Lawyer Jose Romero On Giovanni Ramirez Being The Suspect In Bryan Stow Beating: “LA needed a fall guy to relieve some of that pressure.”

June 3, 2011 – 6:15 am by Steven Cuce

The media has been all over Giovanni Ramirez as the prime suspect in the case of the Bryan Stow beating at Dodgers Stadium on opening night (March 31st) of the MLB season. Ramirez is allegedly a gang member and had multiple run-ins with the law. The LAPD believes there are three suspects, one being Giovanni Ramirez, another unidentified accomplice and a female accomplice who drove the getaway car during the Bryan Stow beating. Jose Romero is one Giovanni Ramirez’s attorneys and believes his client is absolutely, positively 100% innocent. He insists that the LAPD has the wrong guy.

Jose Romero is not worried about anything in this case as you’ll hear in the following interview because that is how confident he is in his client and the defense team. He feels Ramirez will be exonerated. Romero feels the public has jumped the gun on his client due to the strong publication of this case nationally. The real tragedy in all of this is the fact that Bryan Stow was an innocent family man who was beaten so badly at a baseball game by an undetermined group of people that he is still hospitalized with brain damage. Giovanni Ramirez has not officially been charged yet in the Byran Stow case.

Jose Romero (attorney of Giovanni Ramirez) joined ESPN Radio Los Angeles with Mason and Ireland to discuss the LAPD believing that Giovanni Ramirez is the main suspect in the Bryan Stow case, on what basis is Giovanni Ramirez the suspect, the unbelievable resemblance between the police drawing and Giovanni Ramirez, Giovanni Ramirez not being at Dodgers stadium the night of the Bryan Stow beating and the insurmountable amount of evidence that Giovanni Ramirez was elsewhere on the night of the Bryan Stow beating.

Let me play devil’s advocate with you for a second. Giovanni has a long rap sheet. He’s been in trouble before. The LAPD feels they have one of the guys. Why do you think they believe he did it?

“First of all when you’re dealing with a high profile case there’s a lot of pressure with a lot of different agencies. A lot of pressure on the chief of police to catch the guy. A lot of pressure with the mayors office to catch the guy. A lot of pressure on the Dodgers organization. A lot of pressure with the District Attorney’s Office. LA needed a fall guy to relieve some of that pressure. I think this town was a little to quick to jump the gun and say ‘Yeah we got him. We got him. Let’s jump on the bandwagon and start pointing the finger.’ Unfortunately and in our society we have a judicial system in place that assumes innocence until proven guilty however I gotta say that really hasn’t been the case here.”

On what basis did the LAPD identify your client, Giovanni Ramirez, was the suspect?

“On the basis that a parole officer thought that Giovanni Ramirez looked like the guy on the billboard that everyone sees driving through LA county sees every day.”

Let me just say there is no question that there is an unbelievable resemblance between the drawing and your client?

“If I can respond to that you’re specifically referring to a bald Latino man. I bet you this: If I walked to your window over there and picked up a rock and threw it out the window I would probably hit five guys that looked like that. Aside from that if you pay particular attention to the sketch there is a left mole. There is a mole on the left cheek. As oppose to a tattoo tear drop significantly higher on the face of Giovanni Ramirez.”

You guys are contending Giovanni was never at Dodgers Stadium that night and has never been to the stadium in his life?

“That is the contention based on what friends and family members are saying, based on the statement given by the mother being that he has never been a sports guy. Obviously from the tattoos we can take that he loves art. He’s an artist himself. He draws. I believe he may have done some tattoo work himself.”

You’re telling us you have way more evidence then just that Giovanni Ramirez was with his 10 year old daughter the night of Byran Stow’s beating at Dodgers Stadium? What’s an example someone who saw him that night? What difference does people seeing him the day before and after mean?

“Officially we have one shy of a dozen. Yes during the day [People who saw Giovanni Ramirez]. We have witnesses that will account the night before, the morning off, the day off, the night off, the morning after. Sure let me answer that specifically. Our guy had hair the day of the Dodgers opening day and the day after. Right now aside from the eleven witnesses that have already confirmed that Giovanni Ramirez was with them and that he had hair. There are third party neutral witnesses that were in the area, business people, neighbors that in fact recall seeing Giovanni Ramirez and his girlfriend from out of state in the area with hair. In terms of evidence we produced so far I will tell you what we are also pursuing…we’re pursuing video camera footage in the vicinity of Vermont in the 101 Freeway that will in fact confirm that he was not at Dodgers stadium and that he had hair that day and the day after. You can’t grow hair unless you’re a chia pet.”

Listen to Jose Romero on ESPN Radio Los Angeles (Interview begins at 1:45 in the podcast)

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    By stephanie kesinger on Jun 3, 2011

  3. Man booked in 2006 death of infant
    Anthony Naranjo
    22-year-old accused of murdering girlfriend’s baby

    Enlarge Close Anthony Naranjo
    22-year-old accused of murdering girlfriend’s baby
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    Calera Pinot Noir 2006By BETH WALTON
    Posted: Dec. 20, 2007 | 10:00 p.m.
    Updated: Sep. 26, 2008 | 5:20 p.m.
    About 19 months after Mariah Ramirez died, the infant’s grandmother went to police with her belief that Anthony Naranjo had something to do with her death.

    On Wednesday, Naranjo, the 22-year-old boyfriend of Mariah’s mother, was booked into the Henderson jail on a charge of murder.

    Mariah’s grandmother had given Henderson police the information they needed to focus their investigation on Naranjo at the end of August.

    She told police that on Feb. 7, 2006, as she and other family members waited for Mariah, who had been taken off life support to die at St. Rose Dominican Hospital’s Sienna Campus, Naranjo told them he hadn’t meant for “that to happen,” a warrant for his arrest notes.

    He “was fake crying” that night and he had been aggressive with the children before, the grandmother told police. One time a “visibly mad” Naranjo “violently grabbed” a car seat the infant was in, the warrant says.

    The child’s mother, Eugenia Avelar, 26, and Naranjo had taken Mariah to the hospital with a serious head injury after she fell into a seizure-like state in the early morning hours of Feb. 6, 2006, the warrant says.

    The night before, Naranjo had called Avelar, asking to pick him up from a Super Bowl party. He initially told police that he had only three beers at the party, but later he admitted to drinking six beers and smoking two joints of marijuana, the warrant states.

    Avelar took Naranjo to his family’s home on Pella Drive in Henderson where they, along with Mariah and Avelar’s other child, a 4-year-old girl, lived in an upstairs bedroom. The two had dated for four months before moving in with his family, the warrant states.

    The baby, who was being watched by his family members, was crying when the two came home. The child had been “fussy’ the previous few days because she was teething and had received five immunization shots that weekend.

    While Avelar was downstairs preparing her bottle, she heard a loud thud on the wall upstairs where Naranjo and the baby were alone, the warrant continues. Avelar thought her daughter had fallen in her playpen and had hit her head against the adjacent wall.

    “She walked into the bedroom and saw Mariah sitting up in the playpen, crying with her arms stretched out, so she picked her up and checked her,” the report states. The baby stopped crying, so Avelar put her back in the bed and got in the shower.

    Minutes later Naranjo brought Mariah, limp and unresponsive to her mother in the shower. When the shower water “didn’t wake Mariah out of her seizure-like state” they took the baby to the hospital, the warrant states.

    The swelling on the baby’s head was so great that “when the skull was drilled to relieve the pressure, a spurt of blood shot … two feet across the surgery room,” the report states.

    A doctor at the hospital doubted that a fall in a playpen would create enough “energy or force to cause a injury of (that) magnitude,” the warrant continues.

    Pediatric doctors also advised police that the injuries sustained by Mariah would have had an immediate effect on her, that only a few minutes would have elapsed before she would have exhibited the physical signs of seizure.

    By stephanie kesinger on Jun 3, 2011

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