Studesville May Be the Broncos Coach But Not Where Any of the Denver Players Reside

December 16, 2010 – 11:10 am by Chris Fedor

After Josh McDaniels was fired by the Broncos, Eric Studesville took over as head coach in Denver. However, if last weekend’s game was any indication, the Eric Studesville era in Denver as head coach might not last very long. In his head coaching debut, the Broncos got belted by the Cardinals and looked like one of the worst teams in the NFL. Kyle Orton was horrible and the Broncos defense couldn’t keep the Cardinals from running up 40 plus points despite having a rookie quarterback under center.

Things got so bad this past weekend that even fans in Arizona were calling for Tim Tebow to replace Orton. Studesville’s audition will last for three more weeks and he still has more time to show Broncos owner Pat Bowlen what he’s capable of, but it’s safe to say, his audition has gotten off to a very rocky start in the mile high city. If Kyle Orton struggles again, he would be very wise to put Tebow in and see what Denver might have for the future. After all, he probably can’t do any worse than 19-41 for 166 yards, zero touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Eric Studesville joined 104.3 the Fan in Denver on the Drive to talk about why Tim Tebow didn’t go into the game this past weekend against Arizona, what decision he will make next time if there is another blowout, whether or not Kyle Orton is healthy, and what he would say to the fan that are clamoring for Tim Tebow to play the rest of the season.

On why Tebow didn’t go in this past weekend in a blowout:

“It’s not that you all don’t get anything or the fans don’t get anything, it’s just when we put our game plan together and we do everything, we’re just trying to put together the best possible plan for our team. It’s not exclusive of any player, it’s inclusive at the beginning of every week and we’re trying to find the things that we do best that give us the best chance.”

On the team not quitting this past weekend:

“Alfred (Williams), I appreciate you saying that about that you watched the game and being a former player noticing that nobody quit because I certainly believe the same thing and I believe we have high quality people in our locker room and that wasn’t going to happen. As far as the second half of that, would we do that? Every game is different and every game plays out and we’re going to make those decisions. We have contingency plans as we go into the game and we’re going to take those things as we go. If the situation avails itself we would certainly consult with all the coaches on what we need to do and we had no problem doing that if we needed to.”

On the health of Kyle Orton:

“He’s been in the last two days getting treatment. Those two guys are getting ready. The NFL game is a physical game, those guys get bumped and bruised and especially this late in the season it certainly has happened. Everybody is sore at this point in time and our guys do a great job of getting in the training room and get ready to go for the week. We’ll see where everybody is tomorrow morning when we get in the building and get ready to go to practice.”

On what he would say to all the fans that want Tim Tebow:

“That we appreciate their passion for the Broncos and their support of the Broncos and we hope that they continue to do that and trust that we’re evaluating everything. When we feel it’s the perfect time and the right time to put him in we will get him in the game.”

Listen to Eric Studesville on 104.3 the Fan in Denver here

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