Georges St. Pierre Says He’s Only Focused on Jake Shields

February 9, 2011 – 9:20 am by Chris Fedor

This past weekend, Anderson Silva made short work of Vitor Belfort and knocked him out with one of the most devastating front kicks I have ever seen. Silva showed once again that the title of best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC doesn’t yet solely belong to Georges St. Pierre and the fight every UFC fan wants to see could be on the horizon.

However if Silva and GSP are going to get inside the cage and settle the debate once and for all, St. Pierre is going to have to do his part and get past Jake Shields first. GSP and Shields will be headlining UFC 128 in April and Shields is a very dangerous opponent for the welterweight champ. Shields has yet to lose in six years and is the number one contender to St. Pierre right now. As impressive as St. Pierre has been recently, he would be foolish to look past Jake Shields with the “Spider” possibly lurking in the distance.

Georges St. Pierre joined The Fan 590 in Toronto with Andrew Krystal to talk about what he learned from his two losses early in his career, what his plan of attack is against Jake Shields, whether or not he is worried about this fight, and if he has thought about moving up in weight after his fight against Shields.

What he learned from his two losses in his career:

“It’s not true. You learn also from your victories as well, but I’ve learned more from my losses. When I fought (Matt) Hughes I learned that I could hang there with everyone in the world, even the best. When I fought (Matt) Serra and I lost I learned that even if you’re a champion and you mean to be great when people talk about you, you can’t stay on cruise control and stay champion. I learned mainly it’s not the best fighter that wins the fight, it’s the fighter that fights the best the night of the fight.”

On his plan of attack against Shields:

“Gonna use everything. Jake Shields is the most dangerous guy that I have fought so far but in a different way than most of the guys I have fought. A lot of the guys I have fought in the past have a punchers chance. Everybody says you have to watch out for one thing, but Jake Shields has different tools than most of the guys that I have fought. He’s a very good grappler, probably the best jiu-jitsu guy in the sport, plus now he’s been working very hard on his Muay Thai, so he’s the kind of guy who’s going to try and knock me out standing up and try and submit me on the floor. I have to watch out for a lot of things.”

Whether or not he is worried about Shields:

“Of course. He’s pretty good. He’s the best guy in the world right now to fight. Yeah I’m worried. It’s a big problem, but I think I’m going to solve it.”

If he plans on moving up in weight after this fight:

“I haven’t thought about it right now. Right now all my focus is on Shields and it would be foolish to think past Jake Shields.”

Listen to Georges St. Pierre on The Fan 590 in Toronto here (Audio begins 46:45 into the podcast)

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