Don’t Tell Ray Lewis He’s Lost A Step

August 19, 2010 – 9:45 am by Michael Bean

Ray Lewis talking to his buddy Dan Patrick. Do I need to say much more? Not really. The two are always good for an interesting conversation and this latest offering is no different as the Ravens get set to close down camp and finish their preseason preparation back at their team facility. Lewis joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the difference in intensity between preseason and regular season games, how there’s still only one way to hit and tackle people, what he’d say to Sam Bradford pre-snap if they were to encounter each other, still being the best in the business, why he’s not yet interested in retiring, his thoughts on Rex Ryan and Tony Dungy’s minor spat, and the difficulty of stopping Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson.

On if he can get fired up for a preseason game:

“Can you get fired up? I think you have to. I don’t think you’re totally in your zone, zone when you know you’re only going to play for a short time. But you do get fired up for that quick, quick, quick minute.”

On if he hits the same way in the preseason as he does in the regular season:

“There’s only one way to hit”

On Tony Dungy’s comments regarding Rex Ryan:

“Well, I mean, Rex is who he is and Tony definitely has his opinion about things definitely with the life he lives and everything. So I’m kind of the same way, if you’re cursing at somebody, if a man is cursing at another man, then I just truly look at that as a problem, no matter what your job title, or whatever. I mean, from that aspect, definitely; from the other aspect of it, him just having fun, doing what he do, do what you do.”

On if he’s ‘lost a step’:

“Nah man. You only lose a step when you try to accomplish things that people make unrealistic. The game of football is the game of football, and from sideline to sideline, no disrespect to anybody in the business, but there’s nobody who’s going to beat me sideline to sideline. That’s a fact.”

On who’s tougher to stop – Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson:

“Oh wow, Both of them – they rough. I mean, they rough. Both of those talents are awesome. They’re very different, they’re so different. A.P. he’s a bruiser; I try to tell him that, you know? And Chris Johnson, he’s that cat. He’s a cat man. He’s a cat on two feet. So catching him is the problem.”

On if there’s any one player in the league who instigates much trash talking with him:

“I’m always going at it with somebody because I’m going to initiate it most of the time. It’s just the fun of the game, even as a child growing up, it’s the same comments or the same comments that come back now. Because it’s that personal in each other’s craft. It’s you believe you’re going to have success running the ball, and I believe you’re not going to have success running the ball. So I feel like I have a couple of words on that topic.”

On what he would say to Sam Bradford if they were to encounter each other out on the field during the regular season:

“I’m trying to knock you out,. If I get to you Sam I’m going to knock you out. Trust me. We got 60 minutes out here.”

On when he thinks he might consider retiring:

“I don’t know. I love the game too much, and I respect the game too much. And the guys that I’m playing with, and the team that I’m playing with – you know, to be in one city your whole life, man, it’s no feeling gets better than when I walk out of that tunnel. So that alone…if that changed, my play changed, and the way the fans thought about me – then you think about stuff like that. But when you’re at the top of your game like I am now, you love it. You love it in year 15 like I loved it in year one.”

Listen here to Lewis on the Dan Patrick Show

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