Will John Fox Be Around In Carolina This Time Next Year?

April 27, 2010 – 9:30 am by timgunter

John Fox has been the coach of the Carolina Panthers since 2002 and he is in the final year of his current contract.  Fox is motivated for another contract extension but many fans hope this will be his last season in Charlotte.   Although the Panthers have made it to the playoffs three times under Fox, he has never had consecutive winning seasons in his eight years on the job.  The inconsistent play that has plagued the team can’t all be contributed to the head coach because Panthers management has made some costly personnel errors too.  Signing Jake Delhomme to a long-term deal after he threw five interceptions in a playoff game against the Cardinals in ’08 was a complete mistake, in conjunction, with overpaying Julius Peppers, handcuffed them with salary cap issues.  Now that both players have moved onto other teams, the Panthers are now relying on younger talent to come in and pick up where they left off last year after winning four out of their last five games under backup quarterback Matt Moore.  If Moore can play consistently all season long and their defense can hold up, John Fox could be looking could be looking at another contract extension this fall.

John Fox joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego to talk about how it feels the morning after the Draft, Jimmy Clausen being the highest valued player on the board when they drafted him, and whether they were shocked that Jimmy Clausen was still available when they selected him.

How it feels the morning after the Draft:

“Well I think that number one there is a lot of work that goes into the Draft so much of the Draft is already done, it just kind of falls the way that it falls.  With all of these guys it is a wait-and-see.  You are excited because you are going to get a chance to watch them play football in your system this coming weekend.”

On this time last year having Jake Delhomme starting at qb and just a young guy named Matt Moore backing him up:

“Oh there is no question.  I mean he actually entered the season last year as number three.  A young guy that had been in our system a couple of years, actually it started a couple of seasons ago down the stretch when we had a lot of injuries, a guy that we thought had a lot of promise just didn’t have a lot of playing time.  It is definitely much different going around this year.”

On Matt Moore making a great impression on the coaches last year during the Minnesota game:

“There is no doubt.  Our picks in the draft are never a reflection of the guys that we have on our team.  We took Ryan Kalil a couple of years ago and we had two real good centers but he was the best value on the board and now Ryan Kalil is a very young Pro Bowler.  Sometimes it is just the way the draft falls and you take the best available guy that you think can play in the National Football League and that is kind of where it fell in the draft for the way of the quarterbacks.”

On Jimmy Clausen being the highest valued player on the board when they drafted him:

“Exactly and this is definitely a quarterback driven league and time will only tell just like with all players and in anybody’s draft.  He was a guys that we thought a lot of and the highest guy on our board at that point and that is who we went with.”

Heading into the Draft what he thought the number one priority was for the Panthers:

“Well I think that it was probably two-fold for us.  I think it would have been wide receiver and some defensive end help.  What a lot of people do not realize is that we used some picks last year to get defensive tackles, in Tank Tyler and Lewis Leonard, that we both have rated pretty high that we used some of this year’s draft last year to sort of acquire those guys during our season last year.”

Whether they were shocked that Jimmy Clausen was still available when they selected him:

“Well I think in our room we definitely were, yet everybody’s boards are different but we saw the opportunity to get what we thought was a very good prospect at the quarterback position and pull the trigger.”

Whether he was thinking there was a reason for Clausen to drop as low as he did:

“Well you do try to figure things out…  For us we didn’t feel like we should but there are some people that drafted for need and I think that the quarterbacks all went a little lower than people had, at least the prognosticators, had figured and only time will tell.”

John Fox on XX Sports Radio in SD with Scott and BR

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  1. 2 Responses to “Will John Fox Be Around In Carolina This Time Next Year?”

  2. John Fox threw Jake under the bus. With the running game that the Panthers had in 2008, Jake should have never been gunning the ball when they were down 1, 2, or even 3 touchdowns against the Cardinals. In 2009, Fox’s failure to pull Jake when his performance mirrored that Cardinals playoff game was criminal. When Jake did well with the two-minute offense against the Falcons and significant recognition was showed for Jake being a master with the two-minute offense, that successful plan was not repeated. Again, criminal.

    By CEE on Apr 29, 2010

  3. John Fox was the Giants defensive coordinator previously, and just got this job with Carolina a year too early, or he might have been the Giants head coach. If he is let go in Carolina, I’d love to see the Giants sign him back on because I think he is a great coach.

    By BK on Apr 30, 2010

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