Ryan Pickett on Charles Woodson’s halftime speech: “He didn’t have to say too many words. His actions motivated us.”

February 9, 2011 – 9:00 am by timgunter

We all know last Sunday ended with the Green Bay Packers claiming Super Bowl XLV.  What most of us don’t know is that Charles Woodson played a huge part in the Packers victory despite not playing the second half.  After breaking his collarbone late in the second quarter, Woodson knew that he wasn’t going to be able to play in the second half, so he wanted to do something about it.  As a member of the ’02 AFC Champion Oakland Raiders, he had come so close to claiming the Lombardi Trophy but lost in a blowout to the Buccaneers.  He waited eight seasons for another shot at a Super Bowl ring, but this time he wasn’t going to let it slip through his fingers again.  In the locker room during halftime, Woodson delivered an emotional speech to his teammates and asked them to understand how much he really wanted it.  The veteran cornerback could only get a few words out before breaking down in tears, but that was enough to motivate his teammates to withstand the second half surge of the Steelers and claim their fourth Super Bowl title in franchise history.

Ryan Pickett joined KILT in Houston to talk about how it feels to have won the Super Bowl, what Charles Woodson’s halftime speech was like and what the other players’ reactions were like, and what Dom Capers is like as a coach.

How it feels to have won the Super Bowl:

“I mean we are still soaking it in, we are still enjoying it and it is still crazy around here in Green Bay right now.”

How the defense felt going into the game vs. how the game played itself out:

“I mean we did not get to him as many times as we would like to, like I think we really only had one sack.  As far as everything else he is a tough quarterback.  We had to make a last-minute stand to stop them from winning and that has been pretty much how it has been all year, the defense made one last stop to win that game and we was comfortable in that situation.”

What Charles Woodson’s halftime speech was like and what the other players’ reactions were like:

“I mean he really couldn’t get any words out it was so emotional man.  We knew how bad he wanted it.  He was our defensive leader and just to see him hurting like that to hurt all of us.  It was motivation for us to go out there and play for him because we know how hard he worked and trained to get to this point to get us to the Super Bowl. It was real emotional man it did a lot.  He didn’t have to say too many words.  His actions motivated us.”

What Dom Capers is like as a coach:

“Coach Capers is an awesome coach.  He definitely has us playing at a top level.  We believed in everything he called and that was a big part of the defense being successful this year.  We just really feel really good, like nobody questioned his calls.  This man knows what he is doing.  He is a leader.  He was a no nonsense-type of guy but he is a players’ coach at the same time and we all just get the best out of all of us.  He is one playcaller, probably the best.  He is up there as far as coordinators are concerned.”

Ryan Pickett on KILT in Houston with Marc Vandermeer and John Lopez

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