Bo Ryan on the Allegations that Fans Spit on Jared Sullinger: “We’ve got the best fans in America”

February 15, 2011 – 10:20 am by Chris Fedor

This past weekend Wisconsin showed just how dominant they are on their own home floor. The Badgers ended Ohio State’s dream of an undefeated season with a second half rally that was as good as it gets in college hoops. Down 15 points at one time on their own home floor and against the number one team in the nation, Wisconsin rallied thanks in large part to point guard Jordan Taylor. Taylor seemed to hop in a phone booth at halftime, grab a red cape, and turn into Superman for the Badgers. The Badgers point guard dropped 21 of his 27 points on one of the better defensive teams in the country in a stretch of 13 minutes en route to a 71-67 upset over the Buckeyes. Even though Jared Sullinger has been sensational this season for the Buckeyes and has been capturing all the accolades in the Big Ten, it was Taylor who played like the best player in the conference in the biggest game of the year on Saturday afternoon.

As the final buzzer sounded, the Badger faithful stormed the court in jubilation and Buckeyes star Jared Sullinger posted on his Twitter account that some of the Wisconsin fans spit on him. Now whether or not this is true is anyone’s guess at this point, but if it happened, Wisconsin fans took it too far. Judging from Bo Ryan’s comments on the matter though, he seems skeptical.

Bo Ryan joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the huge win against Ohio State, the game that Jordan Taylor played, who he heard from after the big win, what his impressions were of Jared Sullinger following the Badgers win, and what he makes of Sullinger posting on his Twitter account the fans spit on his after the game:

If he felt his team could really pull the upset:

“Coaches are supposed to be stoic and act as if it’s happened before. I liked our chances, but I just felt like Ohio State had done so many good things in a row that maybe we could have our run too and we did. Jordan Taylor just uplifted the whole team, the fans responded, and once the fans got going it was what we needed and it felt good.”

On Jordan Taylor taking over in the second half:

“Jordan always has that green light. He had it somewhat last year but Travon Hughes was the point guard last year, this was Jordan’s time, it was his team from day one, and he has handled it extremely well. He makes all the calls on the next possession offensively when they get into their little huddles in their dead balls, he is a coach on the floor, he’s a tough young man, and very bright. I have always said he will be President or at least governor of Minnesota where he is from, but he’s just that kind of young man. He didn’t flinch and the other guys just jumped on his back.”

Hearing from Aaron Rodgers after the win:

“Yeah. I had texted Aaron earlier about how much fun he could have at a Badger game because he asked me if he could come down and see a game. Then he got busy with the playoffs for that other sport and then the Super Bowl came up. He did tell me before, we’ve had a chance to play in some golf charity outings that Andy North has done in the area with some other locals and Aaron has been gracious enough to attend, so I got to know him there and I’ve always been impressed with how he handled that whole situation. Not just the way he took them to the Super Bowl, but he’s that kind of guy. He is a big basketball fan and I’m looking forward to having him come down for a game.”

How good Jared Sullinger is:

“He is as good as any player. Physically I don’t think there’s a match. I think he’s better than advertised as far as his positioning, his touch, and his fade away three towards the end of the game that actually gave them a chance to get us when it looked like there was no way that we could get that game. He got a lot of attention from us that maybe hurt us a little bit off some other guys, but still you look at the 19 and 12 and it’s wow I didn’t even realize he had done that. He’s physically ready for the next level, crafty enough, the use of his body, great hands, and has good balance. He’s very good not only with his back to the basket but his touch now facing the basket has greatly improved.”

On Sullinger’s allegations that he got spit on after the game by fans:

“I don’t know anything about that. (Host: Yeah he posted it on his Twitter account.) We’ve got the best fans in America. It’s such a treat to be coaching in that Kohl center with the fans the way they are. We’ve got the best. That’s something that I feel very strongly about. We’re good. Our fans were busy on the floor. They were having some fun.”

Listen to Bo Ryan on The Dan Patrick Show here

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