LeGarrette Blount: Byron Hout Said Something “Way More Harsh And Disrespectful Than” ‘How About That Ass-whuppin?’

August 12, 2010 – 8:00 am by Paul Bessire

I’m sure LeGarrette Blount wants to move on to playing the LenDale White role behind Chris Johnson in the Tennessee Titans offense. It would be a great story to see him make the team, contribute and have a modest NFL career free from incident. In all honesty, I’m rooting for that (not to mention his status as fantasy sleeper/touchdown vulture). But the truth is that he punched a guy in the face on national television. Does anyone remember anything about the five seasons Kermit Washington played in the NBA (or the tremendous amount of charity he work he did in Africa) after he punched Rudy Tomjanovich? It’s a hard image to shake and will always be connected with Blount’s name. But why did he do it?

Not that there is much, if anything, that can justify that type of physical violence, but more details are starting to come out. Byron Hout, the Boise State player Blount hit after Blount’s Oregon Ducks lost a physical 19-8 game in Boise in the college football season’s first big game of the year, is talking. Hout claims that all he said to Blount was “How about that ass-whuppin?” Not cool at all, but definitely not enough to induce a punch that would cost Blount much of his season and millions of dollars from a high NFL draft choice. Blount claims it was much worse, but isn’t opening up more than that. He’s dodged the topic long enough and may just want to tell his side of the story so he can move on and try to be LeGarrette Blount, Tennessee Titan runningback.

LeGarrette Blount joined Isaac and Big Suke on KFXX in Portland to open up about what Boise State’s Byron Hout said to him before “the punch,” how he can make people forget about that night, why he decided to sign with the Tennessee Titans after having a deal in place to go to San Francisco and his chances of making the team behind Chris Johnson.

On if Byron Hout said “How about that ass-whuppin?” before “The Punch:”

“That was half the truth, but that’s not the whole thing. I’m not going to repeat what else he said. That was just a hostile environment there with the fans and the players. (Host: Did he say something personally offensive to you or about you?) Definitely. I’ve had people talking trash to me my whole career of football. Something like that is never going to trigger me to do what I did. Nothing like that is going to trigger me to act the way that I did – by saying ‘How about that ass-whuppin?’ He definitely said something way more harsh and disrespectful to me than what he said.”

On what would have happened if he had not been held back from the Boise State fans:

“By then, I knew what was going on. One of the fans hit me in the face and I kind of got pissed off about that. I didn’t have the intentions of going over the fence to go over there and actually try to fight those guys.”

On how to move past “The Punch:”

“Come out and play football and do everything I can or whatever I can to help people forget. For the most part, everyone has forgotten about it. Actually, you guys are the first people to bring it up in a long time. After the whole incident I told Coach Kelly to close me off from the media. I didn’t want to talk about it. He did it. He protected me from the media. I really appreciate it. He stuck with me through thick and thin.”

On his decision to sign with Tennessee instead of San Francisco:

“I thought that it was a better opportunity for me to come here with LenDale leaving and them not drafting a running back. I thought my chances were pretty good. San Francisco drafted Anthony Dixon which is another big running back like myself. I just didn’t understand where was my services needed if they got a guy exactly like him.”

On if he thinks he has earned a roster spot yet:

“I feel like there is definitely one for me to grab. I haven’t earned it yet. I am battling with Stafon Johnson and a couple other guys. I think that there is definitely a really, really, really good chance for me to take a spot on this roster.”

Listen to LeGarrette Blount on KFXX in Portland with Isaac and Big Suke.

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  1. 18 Responses to “LeGarrette Blount: Byron Hout Said Something “Way More Harsh And Disrespectful Than” ‘How About That Ass-whuppin?’”

  2. If the man won’t say what else Boise State’s Byron Hout said then it probably didn’t happen. Face it. Blount was stopped by the Broncos, dead in his tracks. It was humiliating for him. Trash talking on the line doesn’t get people so mad they act out. It is having their manhood challenged that sets them off and that is what happened. Football players as proud as Blount don’t handle it well. The fan thing resulted in the punch, not Blount’s trash talking before the game. Everybody talks a little trash and very few take it offensively. It is part of the game.

    By JLFuller on Aug 12, 2010

  3. Correction: I meant to say “The fan thing resulted FROM the punch…”

    By JLFuller on Aug 12, 2010

  4. They left one word out. Hout said “How about that $#%^&# ass-whuppin!”

    By rookie on Aug 12, 2010

  5. What Blount did, was inexcusable for sure. But you are all ignorant if you think all Hout said was “How about that ass whuppin”

    I’ve heard from many people that were close to the situation that Hout called him the “N word”.

    Again, that doesn’t excuse what Blount did. But just wanted to point out that just because Hout came out and spoke to the media (months after the incident), doesn’t mean he told us the truth.

    By TwistaDuck on Aug 12, 2010

  6. Blount is idiot for not being able to control himself and I hope he has to pay his dues before he makes an NFL roster. Stafon Johnson is a high character kid who deserves to make the Titans roster.

    That said, I have also heard that Hout called Blount the “N-word”. What’s funny is that Hout wasn’t even suspended for his actions. Boise is a terrible school and their coach lets their players get away with anything. They are an embarrassment to college football. They have a 25% graduation rate and their academics wouldn’t even be good enough for the SEC.

    By USCAlum02 on Aug 12, 2010

  7. I heard from several reliable sources that the sack of potatoes insulted blount’s late mother. I would not be surprised if both the N-word and mother reporting were correct.

    By Bill on Aug 12, 2010

  8. Who gives a crap anymore? Hout mouthed off and got what he deserved.

    Blount lost his head and got what he deserved.

    It’s over. I hope Blount goes on to have a good NFL career and I could care less about Hout.

    By James on Aug 12, 2010

  9. you guys are incredible. your comments only tell me what hate mongers you truly are. You can see what he said in the video. Not about a dead mother or the n word. If he said any of those things do you think Blount would have publically accepted the appology form Hout the next day. Not a chance. And as far as commenting on the graduation rate your right probably about 25% of the general population of students…Thats because it is considered a commuter college with the average student around the age of 27. But keep in mind BSU is one of 8 FBS schools that dont make any academic acceptions for their student athlete, and they have one of the highest graduation rates in the country when it comes to there student athletes. I would bet they could also beat any other football team in the top 25 in any academic showdown

    By timk on Aug 12, 2010

  10. timk —

    I hope you are not a BSU (non)graduate, because your reasoning and spelling would reflect very badly on the school.

    How does being a “commuter school” explain such low graduation rates? There are many commuter schools in the West, but BSU has the lowest graduation rate among any schools in the West. And graduation rates count full-time students, not part-time (“commuting”?) students.

    In fact, while BSU’s six-year graduation rate is 26%, its four-year graduation rate is 6%. Oh, yes, and the football players’ graduation rate is over 60%. It appears that football players receive excellent treatment at Boise.

    Below are some sources and discussions on this topic.




    By Titanic on Aug 12, 2010

  11. “But keep in mind BSU is one of 8 FBS schools that dont make any academic acceptions for their student athlete”
    You mean exceptions? Thanks for proving my point. They don’t need to make any academic exceptions because anyone with a high school diploma gets in.

    That 25% is Boise Junior College’s 6-year graduation rate. Being a commuter school is not an excuse. The quality of the students who attend Boise are among the worst in the country. The reason why the athletes graduate is because the academics are so damn easy.

    Here are the graduation rates at some other mediocre commuter schools:
    Fresno St. 48%
    UNLV 41%
    UNR 48.5%
    New Mexico 44%

    Boise is a joke of a school.
    Former Boise State safety Marty Tadman was among the 48% of the football team’s juniors and seniors majoring in communication during the 2007-08 academic year. Boise State’s communication program also drew 50% of the juniors and seniors on the men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams.

    “You hear which majors, and which classes, are the easiest and you take them,” Tadman says. “You’re going to school so you can stay in sports. You’re not going for a degree. … It’s a joke.”

    Boise will never get into a BCS conference because of their abysmal academics.

    By USCAlum02 on Aug 12, 2010

  12. All Blount has proved (to me) here is he is a LIAR in addition to being a jacka$$. He proved the latter, without a doubt, last fall with his actions on the field. He proved the former with his comments here.

    Anyone and everyone who can read lips has known, from day one, exactly what Hout said. And it is EXACTLY what Hout said in his recent interview. The other people here who try to (pathetically) add to that – especially the DESPICABLE racists here – are simply brainless fools who should be given no attention at all.

    By KG754 on Aug 13, 2010

  13. USCAlum02,lol talk about weak.
    You know another Rose Bowl game should be taken away from USC not just one, there’s Charles the coke head whites fumble against Michigan at the 2, that pac ten homer officials counted as a TD and led to a 17-10 victory if one would call it that then there’s the criminal activity of its idiot players.
    Speaking of academics I remember a former USC receiver going on Good Morning American decades ago talking about he couldn’t read yet he had a diploma from usc .. yeh don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house usc alum.
    We understand the bitter pill you’ve been swallowing, get back to us when your players can read 4th grade English and are not on the take. Till then enjoy your time in the NCAA Desert.

    By Darthprophet on Aug 13, 2010

  14. Blount’s story doesn’t make sense… He told the media after the days after the punch that he could hear what Hout said.

    “One of the fans hit me in the face and I kind of got pissed off about that.” When did this happen? After he punched a BSU player… Attacked his own teammate… and then charged the fans?

    By Jay Weston on Aug 13, 2010

  15. Check your hypocrisy meter USCAlumn. Do you really think Blount would utter that word when he lives, breathes and eats football everyday with black teammates? Really? His own teammates would have turned on him if that were the case. If you watch the video you can read his lips! Not very smart USCAlumn. Trying to find racism where there is none is pathetic. You then take shots at BSU’s academics. Really? You don’t even know to put a period inside quotation marks! Did you read the rest of the USA Today article? USC is in there as well turbo.

    ‘Like other students, athletes are influenced by their peers. Former Southern California offensive lineman Drew Radovich majored in sociology, putting him among the 58% of the football team’s juniors and seniors — and 19% of USC’s — in that major. “If I went back and did it all over again, I wouldn’t have picked” sociology, says Radovich, now with the Minnesota Vikings. “A lot of other offensive linemen were picking sociology, so I picked it.”

    Doesn’t sound like USC is offering much of a challenge as far as academia is concerned. The
    Bottom line is that college football (the context) isn’t about academics, it’s about money and marketing. Two things that USC has become so good it it’s lead to malfeasance which you are now paying the price for.

    I would change your handle. You’re an embarrassment to USC.

    By JJ on Aug 14, 2010

  16. JJ, USC is a top 25 university. Boise JC is a tier-four college. Not much else needs to be said. The worst regular students at USC would easily be pulling a 4.0 at Boise. Boise is not a well-respected school. Good luck finding a job outside of Idaho. I have received a few resumes from Boise grads and I immediately threw them in the recycling bin.

    By USCAlum02 on Aug 15, 2010

  17. From a person who knows. The fans MOST DEFINITELY called Blount a sorry n_____ and I would almost bet you that he was called that and more before the punch….I have heard (not sure at all) but heard, the comment was more like, hey you mutherf_____n______ how bout that ass whuppin? The problem with that comment? The dumb redneck said it with his helmet off!

    Too bad Blount was made to pay and there is real chance he will not make the Titan’s 53 man roster. However, there are NFL teams who he will catch on with if he does not succeed.

    By Dave Arillio on Aug 18, 2010

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