Miguel Tejada: “This is the best thing ever to sign with the Giants”

December 3, 2010 – 10:21 am by Chris Fedor

When the World Series Champs lost Juan Uribe to the Los Angeles Dodgers this offseason, they needed to find a shortstop that they could plug into the lineup on an everyday basis. They just found that guy. While Miguel Tejada is 36-years-old and he is not the same player that he was a when he was taking home MVP trophies, he is the perfect addition to a team that is defending a championship. He is extremely durable, he can play a variety of positions, and he can still be productive at the plate. Tejada batted .269 last season with 15 home runs and 71 RBI’s and while Juan Uribe was very important to the Giants championship run, Tejada is more than capable of filling those shoes at short.

Miguel Tejada joined KNBR in San Francisco with Razor and Mr. T to talk about how it feels to be playing for the World Champs this season, whether he expects to do anything different this season from last season, how he keeps himself healthy through the grind of the baseball season, and whether or not he expects to be the everyday shortstop.

On being a member of the Giants:

“Thank you. I really appreciate having me back here to the Bay Area. I’m happy to be here and nothing better can happen to me this year. This is the best thing ever to sign with the Giants.”

On whether or not he will change anything this year playing in San Francisco:

“Yeah. I keep things the same. I love the game. Baseball has been with me all my life and every time I put my uniform on I cheer for myself and I cheer for my teammates. I’ve been playing baseball for a long time and I will do anything I can do to get better and better and to do great in this city.”

On how he stays so healthy through the grind of the baseball season:

“It’s because I work hard in the offseason. Every year I take two weeks off right after the season. Then I start working on my body, do my running, and eating pretty good. That’s the reason I keep my body in good shape. Like I always say, I respect this game, I love this game, and that’s why I work harder and harder off the field to perform on the field.”

On whether or not he plans on playing shortstop every day:

“Yeah. I’ve been playing every day all of my career and like I always say I work hard off the field to put a good performance on the field. I know how to play short and like I always tell my family and all my friends, there’s a lot of people that like to watch me and that’s why I prepare my body to have a good game on the field.”

On how he decided on the Giants:

“My agent called me one day and as soon as he told me that the Giants wanted me to come here, I just said make that deal. Do anything to make that deal go down because I love every city that I go to, but for me it’s really an honor to hear from the Giants because they are the World Champions. As a player, they just win and ask you to play for them, any player has to be honored and that’s what happened to me. I was really happy. My whole family is happy to see the Giants ask me to come here.”

Listen to Miguel Tejada on KNBR here

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