John Elway Hoping to Bring His Magic to the Broncos Front Office

February 3, 2011 – 9:45 am by Chris Fedor

The last time the Denver Broncos were competing for Super Bowls, it was John Elway who was quarterbacking the franchise. Now, the former Super Bowl Champion has a new role with the Broncos and will be asked to return the team to prominence in a different way.

This offseason, the Broncos decided to change things up. John Elway was hired as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Josh McDaniels was fired, and John Fox was hired as the new head coach. If Elway is half the Executive Vice President that he was a quarterback, the franchise will be back in good hands and will become relevant once again.

John Elway joined WCNN in Atlanta to talk about his new role with the Broncos, why he decided to hire John fox, what he was looking for from a head coach, what he thinks about Knowshon moreno and his progress, and also talks about the desire to keep Champ Bailey in Denver.

How he feels about his new role in the organization with the Broncos:

“I’m excited about it. Mr Bowlen, who I’ve had a lrelationship with for a long, long time gave me an opportunity to run the football operations for him. It was the perfect timing for me because my kids are up and out of the house and in college doing their thing so to be able to stay in Denver and be a part of the organization is a thrill for me. It’s really something that I wanted to do for a long, long time so fortunately and unfortunately we’ve struggled the last couple of years, but hopefully we get that turned around. We brought John Fox in from Carolina to be our head coach. I think he’ll do a tremendous job. He had success in Carolina and is a defensive guy. We’ve struggled so bad on the defensive side of the ball over the last five, six, or seven years that hopefully we can get that defense turned around, score some points on the offensive side, and hopefully play in this game again.”

Why they decided to go with John Fox and what they were looking for in a coach:

“I think where we were as an organization we needed someone who could come in and re-energize the organization. A guy that could bring the energy, bring the knowledge, bring the experience, which we were looking for because we kind of reached on Josh the last time. He was a young, 32-year-old guy that is obviously very smart and I think will have another opportunity at some point in time in his career to be a head coach again, but kinda reached on Josh and it didn’t work out and I think where everything was going we’ve been so poor on defense, this is our sixth defensive coordinator in six years and I really wnated to get some continuity on the defensive side. When John Fox came available, he was a proven winner, has been to the Super Bowl, and he plays great defense. That was a good combination for what we were looking for.”

Whether or not Knowshon moreno is going to be okay in Denver:

“Yeah I think so. He had a better year last year, he was young when he came out so he’s still maturing, and I think we’ve got the same running back coach that we had last year that Knowshon has a relationship with and that will help him. John likes to run the football so he’s going to get the opportunity to take that thing downhill and hopefully get it into the endzone.”

If they want Champ Bailey back:

“He really has. He’s a free agent this year so we’re doing everything that we can to hopefully keep him because obviously he made his tenth pro bowl and I think it’s like his 12th, 13th, or 14th year so he’s getting long in the tooth when it comes to age, but he’s a guy that’s not showing any age so we’re hopeful that we keep him around in Denver.”

Listen to John Elway on WCNN in Atlanta here

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