Shaun Rogers: “I would just hope that my track record would speak for itself”

February 15, 2011 – 9:00 am by Chris Fedor

Last year Shaun Rogers had one of the more disappointing seasons of his NFL career. In fact, with the exception of one Pro-Bowl season in Cleveland, Rogers was a colossal disappointment. When his mind is right and he is motivated, Rogers has shown the ability to be one of the most dominant defensive tackles in the NFL and he has proven to be basically unblockable one-on-one. However this past season, the Browns were rebuilding again, Rogers was dealing with a number of injuries, and his playing time was cut significantly because of that.

“Baby” was released by the Browns last week because his production on the field came nowhere near matching his salary. Now Rogers is a free agent and will most definitely have his suitors. He is a physical specimen and it has never been about talent with the former University of Texas defensive lineman. It has always been about attitude and motivation. So buyer beware if your team is rebuilding or not winning, you want nothing to do with Shaun Rogers.

Shaun Rogers joined KILT in Houston with Marc Vandermeer and John Lopez to talk about getting released by the Browns, whether or not he was surprised that he was released, what he hopes teams take into account when thinking about signing him, what happened this past season in Cleveland, and says it would be a fairy tale to play in Houston with the Texans.

If he was surprised that he was released:

“No. No it didn’t. It’s one of those things that come with the territory when you’re a veteran guy like myself. These kinds of things are going to happen.”

What he wants teams to take into account when they think about signing him:

“I would just hope that my track record would speak for itself. Unfortunately last year I played through some injuries against some advice from my agent Kennard (McGuire). He probably would’ve liked to see me sit down a little bit ‘till I was fully there. We’re competitors in this game and guys go out there and try and give there all excluding all circumstances. I think I did alright with what I was asked to do this year. My goal right now is to get healthy and look into any opportunities.”

On what happened in Cleveland this past year:

“We just continued to rebuild and we lost a couple of guys. We lost crucial guys like Robaire Smith and we lost Shaun Smith to free agency. Those were versatile guys for us. The problem with me getting hurt last year, one of my young protégé’s Ahtyba Rubin showed great promise and they wanted to get him on the field. They moved him to nose and we had a little rotation where I would go in at end and he would play nose and that’s just what it was. I was kinda banged up this year so I had a little more spot play than usual, but years previous to that I’ve been blessed and I’ve been one of the few guys in this league that I would consider a three-down guy. The league is getting specialized as far as guys playing two downs and bringing in other guys in third down situations. You see that a lot in the league. In my career I’ve been blessed and had the ability to do both. I’m just looking to get healthy and go out there and play at a level where I played at for many years which I consider to be one of the upper levels or a Pro-Bowl level.”

What he thinks about Rob Ryan:

“Coach Ryan is great. If guys like what they see in his brother, they’re twins so you’re getting the same thing. The level of excitement, the attitude – I want to put this the right way – it’s not a bad attitude, but it’s that swagger and confidence that they possess and what they do and provide to their defense. Defenses are built on attitude. Their attitude most definitely carries over to their defenses. As you see his brother was a D-Coordinator to the Ravens and they had a top defense for a long time. He went to the Jets and brought that same attitude and that toughness to their defense. I think Rob most definitely has that ability. He did well in Oakland and came to Cleveland and made strides with our defense there in several categories. I think with the level of talent in Dallas he will do well.”

On signing with Houston:

“Like I said it would be most definitely a fairy tale situation, but again you just look forward to exploring all opportunities and hopefully whoever reaches out to me and wherever I go it will most definitely be a positive experience.”

Listen to Shaun Rogers on KILT in Houston here

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