Aaron Brooks: “I like being here and I want to stay with the team that drafted me”

February 11, 2011 – 11:07 am by Chris Fedor

At this time last year, Aaron Brooks was emerging as one of the biggest surprises in the NBA. This year it has been completely different for the ultra-quick point guard in Houston. After getting off to a pretty good start and scoring double figures in four out of his first five games, Brooks injured his ankle in the fifth game of the season and has never gotten himself back on track.

The frustration with his injury, not getting back into the starting lineup, and his minutes dropping significantly this season all came out about a week ago when Brooks left the court early in the fourth quarter against the Grizzlies. Since that time Brooks has apologized for his behavior, but it might be too little too late for a guy that just one year ago was enjoying a career season in Houston.

Aaron Brooks joined KILT in Houston with Josh Innes and Rich Lord to talk about walking off the court against Memphis, whether or not he is frustrated about the point guard situation this year with Kyle Lowry, how much his frustration has to do with not getting back in the starting lineup, and if he wants to remain a Houston Rocket.

What happened to make him walk off the court against Memphis:

“Nothing man. Just a bunch of frustration within myself and I just wasn’t able to control it and made a bad decision. I shouldn’t have done it. Hopefully we can move on from this situation.”

If he is frustrated about the point guard position with Kyle Lowry:

“I don’t think it’s that. It’s a big year for me. I had a bad injury in the beginning of the year when we were just starting to get things rolling and then having to come back from it and everybody is just in a tough situation. Not just me, but the coaches. It’s their last year under contract and they’re trying to do their best they can to win games and that’s understandable. Just trying to get things rolling and trying to battle injury and get back to where I was.”

Whether or not he is upset about not being in the starting lineup:

“I think it was in the beginning when I felt I was doing a little better health-wise, but as you continue to play, just the movements and stuff, not moving the same, I have to find a way to get back in my groove and playing the way I was. I don’t put it on the coaches. I have to make them play me and my play hasn’t dictated that so far. I’m not mad at them because they have a job to do. It’s my job to go out there and play when I’m called on.”

How he feels about all the trade rumors about him leaving Houston:

“I love Houston. I like being here and I want to stay with the team that drafted me. You can’t be mad that another team wants you. When the phone stops ringing and they’re not asking for you then there’s a problem. (Mike) D’Antoni was one of the guys that was high on me during pre-draft at the 29th spot going to the Suns. I’m flattered that guys still want you. That’s always good and better than no one wanting you. That’s a good thing.”

Listen to Aaron Brooks on KILT in Houston here

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