Ted Ginn Jr. Has A Clean Slate In San Francisco

April 21, 2010 – 9:50 am by timgunter

To make room for the recently acquired Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins traded away Ted Ginn Jr. to the 49ers for a fifth-round draft pick in tomorrow’s draft.  Three years in Miami was enough for the franchise to decide that Ginn Jr. was expendable after he never materialized into what they had thought he would as the team’s first round pick of the ’07 Draft.  Dolphins fans began booing Ginn Jr. the day he was drafted and they never stopped.  His blazing speed was offset by hands of stone and a strong dislike for contact.  In three seasons in Miami, he made only five touchdown catches while averaging thirteen yards per reception.  Ginn Jr. was more successful on special teams, scoring on kickoff returns of 100 and 101 yards in the same quarter of a game against the New York Jets last season.  For that feat, he became the first player with two kickoff returns of at least one hundred yards in the same game.  After trying unsuccessfully with several different players last season, the 49ers are in need of a return man.  This trade has given Ginn Jr. an opportunity to start over with a new franchise.  He will be asked to do something that he feels comfortable doing, returning kicks not catching balls over the middle of the field.

Ted Ginn Jr. joined KHTK in Sacramento to talk about what the last week has been like for him, whether he looks at this opportunity as kind if like a “do over”, and how long he thinks it will take for him to learn the new offensive system.

On what the last week has been like for him:

“Oh well you know it has been different, getting traded it is part of the game and everybody has to go through it.  I adjusted to it very well with my family and friends surrounding me and supporting me, that is the best thing that you could ask for.”

Whether he looks at this opportunity as kind if like a “do over”:

“I realize that this is a fresh start for me and every time you get a new start you should try to attack it the best way you can.  You just go out and do everything that you didn’t do last time, you try to do now.”

Whether he is excited about the 49ers chances for the division title this season:

“Yeah I mean the only thing that I have to do is go out and get familiar with my team and my coaches, my quarterback and just jump into it and just take off.  I am new so I just got to learn and once I get it done I think we should be straight.”

What was his biggest challenge in adjusting from the college game to the NFL game:

“Well the biggest turnaround was learning how to use my speed and learn how to utilize my speed.  You could be fast, but there is guys in the league that know how to take a proper technique to set your fast in style and I figure as is in my first year going into my second year I think I believe that it slowed down for me.  It definitely after my second year slowed down a lot.”

Whether he is close to any of the players on the 49ers:

“Oh yeah I know Nate Clements just because he is an Ohio guy, went to Ohio State, I have been knowing him for many years.  Alex Boone, he played with me at Ohio State, Patrick Willis, I knew him just because we came out in the same draft, and Jason Hill because we came out into the same draft.  Those are really the guys, and Vernon (Davis), just because I played with his little brother so them guys are going to take me with open arms and those that I met today, they come in and introduced themselves and told me, ‘Let’s get ready to go’ .  Everybody around here is happy to have me and I am happy to be here and I am just going to try and bring what I can to the table.”

How long he thinks it will take for him to learn the new offensive system:

“Well it takes a while but after you get to doing it everyday I believe that you should just be able to fall into routine.  It is different when you are learning it.  It is different when you are game planning so I mean right now how I think that I will learn the whole offense and get it down to a ‘T’ you know and then once we start moving on and the season starts coming I think I should have it.”

Listen to Ted Ginn Jr. on KHTK in Sacramento with Grant Napear & Mike Lamb

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  1. 2 Responses to “Ted Ginn Jr. Has A Clean Slate In San Francisco”

  2. Wow, Never realized that Ted Ginn is an idiot. He sounds like he has about a third grade education.

    By nikob on Apr 21, 2010

  3. Glad he’s gone, but all blame goes to previous GM and moron coach Cam Cameron for taking him so high. Great speed and would love to see him back on special teams, but as a reciever he sucked. Also was a terrible interview and didnt strike me a very intelligent. He will house a couple kickoffs for you though, so that should be nice.

    By FinFan on Apr 23, 2010

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