Bernard Hopkins: “I want to kick his ass in his own backyard”

March 29, 2011 – 11:15 am by Chris Fedor

Last December Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal fought each other and Pascal was awarded a controversial decision. It was a decision that many people disagreed with, including Hopkins. There were enough questions about Pascal’s win that there will be a rematch between the two in May. Since the last fight, there has been a lot of trash talk and a lot of bad blood built up between the two fighters. It boiled over to a breaking point yesterday in Montreal when things got so heated that Pascal threw a punch at B-Hop.

Hopkins might be 46-years old, but he is still as dangerous as ever when he gets in the ring. He was already motivated to be the oldest champion in boxing history and now Pascal just gave him even more motivation. The fight will be in Pascal’s hometown of Montreal so he will have the support in his corner, but it’s probably not very wise for Jean Pascal to be putting his hands on a fighter with the nickname “Executioner,” especially when many people believe he beat him in the last fight.

Bernard Hopkins joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton to talk about what happened between him and Pascal at the press conference, why he was willing to take the fight in Montreal, whether or not he has ever used performance enhancing substances, and his hatred for Jean Pascal.

What happened at the press conference in Montreal on Monday:

“Exactly. He ambushed the whole press conference as far as talking about the fight. He was accusing me of my last fight that I shouldn’t have been as good, as fast, as strong, and I competed. Whatever he was thinking he was desperate and he started saying ‘take a test, take a blood test, take this, take that.’ Then he started bringing up that I was a friend of Nazim Richardson, who has been my trainer for years, and Nazim Richardson trains Sugar Shane Mosley and we know Sugar Shane Mosley has been involved in things in the past. That has nothing to do with me. My career has been 23 years and that’s the first time and the only time, that I heard some ridiculous allegations. But guess what? I told the people to stay focused and I told the media to stay focused because when a guy is scared and Pascal didn’t want to fight this fight a second time. He was forced by the sanctioning bodies of the WBC. (Host: Because they weren’t happy with the last time?) They weren’t happy. They reviewed the tape. It was a 30 vote of a 32 people vote, 30 people said that this fight should be a rematch. They made it happen. They mandated or they would strip Jean Pascal. Here we are. It’s not my call. They could’ve said no.”

You were willing to take the fight in Montreal:

“In Montreal. This fight could’ve been in LA. We won the purse bid. Golden Boy won the bid, the rights to do the fight, and we had the opportunity to take this fight anywhere and Richard Schaeffer said ‘Bernard wherever you want to take this fight at we can get more money at the Staples Center’ so I sacrificed two or three hundred thousand dollars by coming to Montreal. (Host: Why did you do that?) Because I want to kick his ass in his own backyard.”

Whether or not he has ever used any performance enhancing substance:

“No I haven’t and anybody that does that they should wind up like that track star. What’s her name? (Host: Marion Jones?) Because the bottom line is, look there are so many fighters, so many trainers, football players, and basketball players that don’t need to do any of that stuff and just go on their talent and what they do. I’ve been a clean living guy and that’s why I’m boxing at 46-years old.

On his hatred for Jean Pascal:

“I don’t like him. I think he is very young and disrespectful. He doesn’t respect his elders on the block. (Host: He disrespected you?) Yeah and he tried to put his arms around me and that’s when the scuffle started. Don’t say things and then I let you put your arm around me. I had to let him know that if you say something fine but I’m not going to let you put your arm around me when you have the microphone and disrespect me. Because then that becomes something else. Because I haven’t forgotten the street mentality when things were said and things were done. I just don’t use it in my life now and know how to separate the two, but he tried to con me, talk about me, and also want me to be in this huddle with him as he tries to grab my shoulder. That’s when I knew I had to let him know you don’t put your arm around me. We’re not friends. Keep it real. When you say things like that. ‘Okay, I’m gonna beat your butt, I’m gonna beat your ass, and I’m gonna do this and that.’ I can take that, but when you start talking about that I’ve done something that wasn’t right because I performed the way I did. What have you been looking at? What have you been watching the last ten years of my career? I didn’t just start performing the way I have been doing. I have done great things over the years and I never heard any fighter say that. You know what it is? He is shocked that at this stage of the game that I’m this good.”

Listen to Bernard Hopkins on WFAN in New York here

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  2. It was actually scored a draw, Pascal didn’t win.

    By hwchamp on Mar 29, 2011

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