Jerry Jones Realizes Cowboys are In a Bind

October 20, 2010 – 6:45 am by Eric Schmoldt

The Dallas Cowboys lead the race for the most disappointing teams in the National Football League. A playoff contender at worst heading into the season and a Super Bowl threat at best, Dallas is off to a 1-4 start that has many shaking their heads.

Consider Jerry Jones amongst those in that group. The Cowboys’ owner surely never expected to be in this situation and now that he’s there he’s not beating around the bush when it comes to realizing Dallas’ odds. Simply put, they aren’t very good.

They’d get better if the Cowboys quit making stupid mistakes for penalties. They’ll be even better if Dallas can beat the New York Giants on Monday.

Jerry Jones joined KRLD in Dallas with Jagger and Barsky to discuss how his team fell to 1-4 to start the season, whether someone is going to tell his players to quit being dumb (especially after touchdowns), why he’s not particularly optimistic and the fact that the Cowboys will have to beat the Giants and Eagles twice to get back in the title race.

On how his team fell so far, so fast:

“Well, as improbable as it was to think that, after five games, we’d have one win, and it was improbable, if you basically, really look at how we got here, we had to have some bad luck to do it. Just as improbable, you can do the things that we need to do to get back in this hunt, which is reel off six or seven ballgames in a row. We’ve got to start against New York. That’s the way this thing is. … A lot of people say the old saying, ‘You are what you are.’ When you look at 1-4, we are not that. Our team is doing some very good things.”

On who is in the position to tell the players to stop committing dumb penalties, particularly in celebrations:

“I think, first of all, as you read this morning, in college you have to almost literally hand the ball to the official when you’re through with the play. We certainly are going to be in that bin as far as any celebrations are concerned. I told our coaching staff yesterday that none of us could knowingly put ourselves in front of a jury. Juries are dicey. We have a system in America called people just making judgment decisions. They can make them succinctly, relative to exactly how the rule reads, or they can use judgment and that’s what you’re doing in the celebration area. … You  just can’t go there at all.”

On why he said, after the Cowboys lost their fourth game, that he’s not optimistic:

“That has everything to do with where we are with our numbers. We have four losses at this juncture of the season. It’s going to be quite a challenge to be in the playoff hunt after the first half of the season. … That’s the big thing that you play for. Just look at it mathematically, we have a lot of games to win, we have a high percentage of our games to win. This is a league that is real close. All you’ve got to do is look at the scores and see how close these teams are, so it’s a real challenge. On the other hand, we’ve got a team that is playing well. This isn’t a rationalization, but we are actually playing better each week.”

On the fact that the improbable stretch would likely have to include a pair of victories over the Giants and Eagles:

“Those are big challenges, but again, if you took the way we have played over the last five ballgames and you took the circumstances in those games, there’s no way that you would think that you wouldn’t have won a majority of the games that you have played. It can work the other way. I think the big thing is that, as far as our team is concerned, that those guys are going out, they’re working hard. … I’ve made my best grades when I’ve had an uphill climb and some of the worst grades I’ve ever made were when things were going too good. We have to have that kind of response to the position we’re in.”

Listen to the interview with Jerry Jones on KRLD in Dallas here

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  2. I’m over the stupidity. Hell I should be able to coach this team with this talent. It’s time for an in your face coach….that’s it. My suggestion would be let Wade go and give Jason the rest of the season to prove himself and if he doesn’t ….adios! Need Gruden or Cowher…..I’m over it the only continuity is the mistakes being made period

    By Mark Moretti on Oct 20, 2010

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