Barkley Wouldn’t Have Chased Championship at Age 25

July 15, 2010 – 6:35 am by Eric Schmoldt

Charles Barkley doesn’t deny the fact that he chased a championship when he joined a Big Three of his own with Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler in Houston at the tail end of his career. He also knows that the fact that he never won a championship is the favorite argument of most of his critics.

On the heels of LeBron James’ decision to head to Miami to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, Barkley is making it clear that he’s happy he went to Houston in an effort to win a ring. He’s also making it crystal clear that he’s glad he didn’t do that early on his career.

And that he doesn’t agree with the way James used a television special to announce his decision … and that he believes Dan Gilbert and Jesse Jackson should shut their mouths. … Not that Barkley has ever had an opinion or anything.

Charles Barkley joined 790 the Ticket in Miami with the Dan LeBatard Show to blast the way LeBron James made his decision and the way Dan Gilbert reacted to it, to compare James to Michael Jordan and to defend his late-career move to Houston.

On his issues with LeBron James’ decision:

“I think that, number one, LeBron can go where he wants to. I had a couple of problems about the special. Thank God I was in Canada and didn’t have to watch it, I thought that was stupid. I thought he should have told the Cavaliers in advance. And third, I think this thing has been planned all along and that’s the only thing that really disturbs me.”

On Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert’s reactionary letter to Cavaliers fans:

“That was over the top. I mean, c’mon. His homecoming queen dumped him at the prom. You know he’s going to overreact. It was stupid, but like I don’t go overboard. We all say things in the heat of the moment. I think what him and Jesse Jackson said both are just stupid. … I think him and Jesse both need to shut the hell up.”

On Gilbert bailing out LeBron:

“Dan Gilbert bailed him out by being an idiot. His overreaction and using some of the language he used, he let LeBron off the hook. I haven’t talked to anybody, not one person … who felt like LeBron handled it the right way. They have no problem with him leaving Cleveland, but just the way he handled the whole thing.”

On whether James can ever compare to Michael Jordan:

“He’ll never be Jordan. This clearly takes him out of the conversation. He can win as much as he wants to. There would have been something honorable about staying in Cleveland and trying to win it as the man. … LeBron, if he would’ve in Cleveland, and if he could’ve got a championship there, it would have been over the top for his legacy, just one in Cleveland. No matter how many he wins in Miami, it clearly is Dwyane Wade’s team.”

On whether super teams are good or bad for the NBA:

“I think it shows that those guys don’t want that pressure. Part of my legacy is I didn’t win a championship and I just have to live with that. It is what it is. Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing, that’s part of their legacy. But what I’ve said all along, when there’s two guys who are primetime players, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the rest of these guys are just trying to piggy-back on other people. … There were two guys that could change your franchise for the next 10 years and that was Dwyane and that was LeBron. … They’re going to be playing together and it’s going to be fun to watch. … But there would have been something honorable about LeBron staying in Cleveland, trying to bring the first championship since 1963 or 64 to that city. There would’ve something really cool about that. And let’s quit faking it, those fans in Miami ain’t the best fans in the world.”

On whether LeBron taking less money is unselfish or leaving Cleveland is selfish:

“There is some truth to [being unselfish by taking less money] but unselfish would have been saying, ‘You know what? I was born here in Cleveland, these people deserve a championship and I’m the guy who can bring that to them.’ Going to Miami, there is something to be said about that, but let me just tell you something, the whole other end of that spectrum is, if he could’ve brought a championship to Cleveland, that’s totally different than bring a championship to Miami.”

On his chasing of a championship when he went to Houston late in his career:

“It’s alright to do that late in your career. I’ve been consistent. When you get 35 and you’re trying to chase it, that’s totally different. I wouldn’t have been chasing it at 25. I wanted to compete against Michael Jordan and Karl Malone and those guys when I was 25. If LeBron was 35 or 36, it would’ve been totally different.”

Listen to Charles Barkley on 790 the Ticket in Miami on the Dan LeBatard Show

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  1. 103 Responses to “Barkley Wouldn’t Have Chased Championship at Age 25”

  2. Charles needs to shut the hell up. If these guys want to win now and not at the tail end of there careers who is anyone to say it is wrong? they will compete against very good teams with very good chemistry and players. Have we forgotten the LA’s, Bulls, Celtics, utah’s, orlando’atlanta’s. I mean the list just keeps going. The league is full of great players and teams. the end.

    By edd on Jul 15, 2010

  3. The problem with Barkley’s comments is that he’s looking at the situation from his perspective instead of Lebron’s. Barkley joined a team that already had Dr. J and Moses Malone. He didn’t have to carry the load from day one like Lebron. Let’s be honest, if you consider Lebron yearly work load and the fact that he came into the league at 18, his age 25 is more like 30. Lebron’s already accomplish every single individual award a player could possibly want to receive. What’s wrong with now setting aside individual goals to focus more or team oriented goals. Also, there’s no difference between Lebron joining the Heat and the Spurs landing the No#1 overall pick in Tim Duncan while David Robinson was there or Lakers doing a miracle trade to get Pau Gasol. A lot of things have to work out perfectly for a dynastic team to form.

    By Card on Jul 15, 2010

  4. leave charles alone….i happen to agree with the principles he has stated…..although a free agent is just that… to go….one would hope there would be some mutual respect.

    By paul on Jul 15, 2010

  5. Every time The Heat comes to Chicago they will get boo’s. Who knows what the fans will do in Cleveland?

    By Ronnie on Jul 15, 2010

  6. Charles is on the money. LeBron will NEVER be a ‘Jordanesque’ player, simply because he definitely has the talent, was surrounded with at least a minimum of a team that could bring at least 1 championship to Cleveland.

    And again, LeBron proves that this newer generation says “F YOU FANS!” when its something they want. LeBron unfortunately will be around a LONG time in the NBA…he had a good opportunity to bring Cle at least one championship…now, ok, he has the right to go, I’m not upset so much about that as much as, the way he did it, looking directly in to the camera not even batting an eye and saying “I”m out imma do me Cleveland, so go f yourselves” and he took an entire hour to do it. I luckily set the station on my TV took care of some stuff and happened to get back just in time to hear this jerk trash his former team.

    I mean, its really not about leaving, or doing your thing…its the complete lack of respect he had by holding an hour long f’ing special. And I’ll remind him, that Wade aint gonna be around for ever, you need depth at the bench, and Phil Jackson LOVES a challenge like that.

    Right now there is a 50/50 chance Lakers kick LeBron’s ash, wake him up, then he wuss’s out and decides to play for the lakers, because he wants a dynasty. Before you say no, remember its a TEAM sport. Lakers have a TEAM, not just one clown running the show.

    Rots of Ruck, jackass.

    By CharlesIsTheMan on Jul 15, 2010

  7. I am a proud Clevelander and WAS a strong follower of Le Bron James. I was disappointed and shocked that he made the decision to leave Cleveland. However, I view his position as a JOB and anyone can leave a job when they get ready (you have to agree)! Now, the issue is how you leave that job. Le Bron left in an extremely unprofessional manner, burned bridges, roads and bus stops. C-Town gave him all we had… maybe too much! But, we deserved better. He basically, brought C-Town to the ‘Jerry Springer show’ … we never knew what hit us… We have a long way to go to get back in the game… but we’re fighters we might get beat down but we won’t give up!

    By Cathy on Jul 15, 2010

  8. I love Charles!
    He always says what he wants.

    By Kellie on Jul 15, 2010

  9. Everyone has an opinion, thank god he gave us our own mind. If I was Lebron who gives a shit if I am compared to Jordan. By the age of 25, Jordan did not accomplish as much as Lebron. Let Lebron do him the way he seems fit. Charles was not watching but guess what 10 million other fans were. Lebron did not have to kill himself in Cleveland without them building something around him to give him a title. Lebron will make his mark in Miami regardless if Wade was there first, OH, trust and believe. I believe that Miami was not winning as much as Cleveland in the regular season, therefore Lebron would have made his mark before the playoffs because yall know what ever team he is on , he likes to win games.

    By cherice on Jul 15, 2010

  10. I am tired of everyone saying they are mad at the way Lebron left, whatever. The Cavs organization is mad at the money they will lose this upcoming year and the years to come. Regardless how he delivered it, he would have been scolded because he was the meal ticket for that community and organization. I am glad that he delivered the message the way he did because we could have had another Selena situation on our hands. Gilbert wanted to do harm to Lebron. He could have past out at all that money that community and organization will be loosing. It is not Lebron’s responsibility to continue to feed that city regardless if he was born and raised in ohio. He exercised his right and I am glad I seen him on TV to present it. Media can build you up to tear you down. Charles Barkley, how come you did not play for your home state and tried to bring a championship to them your whole career. Stop placing expectations on people that you will not place on yourself. Good luck Lebron. Baltimore,Maryland has your back

    By cherice on Jul 15, 2010

  11. of course there is nothing wrong with winning titles. all it has do with is being the alpha male. look at is this way. everyone knew that mj was the leader of the bulls. everyone knows kobe is the leader of the lakers, pau gasol came in but its like he took that spot away. thats probably the reason why shaq left. everyone knew who the leaders were in the 80s with bird and magic. with lebron going to miami he gave up that leadership in a sense, and thats what defines legacies, winning is a part, but winning as top dog sets you apart.

    By matt on Jul 15, 2010

  12. Cherice,

    I certainly hope you are not african american, after what tiger just went thorugh in disgracing not only himself but adding to the stereotpe of african american atheletes. LeBron should have handled the announcement of his “decision” much better. Again, no one said he should not have left.

    Bad behavior like that should not be acceptable no matter who you are.

    Get over it.

    By Jan on Jul 15, 2010

  13. I am happy for Lebron, I live in Cleveland and I forgive Lebron for leaving. Dan Gilbert next time use the 24 hour rule, wait before you hit submit on your email!

    By Jeff on Jul 15, 2010

  14. Jan,

    Sweetie, you need to get over it. From what I hear, people are saying they are mad at the way he left but then turn around in the same breath and say he could have gotten done in cleveland or now he is not a leader or he will never be like Michael. It is time for everyone to get over the way he left. Also, it is time for a new legacy to begin. I am tired of Michael being the epitome and framework of great basketball. This is a new era. He did not disrespect cleveland on TV, it would not have been a problem with the Decision if Lebron stayed with the Cavs. I am still trying to figure out what bad behavior Lebron exhibited on TV through the Decision. He simple just sat and told his decision and what led up to his decision. He did rape anyone, he did not sleep with hundreds of servant women nor admitted to a gambling problem or drug problem or stopped for a DUI. Lebron carried himself well throughout the whole show. Lebron is a class act.

    By cherice on Jul 15, 2010

  15. Barkley is right on target. Lebron is classless and Miami Heat fans are front-runners! Lebron James is a prime example of everything that’s wrong with pro-athletes today.

    By TampaJoey on Jul 15, 2010

  16. Everyone has opnion but LeBron have a right to do what ever he want to do with his life. Weather on TV are in person to CAVS. No one know what on a man mind when he make career move for his betterman and his family. LeBorn gave Cleveland more than Dan Gilbert could ever give,Dan just got dump so he is just plain oh, mad. Oh, well get over it and find a new love. and as for Charles that’s his opnion and who cares. I love Charles he’s fron Ala. and I am from Miss. by way of Minn. good luck and may God Bless “THE BIG THREE” all season.

    By Lillie H. on Jul 15, 2010


    The guy is so honest and open, you have to respect him. He’s not the classiest guy in the world, but he’s honest and real. There is no commentator for any sport that is more amusing than Barkley in the Atlanta TNT studios

    By Max in Missouri on Jul 15, 2010

  18. Lebron should have given Clevland more respect and informed them of his decision in advance. He was a free agent and hyad the right to go anywhere he wanted, but still should have communicated his decision to the Cavs prior to the ridiculous hour long ego fest. The Cavs fired a coach with the resume of 2 60 win seasons,and a coach of the year award to go along with it, probably because Lebron’s philosophy and Mike Brown’s didn’t mesh at the end. they also hired a coach that fit what Lebron wantd in a coach, a former player etc. And then promtly walked away from an orginizatio that was willing to give him the world. Who do you think orchestrated the Shaq and Jamison trades? Lebron had his stamp all over taht franchise and bailed when the sh– got thick and he didn’t win. He is definitely not in the samre class as Mike or even Kobe for that matter. Maybe we have been giving Lebron too much credit. He may need to be alongside a superstar to carry him through the game 5 (of the Boston series) and 6′s that remain in his career. I feel bad for Clevland for having to be a witness.

    By laker man on Jul 15, 2010

  19. Charles has spoken out of both sides of his neck. Lebron has done what is right for him and has chosen not to risk not getting a ring when he is 34-35. He has carried a tremendous load in Cleveland and the owner has not supported him as he should have; now he is going to bust it for avengence. Rev. Jesse said it right—how can a businessman not have expected such a move; he’s not Lebron’s friend or owner—they had a contract that expired.

    By jaystep on Jul 15, 2010

  20. barkley is absolutely right.

    they had a deal in place and riley
    dumped everyone to make it happen.

    that is tampering and david stern is
    a puss for not even bothering to look into
    it because it will hurt his brand.

    riley is guilty of tampering and should be suspended and the contracts should be voided.

    By chris24 on Jul 15, 2010

  21. Hey Cherice! Whatever your opinion on James or Barkley, I just need to explain one thing to you:

    The reason that Barkley could not, under any circumstances, play for his home state through his whole career, is that he is from Alabama.

    Alabama does not have a professional basketball team.

    Oh, and LeBron James is a sucker for taking the wimpy route.

    Please get yourself a clue Cherice.

    By Get A Clue Cherice on Jul 15, 2010

  22. I just don’t understand why everyone gets great players and superstars mixed up. Every championship team needs great players to win but these teams also have a great superstar who is no question, hands down, the man on HIS team. You have a Miami Heat team with TWO SUPERSTARS and a great player in Chris Bosh to compete for a championship. What Charles is saying is that great competitors like Jordan and Kobe don’t want other superstars on their team….THEY WANT TO BE THE MAN. That’s why Kobe wanted Shaq gone, he felt like it was his time to prove that he was the man and he didn’t need another superstar to win him a championship

    By brett1218 on Jul 15, 2010

  23. I like James, but let’s be honest. Not only is he not in Jordan’s league, he’s not in Kobe’s. Or Magic’s. Or even Bird’s. If there was a draft, you bet I’d take Magic or Bird before LeBron.

    Charles was right, too. It was OK to leave Cleveland, but not being up front with the organization that’s been good to you for seven years . . . bad form, man. LeBron could have been a man. Instead, he was a punk.

    By True Blue on Jul 15, 2010

  24. Oh please! Barkley’s legacy will always be…shoulda, woulda, coulda.

    By Rowan Levy on Jul 15, 2010

  25. The NBA is struggling right now because it doesn’t have the players. It’s trying to make stars out of guys who would be minor stars or role players. And the basketball hasn’t been great for a number of years now and fans are tired of it.Your right about Magic and Bird. They were better and they had class. Get a clue Lebron.

    By Jelly D on Jul 15, 2010

  26. I thought I would never see the day that I would agree with Charles Barkley, but the day is here. The Lebron image was all hype. Yes, he had the right to take his talents, or lack of talents, elsewhere. However, he should have given them advanced notice so that an already lack-luster-team could have had better choices. THAT WAS WRONG!

    I also do believe without a doubt, these three guys have taken the easy was out, and in my opinion that is selfish.

    Ethics Lesson No.1: Anyone who has every competed at nay level, even a grade school child, knows that it is completely unethical and selfish to stack-the-deck with the strong players on one team to beat-up on the teams with lesser talent.

    The games will just be a dog-and pony show, no real competition. They may as well have joined the Harlem Globetrotters. ]

    Simply poor ethics, even on the part of Pat O’Reily, and bad for the NBA.

    By Simpson on Jul 15, 2010

  27. Lakerman is right, the Cavs did nothing without the approval of Lebron. He wanted Shaq and Jamison..they got them. The Cavs had the best record in the NBA so they must have been doing something right..getting the right players for Lebron was a priority. Which is why Dan Gilbert felt so scorned..Im sure much more went on behind the scenes for Lebron (his posse was given carte blanche)which is why Gilbert is so mad…..maybe someday he will come out and say it. Miami will not show the love for LBJ as Cleveland did, no way, no how, he definately will be second fiddle from now on which is what he deserves. Charles Barkley is right on, as usual!

    By judy on Jul 15, 2010

  28. @cherice – youre looking at it the wrong way. at 25 michael jordan was a couple years removed from a ncaa title. 6 years into jordans nba run, after getting trounced by birds celtics, thomas’s pistons, he played magic’s lakers and won. 7 years into lebrons career couldnt beat the pistons, celtics, heat, and spurs. at best, you can compare lebron to scottie pippen, but he needs to win a title to even start that conversation.

    By eddie on Jul 15, 2010

  29. Also, I used to believe that Phil Jackson was overrated until I watched him tame an egotistical teenager and helped him to become a team player. However, the grand achievement was he helped wild Ron Artest to become a championship player.

    AWESOME, Phil; you deserve your rings.

    By Simpson on Jul 15, 2010

  30. Some people here are really funny. Who says Wade still we be the alpha-male or leader of miami? What if Lebron gets a Triple-Double every game? Will you still think it that Wade is the leader? Look at LA. Kobe was drafted when Shaq came in and they won 3 Championships. Whos Team was it then? After Shaq left after the 3 years LA FAILED to qualify for the Playoffs!! If Kobe wouldnt be surrounded by the players he is, he wouldnt be even close a championship.Lebron in his 7 years NEVER had anything simmilar to what the Lakers had on their team. We all should wait and see what will happen, and as for now i think Lebron will take over in Miami. Look at all the fans he will bring in to miami. Ill bet 50% of the “new-miami” fans will be due to Lebron. And for all complaining on the TV Show “The Decision” Dont complain to Lebron about it. Its more like he had to do it. Its more ESPNs and his managment fault. It gave them a load of money and thats what its all about.

    By Adrian on Jul 15, 2010

  31. Well, well….

    Here’s Charles talking out of his rear-end again. This clown is the epitome of being a hypocrite! Since when did Lebron, or anyone else for that matter, have to get Barkley’s approval? Cherise said it best. There were 5 teams out of 30 that made profits last year. I’m sure Cleveland was one of them. Now that Lebron is gone, Cleveland will lose money. For all the people condemning Lebron by calling him a “traitor”, let’s see how much money Dan Gilbert stands to lose before he high tails it out town. Oh yeah, he’s taking the team with him, like Art Modell did the browns. It’s business!

    As for Jaystep’s comment, how do you figure Pat should be charged with tampering (with a free agent)? If that was the case, what about the Nets, Knicks, Bulls and Clippers? Throughout this entire process, we have seen people from each organization try and pull stunts, I meant strings, in order to obtain Lebron.

    As for Chris’s comment, Thank God Alabama doesn’t have a NBA,NFL,or a NHL team! Thank God! As for the rest of your comments, see my comment on Dan Gilbert and how the city of Cleveland can’t trust him. I’m sure Lebron took the route he took while considering the people who care about him (family). That man made a $100mill decision! How many “wimpy” decisions will you make in your lifetime?

    By Mike on Jul 15, 2010

  32. Kudos to D-Wade. He engineered a coup. He got himself his beta males that may help win titles for HIS team. LeBron is actually similar to Barkley in that aspect – he joined a team with two superstars to get himself a ring. The only difference was – Barkley DID try like hell to lead HIS teams to a championship. CLE management DID supply LeBron with enough support to post TWO consecutive league-topping regular season records. He’s not a leader enough to take a team to a championship. LeBron is just not that caliber and he knows it. HE said he wanted to become a global icon, we didn’t make it up. Now, is it Robin and Batman or the other way around?
    And, yes, we have a right to JUDGE LeBron because we pay him out of our pockets and he would be nothing without us, the fans.

    By Iwlad on Jul 15, 2010

  33. The pathetic thing here is that’s it amazing how these stupid people are even a topic. They are overpaid fools who think that building a rec center makes them demi gods…it’s like Gates donating $20 million to charity for a $50 million dollar tax break….just like thes athletes…these players are about the money and signing for less in Miami equals pratically the same amount anywhere else…i believe the fugure for lebron and bosh is about #1.3 million less over the 6 years of their contracts…..if it wasn’t about money why not sign for $15 a year all the way through (cause their contracts are back loaded) and then you can go out and sign some good players….the only player in the heat I respect is Haslem cause he was that way when his last contract came up too.

    By Giovani F on Jul 15, 2010

  34. Iwad, are you really a fan? I think people think they made Lebron, well pay and make another Lebron. Also, you do know that Lebron took a medicore team to the finals at age 22. Do you watch the cavs? if you did you would see all that hard work he puts in. They can not win without Lebron. Hell, they only won 1 game out of five without Lebron this year. Lebron is the team. I am happy he joined forces to get what he always wanted, support. Cavs just relied on his talent and physical abilities, instead of putting the right peices around him to make a winning team.

    Also, I do believe Kobe tried to get out of the Lakers contract when they were not winning. How loyal is that?

    By cherice on Jul 15, 2010

  35. Just because Charles has always said whatever comes to his mind doesn’t make him intelligent. It’s amazing that so many people lack the imagination to comprehend what Wade imagined and Riley achieved. This type of DECISION baffles the mind of small thinking people including Charles. While you are focusing on Lebron I believe that D Wade will go down as a genius for having the ability to pull this off. Thanks for the gift to South Florida D Wade. We appreciate you tremendously.

    By DB on Jul 15, 2010

  36. I pay to watch the NBA, so, yeah, I, among many others, do put my money in players’ and owners’ pockets. Kobe stuck with the Lakers, built the championship team which HE alone leads. LeBron was consulted in all personnel decisions in CLE, from Mike Brown’s hiring and firing, to keeping Ilgauskas, getting Shaq and getting and getting rid of a myriad of other players. It was his team and he didn’t win a championship. Now, he’s going to help D-Wade get D-Wade’s team a championship. It is noble, but it is more Pippen-like, than Jordan-like. He ain’t the Chosen One anymore, he’s a picked-up one.

    By Iwlad on Jul 15, 2010

  37. Cherice shut the hell up.Don’t ever compare KB(arguably the greatest lakers franchise player w/ one hand full of champs rings already) with LBJ(some ring-less DWade’s sidekick) ever again.

    By Dillo2324 on Jul 15, 2010

  38. Charles is right. If LeBron really wanted to build a legacy then he should of stayed in Cleveland. Yea he’s gonna win a ring or two or three, who cares? It won’t be b/c he won it as a leader and it sure as hell won’t mean as much. I’m not even the biggest Kobe fan but there is no way LeBron will ever be at his level. LeBron is a follower, he was barely a caption in Cleveland and you know what? LeBron is taking all the heat when Bosh is just as wrong. He goes on saying that he’s excited to finally play a post season game will guess what, The Raptors not making the playoffs has everything to do with you just as much as the rest of the team. U ALL R WHACK TO ME!!! Can’t wait to see teams like The Lakers, Bulls and Celtics step up their game and show The Heat a thing or two about being REAL CHAMPIONS!!!

    By LazyDazy on Jul 15, 2010

  39. So if he stays in cleveland and continues to lose, he gets the blame. Now he puts himself in the best possible situation to win and he gets criticized even more. Lebron will be one of the best players to play the game at the end of his career with 10 rings!

    By Stephan on Jul 16, 2010

  40. There will never be another Jordan – I think Kobe Bryant doing all he can do be Jordan and failing really proves that.

    Charles isn’t the smartest guy in the world – he’s come up with an arbitrary age level where players must try “to be the man” up until, and after this point they’re allowed to “chase a championship”? Hahahahahaaha. Let’s be serious here, if Charles “chased” a championship earlier in his career he might’ve had a couple of rings by the end of his career.

    So really, this is some of the dumbest sh-t I’ve heard this week.

    The other thing – this alpha/beta “the man” thing is so motherfcking stupid i can’t even believe it. What’s better? 1 guy who can hit a big shot on your team? Or two? You *know* both Lebron and D-Wade can hit the shot – strategy wise it’s great and the defense won’t know where it’s coming from. Throw a shooter like Mike Miller on the floor and that’s at least 3 guys who can hit “the game on the line” shot.

    Reconsider your thoughts about who needs to be “the man” on a team – this Miami team could be great for team basketball. After all, it is a team game, no?

    By Martinez on Jul 16, 2010

  41. LeBron owed it to the Cavs to treat the franchise and city with respect what ever decision he made.No matter how you view this decision process and announcement he did not show the respect and regard that he received for seven seasons fron the franchise or city.Second LeBron will never receive the accolates as the greatest ever if he wins 8 championships that he so boldly pronounced and becomes the most proficient scorer in the history of the NBA.Finally LeBron should take a page from D Wade and not have to constantly be the center of universe.

    By Ralph on Jul 16, 2010

  42. I pretty much agree with everything Charles said. He nailed it. Gotta love having a guy who says what everybody else is thinking.

    By TJ on Jul 16, 2010

  43. Lebron is a coward and a loser. The minute he signed with the heat was the same moment I stopped caring about his career and his brand. I’m a Pittsburgh sports fan so I have no problem laughing at Cleveland, either. No.. this is about Lebron and how he wants to be remembered. He sealed his historical fate with this move, and not in the way he intends.

    By Prophet on Jul 16, 2010

  44. Has it captured anyone’s curiosity, that the scandle involving- West and his mom, was to much of a embarassment for him to cope with, and took a toll on his mental-state of mind;
    (let’s face it, he’s still just a kid) and that level of shame (the altimate moma joke) could bring any young man to the cusp of insanity. He felt portrayed by his team-mates…and bent on getting the last laugh. So, what better, profound aggression, could equal him waiting all the way to the very end, and then announcing he’s leaving…he knew, that as long as he prolonged his decision, the Cavs was not going to pursue any the free agents; therefore, when he finally did, there was know one left ( he had to know the Cavs would’ve ran down Stoudimire like a race horse, and aquiring Amari would of kept the right there in the hunt for a title…HE KNEW THIS…no doubt about it.

    By cliff on Jul 16, 2010

  45. who the fuck care about miami they were a first round team just because they got judas(lebron) that don’t mean shit derrick rose is sicker than wade in my opinion bosh is garbage and barely made the playoffs and judas well he quits when he doesn’t get things his way so in the end this would be the biggest failure in nba history and in three years lebron and bosh would leave to another team and if kobe beats them then we can put kobe 2nd best of all time, and to chelsea nobody will past michael that’s like saying u can be bigger than god which would never happen never all u can hope for is second

    By prodigy on Jul 16, 2010

  46. I agree with Charles. Lebron can choose to play wherever he wants. I disagree about the broadcast because it was announced to everyone that he would air his decision. No one said anything negative about it before his decision was aired. So, why is it such a big deal now? Is it because he didn’t stay in Cleveland? I believe if he would have announced that he were staying in Cleveland the airing of his decision would not be criticized. I’m sure he was very well compensated for doing it. Lebron is in Miami…Get over it!

    By Paul on Jul 16, 2010

  47. lebron is an idiot for the move. I agree with Charles Barkley. He should of handled it better. He should of stayed in Cleveland or went to Chicago or newyork. His legacy is finished. Too early in his Career for ring chasing. Now he’s a sidekick. What ever happened to being competitive. He made himself look foolish and should of talked to Dan Gilbert like a man. Yes Dan went over the top but let’s be realistic I would have been pissed off as well. Lebron isn’t tough mentally. I think this hurts the NBA. Just a stupid dumbass move all together. He’s an idiot. And he did quit on Cleveland. Anyone can see that in those games

    By Lonia on Jul 17, 2010

  48. I have no problem with Lebron chasing a championship at whatever age. I do agree, that Lebron can never put himself in Jordan’s light now. How easy would it have been for Jordan to join Larry Bird, or Patrick Ewing or Isiah Thomas. The thing is Jordan wanted to win a championship playing against those guys. He wanted to be remembered as the greatest, not remembered as a player on the greatest team. Lebron will never get the numbers he put up in Cleveland because he has to split them with Wade. Then you throw Bosh into the mix and thats even less showtime for Lebron. Lebron will now always be remebered as the guy who gave up and admitted he did not have enough talent to win a championship. However if he wants to be remebered that way than thats his choice and I wont criticize him for it. He has to live with that image, not me.

    By Chris on Jul 17, 2010

  49. Barkley wanted Lebron to stay for ego. And wants guys to waste their careers trying to win alone without recognizing the game is a team sport.

    Jordan had Scottie Pippen. Pippen was one of the best SF’s of all time. Pippen is underrated in how influential he was in those championship runs. Then Jordan played with Rodman. Rodman was one of the best PF’s of all time. In fact, Wade and Lebron are just like Jordan and Pippen in a sense. Bosh is their “Rodman.”

    Lebron came into the league more like Magic than Jordan. We already have the next Jordan in Kobe. There’s no need to keep looking.

    By Jay on Jul 17, 2010

  50. This is to the second comment above CARD. That was a stupid comment you made about Barkley joining up with the likes of Dr. J and Malone. Barkley got drafted to pla with them, he didn’t ask to play with the Sixers. Just stupid.

    By Simsational on Jul 19, 2010


    By John Gabriel on Jul 19, 2010

  52. My thing is this. Lebron took the Cavs to the NBA Finals one year then turned around and had the best record in the NBA for two straight years plus two NBA MVPs. Why leave that? Each Star has to go thru their ups and downs in order to be the greatest and with the move to Miami, LeBron will always have an(*)next to his legacy. IF, IF he wins down there, he will never been named as one of the greates of all times because of the comparision of how he went about doing it. It will be different for Wade, he’s won a Ring already and he hasn’t left Miami, he will be in the same list as say the MJs, the Magics, Birds and Bryants, just not LeBron. Honesly, Robert Horry has more standings than Lebron because he won two in Houston with his original team and lucked up with the Lakers and Spurs and finished with 7 rings. I’m sorry LeBron, you MAY win Championships in Miami but it won’t mean a damn thing in the eyes of the NBA fans. Don’t get me wrong, I am a LJ fan, I’m just looking at it from the fans eyes. Good luck my brotha.

    By Simsational on Jul 19, 2010

  53. Remember Lebron is not Just Miami’s plyer, he is Americas’ player And yes Sir Charles has a right to voice his opinion just Like everother American. This move was Lebron’s choice, he wants a ring early and often. But just because you choose a team with great players don’t put the ring on your finger you still have to win it. You want to talk about tarnish , don’t let him win then he will probly be forgotten and tarnished. Remember the early sixsers with all that talent?

    By Ali on Jul 19, 2010

  54. 1.LeBron DID QUIT. Gilbert is right. I want Jackson to take and look at the last games (play-off tape) with the Celtic. I’m not sure if Jackson did watch one of the play-off games.
    2.M.Jordan comment shows me that he was and he will be the MAN.
    3.LeBron to Miami is like S.Palin being in GOP or Tea Party meeting or being interviewed by FOX news
    Last, nobody will be IMPRESSED by Miami getting rings with LeBron and Wade.

    By Abu Le Josue on Jul 19, 2010

  55. “the Phoenix Suns…Kobe Bryant…40 point 50 point, greatest player….krispy kreme donut, round like a rim…got a hole in it…”

    By Danny on Jul 19, 2010

  56. The bottom line is this. Lebron can do what ever he wants to do, it’s his life and his decision. The people who are the most angry are acting like Cleveland owns him, They Don’t! He gave them a lot and now he’s moving on, get over it, you don’t own a player. What’s all this crap about Legacy? Please, you idiots stop with the legacy stuff. How many of you ever created a legacy anywhere including your job at the local factory? Players get used all the time by owners in all sports and no one cares, it’s just…NEXT. Legacy is predicated on championships. They actually have the nerves to interview Barkley about it, wow. As if he’s not an over paid idiot, a complete fat idiot, who never won anything. Oh by the way, has anyone ever heard Lebron say ” I want to be like Mike”? So why do we think he really cares what Mike thinks(off camera)? The kid wants to win a championship, not save the world or cure AIDS, or cancer, just win a championship in basketball. We all know he wasn’t going to win anything in Cleveland with Shaq, who’s 80yrs old, and a bunch of other role players. He was only going to rott in Cleveland and become another 400lb Barkley. He has a chance at acheiving his dream, so let him persue it, without all the hate.

    By bizminded on Jul 19, 2010

  57. what i would like everyone to realize is how many owners tell their players that they are going to be traded before they are traded. not very many. this is a business so why does lebron owe the cavs organization anything. he fulfilled his contract, did the best that he could for that franchise and would like to move say that larry, michael or magic would not have wanted to play with each other is not true.

    By steve b. on Jul 19, 2010

  58. what i would like everyone to realize is how many owners tell their players that they are going to be traded before they are traded. not very many. this is a business so why does lebron owe the cavs organization anything. he fulfilled his contract, did the best that he could for that franchise and would like to move say that larry, michael or magic would not have wanted to play with each other is not true.teams of the 80′s hated each other so you did not see as many star players switching teams back then.

    By steve b. on Jul 19, 2010

  59. Charles

    I loved you interview about LeBron and agreed and applaud your entire response. Yeah for you, Charles Barkley!!!! You are absolutley right, as far as I am concerned.

    By Jennifer (Tennessee) on Jul 19, 2010

  60. First of all, I like to say that I live in NE Ohio and have always been a huge Cavs fan. I’ve watched Lebron for 7 years and I NEVER saw him give up in any series like he did againt Boston… it was SO obvious. He needs to explain his actions to the Cleveland fans that worshipped him for seven years… he has yet to come clean.

    I believe he planned on leaving a long time ago… as far back as the Olympics. Bosh, Wade and James all signed 3 year contacts and all became free agents at the same time?

    If Lebron had taken the Cavs to the Finals this past season and played all 7 games, he would been playing basketball through June 17th. That would have only left him 13 days to build up, market and concentrate on his free agency. He could not have done this had his focus been on Orlando then LA in the next two series. Think about it, if he took the Cavs to the Finals and won… how could he have left… and he was already leaving! THERE HAS TO BE A REASON WHY HE TANKED GAME 5 AGAINST BOSTON and this makes alot of sense to me.

    By Chris on Jul 19, 2010

  61. You know what they say IF YOU CAN”T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM. Labron needs those ntwo

    By Dan Cleveland on Jul 20, 2010

  62. I will never loose respect for a great player like CB. He speaks the truth becasue of the love he has for the game. I am not an avid watcher of the NBA anymore becasue to me most of the players are selfish, spolied and don’t put forth great effort for the game anymore. On LeBron, well he can go anywhere he wants but I do agree with Charles when he said, staying would have a created that legacy for himself. He will never ever be Jordan!!
    Coming together with other great players is the reason for the allstar game, not leave your home team.

    By Dianne B. on Jul 20, 2010


    Everyone’s compairing LeBron to MJ. Please, the guy has his own life. Lets just enjoy basketball and watch the Dynasty unfold!!!

    By RMFunk on Jul 21, 2010

  64. Lebron James is a great basketball player. But he is a child. He proved that with his stupid, ESPN one-hour special. He should never be considered as a true “winner.” Whether Dan Gilbert’s letter to the fans was too much or not, Lebron did quit on his teammates and his fans. For that, he should never be forgiven. That he is a quitter, should not be forgotten.

    And somebody should expose Jim Gray for the fraud he is. I think journalists should be outraged that he got paid by Lebron to ask Lebron softball questions. “Do you still bite your nails?” How long did it take for you to come up with that question, Mr. Gray? Are you kidding me? You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope Lebron paid you handsomely because you made a fool of yourself. Although, it was not the first time you’ve done that. You are an amateur!

    By Deuce on Jul 21, 2010

  65. he abandoned his own people 2 help dwade get anotha ring. clev had the best record in the league last yr… he didnt have 2 leave. they have plenty $ 2 get more help. lebron got too eager and found it boring in clev so he left. he left his “own” people in the cold and there team wasnt even bad!!!! 1st in the league!!!

    By piff on Jul 22, 2010

  66. The Bulls never bought a championship

    By Lonnie on Jul 22, 2010

  67. to the idiot who said why didnt charles barkley play for his home state. there is not a nba franchise in alabama.

    By luke on Jul 24, 2010

  68. The point being made that other championship teams have had more than one star player is a good one. But the three players now in Miami (a questionable basketball loving city, I’ve known the city and state to be all about their football)were not just all stars they all were Franchise players for their teams. Meaning these were the players with the potential to lead the franchise to a championship. Yes a nucleus of role players who are all star helps, but I also recall a Detroit Piston team with nay Franchise player who won a championship. It makes for predictable standings and in my belief it takes away from the competitiveness. Players and fans are behaving as if this is a fantasy league. Don’t start crying when owners start pulling teams out of your city and you don’t have a place to see various all stars coming to your town on any given night.

    By badbetty on Jul 30, 2010

  69. Yes it may be a job to LeBron, but still give the courtesy 2 week notice before quitting. IF you are that type of person. I agree with the others. Everything is in the presentation. Did he have to air this on National Television? Or going in the house without word or warning and saying “Honey I am leaving you” But to do the Jerry Springer thing and bring your “other whatever” on National Television and tell them you have been seeing someone? That does not have anything to do with his personal life. It was just an example. But on that note, is Savannah now only his “sidekick”? If that be true, girlfiend will never have anything to worry about, if you know what I mean. If I were
    in her position, I would not mind being a “side kick”. Just keep kicking out the dollars and cents!

    “I’m just saying”.
    But girlfriend do nT

    By Shannon on Aug 10, 2010

  70. P.S. So girlfriend,just because you guys have moved to Hollywood,it is no big deal!

    By Shannon on Aug 10, 2010

  71. And as Long as she is the “Baby Mama” it doesn’t matter really what he does. I do not know about you guys, but give me the money over the ring, the marriage and Miami. Who is to say you have to be married to receive money? Especially from your babys’ Daddy. Why didn’t I have a baby by him? Oh well there is always……

    By Shannon on Aug 10, 2010

  72. Have you people even played b-ball? It’s all about who the alpha dog is and we just found out Lebron isn’t one of them like we thought!! I like cherice who says MJ didn’t accomplish what Lebron has at his age. HELLO!!!! Mj one his first title by this time and was the leauge leading scorer every year and he played 3 yrs of college!!!!

    By jason on Aug 12, 2010

  73. i agree wit barkley,like he said, lebron is a grown ass man he do WTF he want, but da problem is that he embrassed cleveland on national TV, dats wat the problem is, i mean dey say lebron is the best player in the NBA, if he as good as dey say, lebron coulda won a championship in cleveland, but he dat bitch shyt nd left thinkin he gotta better chance winning 1 in miami, which he dont

    By real on Dec 2, 2010

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