Kurt Warner: “The itch has not come back one bit”

July 22, 2010 – 10:40 am by Chris Fedor

For the past couple of years, the Cardinals have been a playoff team and one of the most potent offenses in the NFL. A big reason for their success was the play of Kurt Warner, who resurrected his career in the desert. Not only did Warner put up gaudy numbers in the regular season, but he also had huge games in the playoffs and the offense was centered around his accurate right arm. However, Warner is gone now and he is happy with his decision to retire. That means the defending NFC West Champs are left with one giant question mark at the most important psoiton in the NFL. Who will take the torch from Warner? Will it be former first round pick Matt Leinart or will Derek Anderson resurrect his struggling career in the desert like Warner did a few years ago. After an offseason that saw the departure of some key players, the Cardinals have more questions than answers at this point and it could be a tough year in the valley without the potential Hall-Of-Fame quarterback running the show.

Kurt Warner joined XTRA 910 in Phoenix with Bickley and MJ to talk about the rumors of him doing a reality TV show, whether or not he has gotten the itch to return to football, and what he thinks of the Cardinals chances this season.

On the possibility for him doing a reality TV show:

“The thing is, I’ve been approached by a number of different people asking us to get involved with a reality show. That’s all when I was talking the other day just what was upcoming and what were some of the possible plans of the future. Almost on a weekly basis we get approached to do something different from that standpoint. Right now we’re just kinda weighing everything, trying to juggle things, and trying to figure out what the career path is going to be moving forward. From there, we want to take advantage of some of the neat opportunities that are out there. What we take advantage of at this point, we don’t even really know, but it’s fun to have options and it’s fun to have possibilities to really be able to show a different side of me, a different side of my family, and what were like as people.”

On whether or not there may be a movie of his life in the near future:

“Yes. We’ve had a number of people that have approached us on that. A number of different production companies and my marketing people have already had a number of different discussions. I’m actually going to be in LA for the next couple of days and I’m gonna sit in a few of those meetings during that time. I definitely think there is a strong possibility at some point there will be a movie on my career and on our lives and I welcome that. Another opportunity to share what we’re all about and I think share a story that rivals some of the best sports stories that are out there. I’m looking forward to that process but very, very much in the beginning stages of that. A long way to go but I definitely think that’s something that’ll happen.”

On whether or not he is happy with his decision to retire:

“I’m completely at peace. The itch has not come back one bit. I’ve loved my time in the NFL and I will always say that. It did so much for me and my family and it was a dream of mine to play at that level and to accomplish some of the things that I did, but I knew it was the right time. I continue to remember how difficult the last couple of years were. I knew that they were rewarding, I know we accomplished a lot things, and I enjoyed my time these last couple of years in Arizona, but it was just really, really hard on me. It wore me down both physically and mentally and that was the biggest reason I retired. And I remember that. As much as I love the game and I would love to suit up and play one Sunday here and one Sunday there, it’s bigger than that. To try and accomplish and play at the level that I tried to play at my whole career, it takes a high level of commitment. I think I gave that every time I was on the football field and every time that I signed up with each and every team I played for, but I just was not willing to give that anymore. That’s why the itch hasn’t come back because I remember how much I would have to give and how I’m not willing to do that anymore. I’m happy with the way my career ended and I’m happy that it ended here with the Cardinals and with the success that we had, but now it’s time for me to do something else. I’m fully content with that.”

On the Cardinals chances this year:

“Well, I think there is a lot up in the air right now, but I think they’ve made some moves that are going to benefit them in the philosophy change that they have made. I think they’re going to try and run the football more. I think guys like Alan Faneca are going to be a huge piece to that puzzle. He brings a leadership, a knowledge, and a toughness to the football team. I’ve talked to some people and they couldn’t be more excited about the position he has brought to the offensive line and the offense as a whole and I think that’s going to pay huge dividends right now. As we both know, the bottom line comes down to what do you do on Sunday afternoons when everything is on the line. Do you have the guys that can step up and make the plays that need to be made to win football games? Philosophies are great and good teams are great, but the bottom line in this business is it comes down to great players making big plays at big times and we’ve lost some of those here with the Cardinals. There are a number of guys that made huge plays for us over the number of years that were game changers. I think they can make the transition, I think they brought in some good players, but the bottom line is do they have the guys who can step up and make those plays in critical situations? If they do, then I think there’s no question they can continue to be successful and make that change in philosophy and do well.”

Listen to Kurt Warner on XTRA 910 in Phoenix here

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