Ndamukong Suh Is Both Fierce and Soft-Spoken

October 7, 2010 – 11:00 am by Michael Bean

Four games, three sacks for rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Many thought Suh would be an impact player in the NFL, even as a rookie. But I don’t think too many thought he would be so disruptive so quickly. For Suh, he’d just as well not have any statistics if it meant his team would be doing better in the win column than they are. But the wins look like they might be coming more regularly for Suh and the Lions if they continue to improve like they have compared to a year ago.

Suh joined WDFN in Detroit to talk about how he’d assess his first four NFL games, just how disheartening the loss to Green Bay was, particularly for him and his defensive teammates who surrendered a late lead, learning how to cope with losses in the NFL, getting back on track this coming weekend against St. Louis, and his work with the NFL teaching kids how to take captivating sports photography.

On if he feels like he’s made a sufficient contribution and impact on the Lions defense through four games:

“I can’t say that just yet. I think it’s an average start but I’m definitely excited and looking forward to doing more. I’ve made some good¬† plays out there, and I’ve left some plays out there. So I think there’s a lot of work left. I really don’t care for stats.¬† Let’s say for instance, yeah, I’ve gotten a sack in three of the last four games, but I really care about the wins.”

On the atmosphere in the locker room after the Lions’ tough loss to the Green Bay Packers:

“I think we definitely share that same mindset that we’re getting close, but it really just comes down to finishing the games and taking out big plays throughout the game that can really potentially either one way or another give us a win or having to make us lose. So we just have to eliminate those big plays and allow us to be in those games, and really when we’re up and have a chance, put away teams.”

On the disappointing late loss to the Packers:

“It was definitely disappointing. I think we played well for the majority of that game, obviously we’d given up some plays here and there, but overall I think we did pretty well until that last drive. To allow a team to take out six minutes and thirty-two seconds or so is not playing good defense, and allowing them to run it all the way up the field. Coach had a confidence in us, and I hope he still keeps it because I think if we were put back in that same particular position, I think it would come out in a different way.

On learning how to deal with losing in the NFL:

“It’s something that I don’t take very well, with losing, but playing college football and going through a rough season, being 5-7 at Nebraska, you definitely learn to bounce back from those things — getting ready, you refocus yourself. Obviously you deal with it the day you lose the game, obviously you deal with it then, then the day after maybe a little bit more. But other then that, you’ve got to take the mistakes, learn from them, take the good things and the bad and move forward and move on to the next game.”

On going up against Sam Bradford, a fellow rookie who also came out of the Big 12 like Suh:

For me it’s as simple as going against Brett Favre or Michael Vick. Obviously he just isn’t that big of a name as Brett Favre or Michael Vick and he’s trying to create his own name as I’m trying to create my own name in this league. So it’s a great opportunity for me to get after another quarterback, and I’m really just excited to be back at home, have my family and friends in town, and play against in St. Louis to get a chance to win a game.”

Listen here to Suh on WDFN in Detroit with Shep and Sharp

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