Buster Posey’s Magical Rookie Year with the San Francisco Giants: “When did it hit me? I’m trying to think if it has hit me.”

November 17, 2010 – 10:15 am by Michael Bean

He was an integral part of the San Francisco Giants’ World Series run and the recent recipient of the 2010 National League Rookie of the Year Award.  Not a bad start to Buster Posey’s Major League career. At just 23 years of age, Posey’s future seems incredibly bright, particularly when you consider that he’s still fairly new to playing catcher.

Posey joined KNBR in San Francisco to talk about his amazing rookie year, winning a World Series as a rookie, how much he enjoyed celebrating with the city of San Francisco after winning the World Series, if there was any single moment during the playoff run that stands out, how much the Rookie of the Year award means to him, and making the transition to catcher.

On if it’s hit him just yet that he’s a World Series and Rookie of the Year winner:

“Oh man, when did it hit me? I’m trying to think if it has hit me. I don’t know if it has. I don’t know. I think that first game next year when we’re announced as World Series champs it might be the best moment. But for now, it’s pretty unbelievable.”

On just how special it was to see Giants fans and San Francisco residents be so joyful in the wake of the Giants’ title:

“Yeah that was a cool moment. That was just the fans’ time to celebrate with us, you know, with us clinching in Arlington. It’s been awhile, and I guess like you said, the first time not awhile, since San Francisco’s had a World Series champion and you just saw a lot of joy and relief I think in those faces.”

On if there is any one moment amongst the many dramatic moments of this year’s championship run that sticks out as being the most memorable:

“I think for me it was Game 3 in Atlanta. Being down 2-1 going into the 9th and then Huff coming up with the big hit to tie it up. As good as Atlanta’s pitching was, it would have been possible, but to go down 2-1 there….I don’t know if they would have thrown Lowe the next night or not, but that was such a big game, because at least we knew after that game that we would at least have a Game 5 in San Fran. So I think that took a lot of pressure off us.”

On winning the National League Rookie of the Year Award:

“Well it means a lot. You only have one year, one opportunity in your career to win that award. And especially with the class of players in the National League this year – with Jason Hayward, Gaby Sanchez, Jaime Garcia, Ike Davis, Mike Stanton, I’m probably missing about five or six or seven of those guys, but there were really good players. To be awarded that honor is just surreal.”

On the process of learning how to handle the different talents and personalities on the Giants pitching staff:

“Well first and foremost, these guys are so good I’m not sure at times how I handle them. They’ve got electric stuff. They’re good. But to answer your question, they’re all a little different. I think they’re all the same in the way that every other baseball pitcher is – you have to pitch on confidence. And that’s my main goal out there. My goal is to make them confident and give them the best chance to succeed. Lincecum, I think the key with him is the fastball. Sometimes we fall in love with the change up a little bit too much, and I’m sure he’ll admit that too. But when he has that fastball going, hitters have to respect his stuff even more. And really that holds true for everybody in the staff. But again, you try to give them the best opportunity, whatever way that is – calling pitches or talking to them in between innings – so those guys can give you seven or eight strong innings.”

Listen here to Posey with Razor & Mr. T on KNBR in San Francisco

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