The Cowboys Aren’t the Best Team in Texas Anymore

September 20, 2010 – 10:30 am by Chris Fedor

In week one, Matt Schaub crushed fantasy football owners all over the world with his pedestrian performance. This week, he nearly threw for 500 yards and even more importantly, led his team to a come-from-behind win against the Redskins to move the Texans to a 2-0 start. Last year, Schaub had more passing yards than any other QB in the NFL, but was overlooked by many because once again the Texans failed to reach the playoffs. This year could be different for him and for the Texans.

Houston is off to a 2-0 start and have beaten two quality opponents. Their offense remains one of the most prolific in the NFL led by Matt Schaub and while there is a lot of football left to be played, the Texans first two wins have been impressive and they look like a team that has all the tools to capture their first playoff berth in franchise history.

Matt Schaub joined KILT in Houston with Marc and John to talk about his incredible performance yesterday against Washington, the Texans coming from behind to win yesterday, whether or not he realized that he was nearing 500 yards passing on the day, whether or not they went into the game against Washington thinking they had something to prove, and whether or not he feels like this could be the year that the Texans get their first ever playoff spot.

On whether or not it surprised him that he was nearing 500 yards as the game was going on:

“It did. I didn’t realize throughout the game it was going to be anywhere near that. I knew we were doing some good things, had big plays, and guys were making things happen in the secondary. My guys up front were battling against many different looks and many different blitzes, and did a great job against a very good defense, but I don’t think anyone really realized it was that many.”

On whether or not they felt like the game against Washington was important to win to prove the win against Indianapolis wasn’t a fluke:

“In a way it was, most certainly. After the win last week against Indianapolis at home to open our season, a lot of us were saying, ‘okay what do we do now?’ What we do now is go out and prove that the game against Indianapolis wasn’t just a one time thing, we were a team to be reckoned with, and we’re for real. Especially to go on the road against Washington, in a very tough place to play, against a very good football team and prove the Texans are coming to play this year.”

On getting Andre Johnson back after he left the game with an injury for a short period of time:

“It was huge. To have him come back in after getting a little bit of attention, really gave us a spark. He came in and made some big plays for us as he always does. It just shows the type of toughness and grit that he has. To be honest with you, when he first went out I didn’t even realize, I just thought he was taking a play off because he ran a couple of deep routes and needed a blow. It wasn’t until after that one series that I realized he had that little ankle thing and needed some attention.”

On whether or not he feels like this is the Texans year:

“There’s still a lot of football to be played. As long as we, as a football team, handle adversity, handle good things that happen to us and some bad things throughout the game and throughout the season, if we can handle everything in stride and keep moving forward and keep playing, good things are going to happen to us. That’s what we did last night. We were down 17, but we just looked at each other and said let’s take it one play at a time and let’s keep coming back. We’ve been in plenty of tough ball games and it’s too early to talk about what’s going to happen all year. As long as we keep playing and keep our head on straight, things will happen that are good for us.”

Listen to Matt Schaub on KILT in Houston here

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