Lou Williams Feels The Sixers Just Simply Refused To Go Down On Their Home Court Against The Heat

April 26, 2011 – 7:45 am by Steven Cuce

It may have been unconventional. It could have very well been a lucky shot from way beyond the three point stripe, but Lou Williams ensured Sixers fans that the hometown squad would not be swept out of their own building on Sunday afternoon. Lou Williams would like to add that the Sixers players did indeed know of Charley Barkley’s proclamation that Philadelphia would be going fishing for the off-season and they took it personally. On the game winning possession, Williams claims that the Sixers call that play a “two for one,” where their offense tries to get a shot off quickly based on how much time is on the clock, so they can ensure themselves one more possession if the other team, Miami in this case, were to score on the next possession. On this day the “two for one” special came through as the Sixers look to live another day down in South Beach.

Lou Williams joined WIP in Philadelphia with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese to discuss how much of an advantage it is to have more time on the clock at the end of a game to take the best shot available, how far out was he when he took the game winning shot in game four against the Miami Heat, was there a particular play call for his last shot in game four, why wouldn’t the Sixers lose on Sunday and how does it make him feel that Coach Collins wants the ball in his hands for the last shot.

How much of an advantage is it to have more time on the clock at the end of the game to get a better look at the basket for the best shot available?

“Well, we knew we had to go right away to get ourselves just in case the shot didn’t go down… to get ourselves another opportunity on the offensive end because you know we were going to give them time and we’ve been doing that all year [with] ‘two for one.’ I think it was like twenty-nine seconds on the clock and we just tried to run it down, tried to get down the court and get a shot off just in case like I said if it didn’t go that we could get an opportunity to foul and have another shot at the basket.”

You were pretty far out there on that last shot?

“That was closest I could get. They were doing a good job defensively of keeping us out of the lane coming down the stretch and you know I made a three pointer two or three minutes earlier, so I had a few floaters before that. My confidence was high at the time of the shot. I just launched it and it went.”

Is there a particular play call for that last play yesterday?

“No it’s not a play call it’s just all depends on the shot clock. If we have thirty-five seconds and we try to get a shot in a five or six seconds that way they can come down and shoot and we’ll have another opportunity. It’s called a ‘two for one.’ We’ve been doing it all year long. We’ve had a lot of success with it actually.”

Why wouldn’t you guys lose on Sunday?

“Well one thing was we were aggressive yesterday. I think in the first three games we kind of sat back and took their punches. We let Joel Anthony make the difference in the game. You know we let their team have a bunch of offensive rebounds. I think one of the games they had twenty-two offensive rebounds that we gave up. We just allowed them control the boards and push us around and last night it was win or go home. You know we had the mindset if we’re going to lose tonight it’s going to be with a fight. That’s we wanted to do. We came and looked aggressive.  You could see we had a couple of chippy plays where Thad [Young] got in a guy’s face. Spencer [Hawes] got in a guy’s face. It was just one of those night where guys just refused to go home on their home court like that.

How does it make you feel that Coach Collins has re-adjusted the game plan to let you shoulder the responsibility of taking the last shot?

“It’s a great thing for me to have a coach, to have teammates that believe in me to take that last shot. You know that’s kind of unorthodox being a bench player and coming off the bench and they way that those things happen, usually you have the ball in the starters hands, but it’s just a great thing. You know my teammates they support it and obviously Coach [Collins] does. It’s just a great thing for me.”

Listen to Lou Williams on WIP in Philadelphia here

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