John Daly on his music: “A lot of pain, a lot of love, a lot of heartbreaks, a lot of this and that and it is good for country.”

July 29, 2010 – 10:10 am by timgunter

John Daly has spent what seems like an eternity trying to piece back together a golf career that includes winning 2 major championships, the PGA Championship and the British Open.  Since being named PGA Tour Rookie of the Year in ’91, Daly has spent countless hours partying, drinking, gambling and ruining his marriages when he should have been practicing on the golf course.  It wasn’t until just last year that Daly decided that he had had enough and wanted to turn his life around.  He quit drinking and partying but kept eating a ton so he decided to have lap-band surgery and has since lost over one-hundred lbs, which has improved his endurance on the golf course.

As one could imagine, a life of partying and drinking brings about a lot of highs and lows in life and lends a lot of material to write about.  Now that Daly is getting his life and golf game back together, he spends his spare time writing country music songs.  Daly, who has had a lifetime of ups and downs both on and off the course, has poured his heart and soul into a collection of eleven songs that are as much autobiographical as they are solid country songs.  I Only Know One Way is the title of the album and the hit single that features Darius Rucker.  The song is about his struggles with gambling, drinking, and living a hard life because he has been a golfer like no other.  He has won tournaments, won tons of money, but has always let himself get in the way of a stable life.  Fans love him because he is blue collar and has his issues just like the rest of us.  In a game where the players are mostly Polo shirt-wearing robots, John Daly is a down home country boy that likes to enjoy life.  His vocals are a bit rough, but then again, so is his game. 

John Daly joined 790 the Ticket in Miami to talk about how he got into country music and decided to become a singer, his thoughts on how good he is at writing music, and what he would do differently if he could go back and try it again.

How he got into country music and decided to become a singer:

“More of a hobby.  A lot of my friends are in the entertainment business, like Darius Rucker, Johnny Lee “the Urban Cowboy”, Kid Rock, and they said, look if you are going to write this stuff you might as well put it down, lay down tracks and stuff.  Then a friend of mine, Herky Williams, out of Nashville who was with ASCAP for a long, long time and he said that I needed to do an album.  So I had plenty of songs.  I have got a ton more to do.  It is more of a hobby.  It is more fun.  It kind of keeps me grounded now just writing music when I am sitting down on the bus during tournaments and stuff.  I love the music and the album and it is really neat to put down something and then you hear it when all of the music is together and it all comes out pretty cool.”

His thoughts on how good he is at writing music:

“I am a good songwriter, I am not a good singer but I feel like I am a pretty good songwriter because I can relate.  Everything that I write is from the heart so most of the stuff that I do write has actually happened so it is kind of cool.”

Whether there is a lot of pain in his music:

“A lot of pain, a lot of love, a lot of heartbreaks, a lot of this and a lot of that and it is good for country.”

Whether he would do anything differently if he could go back and try it again:

“I don’t know.  I think when things were really good and going great I think I ought to put more time into practicing and practice a little more, like I am not.  I think that would be the only regret now.  I didn’t put a lot of effort into the game when things were going so good and I was playing really good.  I think there were days where I could have worked a little harder at my game and gotten a little better.  Other than that there isn’t something that I would want to change that much.  I have made a lot of mistakes but l learned from them.  I kind of like where I am at now.  If I would have done some of the things in the past I wouldn’t be so grounded now.”

His thoughts on whether he could have been Tiger Woods if he would have applied himself like Tiger:

“I don’t know about that.  For me it has always been around, the chipping has always been great it has just been the putting.  I have never been a consistent, great putter.  I have always been a streaky putter and that is what has kind of held me back.  When I am on, I am on.  It is not very often I go out on the greens and go, I am just going to go out and have 18 putts today.  I think like that but it just never happens.”

Whether it is true that Tiger Woods said to him, “If I had John Daly’s talent, I wouldn’t have to practice either”:

“Yeah he said that.  That is ball striking.  I have been very fortunate that I have been a good ball striker.  Now the last three and a half years have been tough with the rib injury but I have had to work around that and that is slowly going away.  The putter, when you are not making putts that you have to make to keep a round going or to get into contention that has been the only downfall of my career and it is starting to come around.  It is everything, it is confidence.  But in order to get that confidence in putting you have got to make some.  When that starts happening than things will turn around.”

John Daly on 790 the Ticket in Miami with the Dan LeBatard Show

Click Here to preview John Daly’s album I Only Know One Way 

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