Eagles Will Try to Solidify Themselves as Super Bowl Contenders Over Next Six Days

November 15, 2010 – 9:30 am by Eric Schmoldt

The bye week seemed to put a pep in LeSean McCoy’s step. The Philadelphia Eagles running back put together one of his best games this season, rushing for nearly 100 yards, including his longest run of the year, a 62-yard burst. If he hadn’t turned around to see who was chasing him, he says, it might have been a little longer and actually a touchdown.

Regardless, the performance helped the Eagles take down the Indianapolis Colts and earned Philadelphia a right to get back to contender status.

Now it’s all about staying there. Philly takes on back-to-back division rivals, including a date at Washington tonight on Monday Night Football. A victory would set up a battle of two 6-3 teams against the New York Giants next week.

LeSean McCoy joined WIP in Philly with Angelo Cataldi to discuss his long run last week, the confidence boost it generated, the big win over Indianapolis, taking hits to the helmet, playing with Michael Vick (who he emulated in high school), working on his running style, the picture that leaked out of Andy Reid as a teenager and whether he likes playing on Monday night.

On gaining confidence:

“Yeah, I’m feeling very confident. The good thing is having those guys up front blocking and making some room for me to run. I think that would make any back confident.”

On how big the win was against the Colts:

“It was big. It was big for us to get us in the right direction, where our record is right now. … They’re a good team. I think beating them kind of let everyone know how good we are as a team, so it was definitely a big win for us.”

On whether he takes a lot of hits to the helmet:

“Not a lot. I take enough, though. I think, running the ball, guys try to pile on, but I think it’s a certain type of hits to the helmet though. Guys running full speed and [hitting you in the helmet] than being in a pile and guys trying to tackle you.”

On playing with Michael Vick:

“It’s a special thing. As a guy you kind of grow up watching, playing video games with him, and then actually being on the field with him … he’s a special guy. Sometimes it’s hard, I get caught peeking in the backfield watching him run.”

On being in high school when Vick broke out:

“I always tell him all the time, in high school, the majority of the skill players on our team, we had the Michael Vick shoes.”

On working on his running style:

“Give a lot of credit to Ted Williams, my running backs coach, and also Duce Staley. Them guys been on me since camp. I had a big role to fill and they helped me out to just get the season started the right way. Now, at the mid point … they’re staying on me and trying to stay consistent.”

On whether he tells Andy Reid it’s time to run more:

“I think the biggest thing is the guys up front are laying hits on some guys and wanting to be physical and wanting to run the ball. I think it starts up front. You see guys like that blocking, man, and putting it all on the line, and you have no choice but to run the ball. And also, Andy’s an offensive lineman, man, don’t forget. So he knows how it feels to see guys up there be physical and run the ball and set the tone.”

On whether he saw the picture of Andy Reid when he was 13 years old:

“I did, I seen it. My first reaction was, Andy’s got a lot of style. I’ll give him that.”

Listen to LeSean McCoy on WIP in Philadelphia here

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