Freddie Roach Confident Pacquiao and Mayweather Will Fight November 13th

June 30, 2010 – 9:40 am by Lance Zimmerman

You’re sick of this. I’m sick of this. Everyone is sick of this. Will these two guys just get into the ring and settle once and for all who the greatest fighter of this decade and possibly generation truly is?

The first go-round in the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. negotiations which took place in January of this year deteriorated on the level of drug testing, specifically the window in which blood would be drawn before the fight. Manny, and his confessed fear of needles, would not give blood within two weeks of the fight.

Regardless of if you believe a man who has multiple tattoos is deathly afraid of needles, or that a fighter who lets millions of dollars slip away over a two week window, both of these guys had their reasons to walk away from the fight the first time. Now, not so much. Who are these guys going to fight if not each other? Pacquiao has dancing partner options in the ultra slow Antonio Margarito or a possible rematch with Miguel Cotto, who won possibly one round against Pacquiao before being dismantled late.

Mayweather’s options are no better. He could fight Matthew Hatton, little brother of Ricky, or possibly convince another fringe lightweight to step up, collect a $3 million dollar check and a guaranteed L in the record column.

The fans have the most to lose if these two don’t get into the ring within the next year. There’s no reason for the fight not to happen, but reason is no substitute for the amount of excuses that seem to come up during the negotiations.

Freddie Roach joined Bob McCown on The Fan 590 in Toronto to discuss the possibilities of the only true mega fight on the horizon in boxing between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Roach was asked if he thinks the fight is going to happen:

“Well, we’re going to fight November 13th against somebody and me and Manny both hope that it’s Mayweather. We’re trying to make every benefit we can to make that happen. I talked to Bob Arum yesterday and he told me that he will know within a week if the deal is going to be done or not. If not Mayweather, it looks like (Antonio) Margarito or (Miguel) Cotto are on the board. Again, we obviously want Mayweather. He has a big mouth and we’re going to shut him up.”

On if Pacquiao will concede to any drug testing Mayweather wants:

“Well, the thing is, the Nevada Athletic Commission, they tried to go to the Commission with it and the Commission denied it. I suggested to Manny that we call his bluff and let him do the blood testing and call his bluff and make him fight us. Manny hasn’t given me officially his word on that yet, but Bob and Manny are talking and they’re negotiating the fight deal. In my mind everything looks like it’s going to go forward, but again Mayweather retires one weekend and the next weekend he’s back. He’s playing a lot of games and I’m not so sure that if we call his bluff here, we’ll get the fight or not. Sometimes I think he just doesn’t want to fight us.”

Roach was asked if the drug testing is the last hurtle to overcome, or if money is still an issue:

“That’s always a problem. He (Mayweather) always wants more of course. The thing is, it’s going to end up fifty-fifty on the money, and that’s not really the problem, it’s just really the number of days before the fight that the drug testing will stop. The thing is with Shane Mosley, it was 18 days was the last blood test. We’re fine with anything like that and we just want to get this fight on and make it happen.”

On if there is a site already picked out the November 13th Date:

“There are two sites etched in. The MGM in Vegas, or Dallas. The thing is, Mayweather will not fight in Texas. If we get Mayweather we’ll go to Vegas, if it’s Margarito or Cotto, it will go Dallas. Bob (Arum) has done that deal with those two venues and we’re just waiting to hear the outcome, the final outcome, which Bob says will be in about a week’s time.”

Roach was asked if Mayweather has specifically said no to Dallas:

“Yes. The thing is, you can’t charge the money in Dallas (at the gate) that you can in Vegas. You’ve got a guaranteed sellout there, where as in Dallas there is no guaranteed sellout. I think money-wise, Vegas will bring in just as much as Dallas.”

Listen to the audio here.

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  1. 15 Responses to “Freddie Roach Confident Pacquiao and Mayweather Will Fight November 13th”

  2. floyd wants this and that and something more from a fighter he calls a “one dimensional midget”. floyd the bigger, taller, longer reach and supposedly with higher boxing iq is
    by his demands and excuses demonstrating the
    persona of a safety first, deathly scared
    to fight pacquiao type of a boxer. he ain’t
    fighting the pacman anytime soon.

    By buddyo on Jun 30, 2010

  3. If Mayweather is so confident of victory, why not ask any amount if he wins or get the crumbs if he lost, 60/40 or even 70/30. He is a big mouth coward making every fans nincompoop. You are right let us get on with life and leave the big mouth to bite the dust.

    By fred on Jun 30, 2010

  4. Great…Another Writer who failed to do his research…MANNY never said he was afraid of Needles..But yet we will still read about it at least a hundred more times…WRITERS please do research before my Grand Kids get Taught that Abraham Lincoln was the President during Desert Storm and George Bush was the President during the Civil War…Manny objected to OSDT because he feels it weakens him…Manny even got an ASTEROID TATTOO after the Cotto Fight to prove he is not afraid of Needles…Yet USA WRITERS continue to LIE/DISTORT and prove why AMERICA is no longer an Intellectual Giant in the Academic Community….DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!

    By Huna on Jun 30, 2010

  5. F*ck Floyd and his family.

    By Floyt M on Jun 30, 2010

  6. Huna:

    Per Kevin Lole of Yahoo! Sports:

    “Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum said the demand is “absolutely crazy,” done simply to harass Pacquiao, who is squeamish about needles, and is proof that Mayweather doesn’t really want the fight.”

    By Lance Zimmerman on Jun 30, 2010

  7. “Floyd, we will not buy any of your fights if you do not fight Manny Pacquiao now,” is what the HBO executive can tell Floyd. “It’s not personal Floyd, it’s business…”

    By dodie on Jun 30, 2010

  8. Lance, referring to a twisted opinion of another writer to excuse yourself from a twisted opinion of yours won’t exonerate you. You even posted a linked to justify your excuse. What kind of journalistic ethiquette do you have? You are suppose to be your own to whatever you write, you are suppose to be accountable of the repercussions of what you communicate. BUT, boy,……..

    Huna is right, make your own research. I’m sure, you know that the ‘afraid of needle’ brouhaha did not exactly come from Pacman. Otherwise, post a link as well to prove us wrong once and for all. If not, you are either STUPID or BIAS [at the thresholod of being RACIST] against Pacman.

    No hard feelings boy, but check your facts and BE YOUR OWN next time around.


    By Kibitzer on Jun 30, 2010


    By Dondits on Jun 30, 2010

  10. You did not research your article very well. That’s basic Journalism 101. Putting words in somebody’s mouth…It’s a pity. Pacquiao never said he is afraid of needles. That quote came from Schaefer/GBP when they were trying to cover up for Floyd when the latter out of nowhere (not ever in his 40 fights) came up with that fight-busting drug test/steroid allegation. Please, if you’re trying to make a living out of your writing, then do it well!

    By gandalf on Jul 1, 2010

  11. time and time again,Manny didnt admit having fear of needles!

    By kellertre on Jul 1, 2010

  12. Waoh, that’s a great article. Nice work.

    Am I missing something here… Pac, Roach, Arum, they have all said that Pac feels that needles weaken him and he doesn’t want to go through that so close to the fight… that sounds like a fear of needles to me. We all know that physically you can’t actually be weakened by a needle prick. He is not going to punch softer as a result of giving a vile of blood, even the day before the fight, from a physical reaction only, it would have to be a psychological response if this is even true. Assuming he is supersticious of giving blood to the point he needs more than 2 weeks to recover from this clearly traumatic event, then yes, is is clearly implying that he is suffering from a classic phobia, or fear. Therefore, the story really hasn’t changed at all from when Arum said that Manny was “afraid” early on to now, it has simply been reworded by Pac’s clever PR team. Superstition, being afraid, not liking needles, these are all comments that fall within the spectrum of fear, just on varying degrees.

    To all the idiots that think the writer is biased, he took a “QUOTE” from Bob Arum. Journalists use quotes all the time from other sources, that is research. And to all the idiots that said the writer is biased, read the article, he said, “…both of these guys had their reasons to walk away from the fight the first time.” The phobia was not even the point of the article, it is an article about Roach’s interview written from the angle of a frustrated boxing fan that just wants to see this fight happen, like the rest of us, regardless of what the reasons were. And to the idiots that are trying to make it a racial thing… seriously?!? I am a Pac fan too but you guys are making us look bad.

    By Ryan on Jul 1, 2010


    This is the best solution so far, written in the media.

    It could pressure/put floyd to fight manny or force/put floyd into retirement for good.

    I think either ways is best for the sport.

    By myk.. on Jul 2, 2010

  14. sutup guys why try by ur self to take blood w/in 14 days and tell me what u fells like if ur weaken or fells strong

    By joni on Jul 3, 2010

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