Jeff Van Gundy: “If Garnett crossed the line so too did Villanueva about how he went about taking care of his own business”

November 4, 2010 – 8:56 am by Chris Fedor

Kevin Garnett is one of the most vocal players, one of the most passionate players, and one of the greatest leaders in the NBA right now. He has also gotten a reputation as a huge trash-talker and has even been referred to as a bully at times. While talking trash is something that goes on all the time in the NBA, Kevin Garnett took it too far the other night if the reports are true. According to Charlie Villanueva’s twitter account, KG called Charlie V a “cancer patient.” Now Garnett has denied it calling it a huge miscommunication. There are things that are said on the court that are horrible and disgusting and if it is true and Garnett did say what Villanueva said he did then there is just no excuse and KG should be disgusted with himself.

On the other side of things, Charlie V is not without blame here either. When things are said on the court, they should stay on the court. Charlie V went to twitter and released what KG said. While many people will be disgusted with what Garnett said and I am as well, I gotta believe that many players in the NBA will also be upset with Villanueva for releasing it on twitter as opposed to doing something about it on the court.

Jeff Van Gundy joined ESPN Radio in New York with Michael Kay to talk about what he thinks of the comments Kevin Garnett made about Charlie Villanueva, who he thinks is at fault, why he thinks Charlie Villanueva should’ve retaliated, and what the worst thing he has ever heard on the court was.

What he thinks of what Kevin Garnett said about Charlie Villanueva:

“Let me start with Charlie Villanueva. He crossed the line by tweeting it. He had a chance to do something about it during the game. Go to it. If you were that offended, and it is offensive if it was said, go to it right there. Don’t wait to use the social network to not only…because everybody has said something on the court as a player and I know I have as a coach that if it was tweeted postgame that you would be ashamed about. I’m sure if Kevin Garnett said that then he’s ashamed of himself today. To me as shameful is Villanueva tweeting it. If he had a problem, take care of it. If he had a problem that he didn’t want to take care of on the court go confront him when you come out of Detroit. Both buses were right there. You can go stand there and let him know you didn’t appreciate it. There were many other ways to take care of this and I think the way that Villanueva took care of it was as wrong as what he said if he said it, which we don’t know.”

On the idea that Villanueva would get more heat if he did something to retaliate on the court:

“You don’t have to punch. But you can cross him right there and let everybody know that you have a problem with it right there. The disease Villanueva has, I feel very badly for him, I really do. He’s handled himself and he’s taking care of kids with a similar disease very well. I have nothing but praise for how Villanueva has handled his difficult circumstance. In this case though, if Garnett said that to him, Garnett was wrong, Garnett will be ashamed about himself (or he is) and wishes he had a do-over. But again, like there’s so many things that the iconic players in the league have probably said on the court to each other that if tweeting existed they would all be ashamed of what they’ve said and done. If Garnett crossed the line so too did Villanueva about how he went about taking care of his own business.”

On the worst things he has heard on the court:

“Most of them involve cursing so if you take offense to that, you would be really offended. I’ve had some really good players say some not nice things to me. I took it more as that’s the game you know. Now this, because let’s face it every family and every person that is listening right now has been impacted by cancer in some way, a family member or friend, or will be. I have to think out on the court, Garnett absolutely if he said it, wasn’t thinking of the possible ramifications. He’s gonna face them. I think he has to shoulder the blame because everybody has to shoulder the blame for their actions but let’s not let Villanueva off the hook. This whole tweeting is like tattling. Come on now. You’re a bigger man that that. Go to him and let him know that you thought it was wrong. Don’t let the world know first.”

Listen to Jeff Van Gundy on ESPN Radio in New York here (Audio begins 17:00  into the podcast)

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  1. 3 Responses to “Jeff Van Gundy: “If Garnett crossed the line so too did Villanueva about how he went about taking care of his own business””

  2. It was just a comment, I don’t see what the big deal is. Yeah, maybe he was kind of a dick, but they were just words.

    It’s not like KG went all Kobe and raped a girl or anything…..

    By Max in Missouri on Nov 4, 2010

  3. Why do people care what Jeff Van Gundy has to say. Has he ever won a championship? Did he “leave it on the floor” when he did the leg grab. Shut the F up Van Gundy and stop ruining the game with your horrifically depressing announcing. Garnett crossed the line. Fans have a right to know about their stars. That’s the age we live in. Van Gundy is a coward. All the way back to the Yao Ming incident. Straight up coward.

    By 1.5billion on Nov 4, 2010

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