Todd Haley Has Not Decided Whether He’ll Call Plays for Kansas City Next Year

February 7, 2011 – 8:00 am by Eric Schmoldt

Whether there will be an NFL season next year is still up in the air. So, too, is exactly how the Kansas City Chiefs will operate their offensive play-calling if that season does take place.

The Chiefs put together one of the more remarkable turnarounds in recent history, following up a 4-12 season with a 10-6 mark and a spot in the AFC playoffs. They didn’t last long, but the surge with coach Todd Haley at the helm was obviously evident.

Now Haley has hired 68-year-old Bill Muir from in house as his offensive coordinator for next year’s possible season. It’s led many to believe that Haley is going to take over the play-calling duties, but he says that hasn’t been decided yet as the Chiefs will attempt to continue their upward trend.

Todd Haley joined 810 WHB in Kansas City with The Program to discuss the hiring of Bill Muir and what it means for the play-calling duties, what he has learned in two years as head coach, if he’s worried about the Chiefs’ schedule in next year’s season and his relationship with quarterback Matt Cassel.

Was there any concern in hiring a 68-year-old BillĀ Muir as offensive coordinator?:

“I made the mistake a couple years ago of asking if there was any gas left in the tank. I got the answer real quick and real assuredly. I’ve stayed away from that question. … What I’m excited about it just the experience side of that 68. You’re talking about a guy that’s done it on both sides of the ball.”

Will Haley himself take over the play-calling?:

“We’ve had discussions about a lot of things, play-calling being one of those, but that’s not something that’s been finalized. As we move along and move through the offseason, some of those things will come clearer into picture. I’m of the belief that the most important thing that you have to have on a staff … is continuity. Not everybody believing the same things, but a continuity of the ability to work together efficiently to come up with ideas.”

What he has learned about being a head coach after two years?:

“There’s no manual that tells you how to be a head coach. You can only hope that you’re around the right people, that you watch in this situation. But even then, until you’re in it, you don’t know what you’re getting into. … I definitely feel more experienced.”

On having a tough schedule next year coming off a bounce back year:

“Just don’t tell me we don’t have that same schedule we had the first year. … My mind is boggled by the fact that this was a last-place schedule, so to speak. … The key is we just continue to make progress. You make progress by having a great offseason. … We’re going to write down very similar goals. It’ll be to win the AFC West so that we have a chance to play [in the Super Bowl].”

His relationship with Matt Cassel:

“I think it’s a terrific relationship, at least judging by past relationships that I’ve had with players. … We have to spend more time together than I do, individually, with any other player, for a lot of different reasons. Matt made huge strides this year.”

Listen to Todd Haley on 810 WHB in Kansas City here

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