Philip Rivers Can’t Imagine Not Playing Football

June 8, 2011 – 8:30 am by Chris Fedor

Philip Rivers is fiery, he is animated, he is a fierce competitor, and he sounds like a guy who lives and breathes football. You know that the NFL being in the middle of the lockout is really affecting the Chargers quarterback, especially because they were dethroned by the Chiefs as champs of the AFC West. However, just like many other quarterbacks around the league, Rivers has organized workouts with his teammates so that they can stay in shape, they can stay on the same page, and they can be ready for the NFL season, if the day finally comes when the lockout ends. Maybe going through these kinds of workouts and missing out on the playoffs will be just what the Chargers need to finally get off to a good start in September as opposed to trying to charge late in the season.

Philip Rivers joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego with Darren Smith to talk about whether or not he would be okay with an eight game season, if he thinks that a lockout can actually happen, if he would play in the UFL with how much he loves football, and how workouts are going this offseason.

Whether or not he would be okay with an eight game season:

“Oh eight game season. That’s crazy. No doubt about it. Shoot you only played 10 in high school. Play eight, get in, let’s go. It counts the same.”

If a championship would be tainted after playing just eight games:

“No. I certainly won’t feel bad if that’s the case and we’re able to go on and win it. Definitely eight games over no season. Certainly prefer 16 over eight, but there needs to be football of some sort. I’m not ready to concede to the fact that eight games is a possibility. We still have two months to get something done. Two months and some change, three months almost.”  

If he thinks a lockout is even possible:

“I do. I still just can’t really even believe it can happen. I know it can. History shows it has. I haven’t. I don’t have a back-up plan. I made the comment to Tiffany that I’m playing football somewhere, sometime this season. I kinda laughed and she said what does that mean? I said I don’t know, but I’m playing somewhere. I don’t know what that means and I don’t know how that can happen so I don’t know.

Is the UFL an option for you if you love football so much?

“No I’m not. I’m not going that far. I just can’t imagine not playing football and it’s not happening. I think everybody else feels the same way. Hopefully both sides with this lawsuit and negotiations feel the same way too. Ultimately it’s like that research paper that’s due, you’ve known it for three months but for some reason you’re sitting up at the last night typing it at midnight. It’s not midnight yet. The offseason is lost, unless this thing gets done tomorrow, we’re not getting anything done this offseason from a team standpoint, at the facility, with meetings and things like that. July is an off month and June looks like slowly but surely it’s going to be over. We’ve got two months until you really start getting into training camp.”

On why he doesn’t like twitter:

“I understand it can be a great tool and it can be super positive. It just seems to me to be something else to manage that doesn’t seem to be necessary.”

On how the offseason workouts have been:

“They’ve been good. I was gone the last ten days, but they’ve been good. We’ve been going for ten weeks now. I’ve been super-impressed looking around the league and some of these teams have 50 guys, 40 guys, or 37 guys, but they’re doing these three day crash sessions and ten they are kinda scattering for a month and then they reconvene. We’ve gone 10 weeks, four days a week pretty solid with good attendance. We’re planning on doing a little more football here in the next few weeks, a little more organized trying to run some plays maybe. We tried to hold off as long as we could hoping that maybe something would shake and we’d be back at work. Since that hasn’t happened we’re gonna try and get that done.”

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