Jets Dwight Lowery Exposes Brett Favre’s Weakness

October 12, 2010 – 9:50 am by Chris Fedor

Last night on “Monday Night Football” it was the debut of Randy Moss and Brett Favre playing together. Things started off rocky for the Old Gunslinger as he was trying to figure out how to move the ball against one of the best defenses in the league and dodge questions about the allegations that have come out recently. Then in the second half, Favre started to figure it out, he threw his 500th touchdown pass when he found Randy Moss in the back of the end zone, and it looked like he was manufacturing yet another magical comeback on Monday Night Football, but Dwight Lowery had other ideas. Favre was trying to rally his team down the stretch, but instead of leading the Vikings to a comeback victory, Favre threw another signature pick six and the moment belonged to Dwight Lowery.

Dwight Lowery joined Fox Sports Radio with JT the Brick to talk about how the defense played last night against Brett Favre and the Vikings, how tough it was to prepare for the Vikings with Randy Moss, and talks about his interception that sealed the victory for the Jets.

On the way the defense played last night:

“Yeah, we did an outstanding job on defense just trusting each other, communicating, and doing the things we’re capable of doing. Really gave us good momentum going into the half and great confidence coming out.”

On how tough it is to prepare for a guy like Randy Moss and whether or not it was easier because of his experience playing him in New England:

“I think it’s a combination. It’s difficult to prepare because you really don’t know what they’re going to do with him. You know what he’s capable of and you play off that and the fact that they had two weeks to prepare for us, we practiced certain things that we may see against them based on their tendencies from prior games, but you never really know until the team comes out and shows you what they’re going to do for the game.”

On his interception:

“I feel like it’s a great accomplishment. First and foremost, just the defense. It’s all of us. It’s all of us putting pressure on Brett throughout the game. In that situation, there was some pressure in his face which made him hold the ball a little longer than he probably wanted to. It’s trusting that what you see and not being afraid and going and making a play. I don’t really get too caught up in who it is because I feel everyone has the potential to be whatever it is that they want to be on this level. Obviously doing it against Brett is a tremendous confidence boost personally and I have the utmost respect for him and what he’s done for this game.”

Listen to Dwight Lowery on Fox Sports Radio here (Audio begins 9:35 into the podcast)

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