Raymond Felton “I’m just glad the whole situation is over with. It was non-sense from the beginning.”

February 24, 2011 – 8:00 am by Steven Cuce

We’ve often heard the phrase “That’s just the business of being in sports.” Being on the block or potentially being traded at any moment can be filed under the unfortunate side of being in the business of sports. Raymond Felton happened to be on the wrong end of the stick this week as the New York Knicks pulled the trigger on a blockbuster deal that sent the Big Apple the superstar they had been craving all summer in Carmelo Anthony. What may have been lost in all this trade talk is the emotions of the players involved. Raymond Felton became an integral¬†part of the New York Knicks this season after signing a two-year, $15.8 million dollar contract. He played exceptional in his time¬†with New York exceeding most people’s expectations by averaging 17.1 points-per-game and 9 assists-per-game.

Felton played so well that when it came time for Donnie Walsh to make the trade for Carmelo Anthony he had no choice, but to include the guard. Walsh had plans to add Melo in free agency, but once the superstar made it known he wasn’t leaving his three-year, $65 million extension on the table with a likely lockout looming next season, the GM was forced to unload the young core he built up and signed to build around a superstar. Felton is a hard worker and is eager for his new opportunity in Denver. He wants to play alongside his former Knicks teammates he was traded with and believes there are good things to come in Denver.

Raymond Felton joined 104.3 the Fan on The Drive in Denver to discuss how have the last 24 hours been for him, what has it been like playing in New York and hearing about potentially being traded, explain what he calls the “non-sense” of asking to be traded in mid-season like Carmelo Anthony, being happy about playing anywhere he’s wanted and making the statement “Please don’t trade any of the guys that came here from the Knicks.”

How has the past 24 hours been for you?

“It’s been crazy. It’s been different, but it’s alright.”

What has it been like playing in New York and hearing about being traded in the past?

“You hear stipulations you know, but not to the extent that it was this time.”

When you heard about possibly being traded what were your first thoughts?

There are some things you have to think about you know, but this was my first time of hearing something like that, but it is what it is. I’m just glad the whole situation is over with because honestly I think it was non-sense from the beginning.”

Explain what you call the “non-sense” of asking to be traded in mid-season like Carmelo Anthony did?

“Just the whole situation you know. You know the whole trade thing period. I don’t feel like you should be able to do all that non-sense when you sign with a team and you in contract. Now if it’s in the summertime and you got free agency you know all of that than you can do all that stuff about different teams, different that, but if you’re with a team and you are in season I don’t feel like all that stuff should go on, but you know who am I. I’m not the person who made all those decisions. I’m with the Nuggets now and I’m happy to be here.”

It makes me happy as a former ballplayer that you’re happy to be playing where ever you go?

“Oh no question. I mean I have a chance to play basketball that’s something I love to do if I played in Denver, no matter if I played in Utah, no matter if I played in New York, Charlotte, where I’m from in the North Carolina area. It doesn’t matter man. It’s a blessing to be able to play basketball for a living and being able to get paid to do it, so it’s something I love to do.”

You made the statement “Please don’t trade any of the guys that came over here from the Knicks?” What about these guys are you so attached? What is it?

“Well I mean all of guys to stay here for the most part. I think that the guys who came over here along with the guys who already here. I think we can have a great team. I think we have a really good team. [In response to a follow up question by hosts]. We all good friends off the court as well. You know these guys love to play basketball. They love to get better and they want to win. Add that to the team that they already have here with a bunch of guys who understand the game and been in the league for awhile, who understands how to win, what it takes to win. It’s going to be a lot of fun man. A lot of fun.

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  2. I wish only the best for Raymond Felton and the othe Knicks traded to the Nuggets. I will really miss Felton’s playing, great attitude, smile and red shoes! He is a delight, not easily replaced. Denver is fortunate.

    By lydia on Feb 24, 2011

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