Maurice Jones-Drew: “I can’t regret something where I didn’t commit a crime or something. I just spoke my mind.”

February 3, 2011 – 8:45 am by timgunter

Several NFL players, former players and analysts voiced their opinions and openly criticized Jay Cutler on Twitter for leaving the NFC Championship game early with a knee injury.  One of those players was Maurice Jones-Drew, and now he is expected to apologize.  For what?  All he did was voice his opinion, and after all, MJD played through a torn right meniscus almost all season. Shouldn’t he be allowed to pound his chest and share his thoughts about a player who sprained a knee ligament and could not finish the game?  It wasn’t just any game.  It was the NFC Championship game!  There are so many players that would have cut off a finger to play in that game.  We live in a society where we don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings by saying something or doing something in fear that those actions could damage someone’s psyche.  Give me a break!  Cutler may not be a quitter but if someone feels like saying so, let him do it!  It won’t be the end of the world, I promise!

Maurice Jones-Drew joined ESPN Radio New York to talk about if he is stunned about the reaction his tweet about Jay Cutler received, whether he regrets voicing his opinion, and if he plans on talking to Jay Cutler at any time about it.

Who is going to win the Super Bowl:

“Usually around this time of year you have got to go with the hottest team and that would be the Packers.  They are on fire right now.  They have played some tough opponents all on the road and this is another I guess road game for them that they play again.”

If he is stunned about the reaction his tweet about Jay Cutler received:

“Oh yeah it was pretty crazy to see how many people were talking about it.  I did not know that many people knew my name, so it is pretty cool that everybody knows it now.”

Whether he regrets voicing his opinion:

“No, it is twitter.  You tweet certain things.  It happens.  I can’t regret something where like I didn’t commit a crime or something.  I just spoke my mind.  It was not meant to be hard feelings by it.  I hope no one took it personal but it is what it is.”

If he plans on talking to Jay Cutler at any time about it:

“Probably.  I am hoping my buddy Matt Forte can invite him out with us one time and we could talk about it, but if not I will see him next time we play the Bears.  It won’t be that big of a deal.”

Whether players realize twitter goes out to billions of people and that their tweets are taken serious:

“Yeah I think if it is negative, definitely.  If it is positive not that many people see it because that is not what people want to see and that is a shame right now.  All that players have done throughout their careers and if you tweet some little thing that might be a little controversial everybody will talk about that not what you had done throughout the year so I guess we need to start we have got a lot of stuff to work on in the society and keep things going in the right way.”

Maurice Jones-Drew discuss his twitter controversy with Jay Cutler on ESPN Radio New York (the interview starts at the 24:50 mark)

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