Larry Fitzgerald Says His “Minor Setback” Won’t Stop Him From Achieving His Goals for the Team

August 18, 2010 – 10:40 am by Chris Fedor

For the last couple of seasons the Arizona Cardinals have been the class of the NFC West, but some people feel like their crown could be coming off this season. The Cardinals lost a ton from last year’s team. Kurt Warner retired, Anquan Boldin was dealt to Baltimore, Karlos Dansby took his talents to South Beach, and Antrel Rolle is in New York. Needless to say, the Cardinals road to repeat as conference champs is going to be very difficult.

The other night, the whole state of Arizona held their collective breath when their best player and their captain limped off the field with a knee injury. Luckily it doesn’t appear to be serious. There’s no question that Fitz is one of the best players in the NFL and he is the best wide receiver in the league, but with an unproven quarterback and Anquan Boldin missing opposite him, Fitzgerald might be in for one of his most difficult seasons in the desert since early in his career.

Larry Fitzgerald joined KTAR in Phoenix with Doug and Wolf to talk about the status of his knee injury, on whether or not he thought the hit was a dirty hit, why he felt he was having his best offseason of his career, on what he thinks of the quarterbacks replacing Kurt Warner, why it’s so important for him to bring his all into training camp, and what he thinks of many experts picking San Francisco to win the NFC West this year.

On the status of his knee injury:

“I’m fine. I’m fine. Everyday it’s getting better. Trying to get back to practice as soon as possible and it’s just a minor setback for me.”

On whether or not he thought the hit was dirty the other night:

“Everybody tries to play with a code of ethics in the preseason. It’s the worst getting banged up in the preseason. You’re not getting paid and the games don’t mean anything. I think with the rules now with guys going high above the shoulders and the NFL is really making a big push to protect guys and so I think guys are making a conscious effort to try and stay lower. This might be a result of that.”

On why he thought he was having the best offseason of his career:

“I think my weight is down. I’m playing right now at 213 (pounds) as opposed to coming in last year being 222. My legs are feeling good, my joints weren’t hurting, and I felt the fastest and the quickest I’ve ever been. I’m still improving, I’m just getting into my prime and that was exciting for me. I just wanted to come out and show everybody they way I was feeling and how fast I was playing. I had this little minor setback, but it’s not gonna stop me from still achieving our team goals and me being the special player that I know that I can be.”

On what he thinks of Matt Leinart and the rest of the QB’s replacing Kurt Warner:

“It’s too early. We’ve only played one game. We’re throwing it around in shorts and pads and no one is getting hit right now, but when the real bullets start to fly everybody will be able to have a better observation. I think Matt, Derek (Anderson), (John) Skelton, and Max (Hall), they’re all making progress like coach would expect for them to do. People ask me all the time. My focus is how can number 11, how can Larry Fitzgerald, be the best he can be. That’s really what I focus on. I’m not really worried about who’s throwing the ball, where the ball is. If I’m running my route precisely I’m doing my job and that’s gonna help my team get better.”

Listen to Larry Fitzgerald on KTAR in Phoenix here

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