

  4. I’d like to see Wesley Johnson come back next year. I think he will have a great tournament, as SU wins the title. Boheim hasn’t turned him loose since the North Carolina game. I see 2 games, where, he will be the difference–K State & KU

    If Johnson comes back next year, look out, SU will be hard to beat. I think Boheim sees chances to win titles and retire, consideing the recruiting class coming to SU next year.

    By Simon on Mar 19, 2010

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