Brock Lesnar: “I’m coming home with the belt Sunday”

June 30, 2010 – 10:00 am by Chris Fedor

After smacking the living crap out of Frank Mir about a year ago, Brock Lesnar was holding up his UFC Heavyweight Championship belt in the middle of the octagon feeling supremely confident and was on top of the world.  Lesnar has had many impressive fights throughout his career and has looked dominant on a number of occasions, but the fight against Mir showed that Lesnar had taken that next step and had turned into one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in MMA.  His dismantling of Mir left many people wondering who would finally be able to step up and challenge Brock Lesnar?

Unfortunately Lesnar was diagnosed with diverticulitis and had to fight just to stay alive.  Now, after dropping nearly 40 pounds because of his illness, Lesnar is ready to step back inside the octagon and take on one of his toughest opponents to date in what has been dubbed the “biggest heavyweight fight ever.”  Not only has Lesnar been away for about a year, but he is stepping inside the cage against Shane Carwin who has an unblemished record and a ton of skill.  Carwin is 12-0, has never gone past the first round, and is coming off a knockout victory over Lesnar’s rival, Frank Mir.  Nobody really knows what to expect from Brock Lesnar Saturday in his return to the sport, but if he looks anything close to the way he did before his illness, Carwin could be in for a long night.

Brock Lesnar joined KFAN in Minneapolis with the Power Trip to talk about his return to the octagon, how tough it has been to recover from his illness, and gives his prediction for the fight.

On how he feels heading into his first in over a year:

“I feel great.  I actually am just sitting out on the back porch here watching the sun come up and enjoying my family this morning.  I feel, I guess the best way I can describe it, I feel like the champion.”

On how he had to change his diet because of his illness:

“It’s been a great transition for me.  To get my diet in order, you know my diet I didn’t think was all that bad, but I had to change quite a few different things.  Get rid of a few things in my diet and eat a little bit smarter.  It’s been a great process.  It’s been something that has kinda rejuvenated me a little bit.  I was able to step back, take a look at everything in my life, and analyze it and say well where can I make changes and how can I do better?  I believe we’re on the right track.”

On what he is expecting from the fight against Shane Carwin:

“I’ve prepared.  This fight I see it going either way.  We can stand and if either one of us, I of course have superior wrestling skill.  More superior than his.  I wanna be able to control this fight and take it wherever I want to.  I’m a better ground-and-pound guy.  That’s where I’ve shown a lot of success.  There’s no secrets about my game.  I’m a pretty blue collar, straightforward, let’s get after it kind of fighter.  My prediction is I’m coming home with the belt on Sunday morning.”

On how difficult his training camp has been:

“The training camp is the hardest part of this. That’s what takes a lot of fighters out of the game.  It’s a grueling time.  The fight itself is probably the easiest part.  It’s the part that us, as athletes and competitors, love to do for the love of the game.  That’s our passion, that’s our pure enjoyment, but we torture ourselves in the offseason to make ourselves better in season.  It’s a long, grueling process.  There’s no easy way around this game.  You have to get in, you have to do fight simulation practices, and you have to get your hands dirty.  For 10-12 weeks that’s what I’ve been doing.  I have no problem sweating that’s for sure.”

Listen to Brock Lesnar on KFAN in Minneapolis here (Audio begins 33:20 into the podcast)

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