Dana White: “Floyd (Mayweather) is one of the big problems with boxing”

July 22, 2011 – 10:15 am by Chris Fedor

There continues to be worldwide debate and there probably always will be between boxing and MMA. However, with the emergence of the UFC it really is no contest at this point. Boxing is still popular and of course some of the top pound-for-pound fighters make big money with pay-per-views and big time fights. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon and there’s a lot of money to go around, but MMA is just better right now in so many ways. UFC president Dana White gets it. He gives the fans what they want to see, he is not afraid to put two of his best fighters in a cage against each other, and he markets the sports incredibly well. The sport’s popularity has continued to grow and White is the biggest reason for it. So while Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao continue to haggle over ridiculous contract demands, Dana White is putting on great fights cards repeatedly with some of his biggest stars.

Dana White joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton to talk about why they can’t get MMA to New York, who the biggest star is in his sport right now, how he approaches some of his pay-per-view events, why Kimbo Slice didn’t last in the UFC, and what he thinks about Manny Pacquiao’s chances in MMA.

Why they can’t get Mixed Martial Arts in New York:

“It has nothing to do with Mixed Martial Arts. Of all things it’s the Culinary Union that’s keep us out of New York. (Host: What’s going on with the food union?) They’re very powerful. They’re powerful guys here. We just put on an event and when we talk about coming to New York the economic impact we have on a city is huge. We’re not just talking about coming to Madison Square Garden. We’re talking about going up into Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and these cities that are hurting right now and could really use a big event like this. We just did a fight in Toronto, not too far from Buffalo and 55,000 people. We did almost a 13 million dollar gate and we paid 1.5 million dollars in union fees up in Toronto to union workers that we’re working up there and we paid over a million dollars just in ticket tax up there.”

On his biggest stars in the UFC:

“There’s a lot. Brock Lesnar is still a big star for us. We’ve got Anderson Silva, who is the best fighter in the world. Rampage Jackson is a big star for us. (Host: Wasn’t the Silva kick the Macchio crane kick?) It looked like it. It actually had never been done, never been pulled off in a fight before.”

How he approaches some of his pay-per-views:

“What we do is we stack the card full of great fights. Boxing matches people show up 10 minutes before the main event. The place is 65 percent full for our first fight of the night.”

Why he thinks Kimbo Slice didn’t work in the UFC:

“I knew that and I said that a million times. I was basically smashing the guy all the time and that’s how we ended up getting him in the UFC. I said this guy couldn’t win the Ultimate Fighter. I hate talking bad about Kimbo because I actually really like the guy. He’s a good guy. (Host: He was an internet sensation.) He was. The season that we had him on the Ultimate Fighter, every time he fought we pulled seven million viewers. (Host: Why would you think that was a bad thing?) It’s about the integrity of the night. Kimbo is always going to be the toughest guy at the barbecue but not in the UFC.”

Whether or not he has just a few stars or premiere fighters in every class:

“We have premier fighters in every weight class. We have been very lucky because we have so many stars. When he asked me a couple of minutes ago who’s your biggest star? If I had to pick one biggest start I’d say Georges St. Pierre is our biggest star.”

Whether or not he thinks Manny Pacquiao would have success in the octagon:

“He wouldn’t do well. I’m a huge, huge Manny Pacquiao fan. He is boxing right now. Floyd Mayweather, and Floyd and I go way back and I told Floyd to his face too, Floyd is one of the big problems with boxing. Holding out, not taking this fight with Manny Pacquiao, and doing what he’s doing. I think Manny Pacquiao is boxing. Everything about him is positive and I love the guy.”

On negotiations for a new TV deal:

“We did not. We’re in negotiations right now for a new TV deal and we’re talking to everybody. That was a very premature article by the Wall Street Journal.”

Listen to Dana White on WFAN in New York here

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  1. 50 Responses to “Dana White: “Floyd (Mayweather) is one of the big problems with boxing””

  2. You need to mind your own business and stay in your own sport. You hater!!!!! you just mad! You got the right name Dana White! You got a girls name too like the girl you are.Bit**! Get you some Business!!!!!

    By maril on Jul 22, 2011

  3. why are you mad at dana? he’s saying what all of us are feeling. The biggest problem with boxing is that the great fights don’t happen.

    By dru on Jul 22, 2011

  4. Maril, LOL
    It sounds as if you are the the Biotch, there is a little Amendment to the constitution, The Freedom of Speech! Dummo’ Get in the flow Maril, that sounds more like a Girlie name.

    Boxing is an exciting sport no doubt, but Manny Pacquiao has been trying to get a fight with Floyd Mayweather for over 2 years. So what’s up with that? Floyd is running SCARED!

    So find out more info before spout off about Dana White is a Loyal Boxing fan and before he was an MMA Genius, he was an Boxer/fighter!
    For Freedom and Liberty,

    By Doc' Simpson-Davis on Jul 22, 2011

  5. Maril, LOL
    It sounds as if you are the the Biotch, there is a little Amendment to the constitution, The Freedom of Speech! Dummo’ Get in the flow Maril, that sounds more like a Girlie name.

    Boxing is an exciting sport no doubt, but Manny Pacquiao has been trying to get a fight with Floyd Mayweather for over 2 years. So what’s up with that? Floyd is running SCARED!

    So find out more info before you spout off about Dana White! He is a Loyal Boxing fan and before he was an MMA Genius, he was an Boxer/fighter!
    For Freedom and Liberty,

    By Doc' Simpson-Davis on Jul 22, 2011

  6. I would Like to replay that statement by Dana White 🙁 The season that we had him on the Ultimate Fighter, every time he fought we pulled seven million viewers. (Host: Why would you think that was a bad thing?) It’s about the integrity of the night. Kimbo is always going to be the toughest guy at the barbecue but not in the UFC )..So clear) Well as a casual viewer I am.. This is why I will never have the kind of respect for this sport that I feel for Boxing.. You see… In Boxing there is a respect for the highest of champions.. Especially for the first to be seen.. You should Honer Kimbo !!! Sounds to me he’s is what made you… asshole! I am truly sorry if the writer edited you words… But if not? I stand corrected !!!!

    By Soclear on Jul 22, 2011

  7. Dana is right, Floyd always think something to avoid the fight. Is the 2 weeks blood testing and the test right after the fight are not enough? that is stupidity…. then he always accused Manny of PED, how about him? his mind is not stable… even his former partner he though, she is manny pacquiao, so he hurts his partner…

    By Eric on Jul 22, 2011

  8. dana is right, floyd is the problem of boxing..because of his phobia with Pacquiao, he concoct everything in order to avoid fighting against Pacquiao..In totality, the mayweather clan is the problem in boxing..they wanted to preserve the image of their pampered baby primate..

    By lafayette on Jul 22, 2011

  9. Throwing money, talks with profanity, provocative behavior doesn’t always connect to the fans.

    By ROBERT on Jul 22, 2011

  10. I agree with Dana White that FLoyd is the problem. I also think that Manny will not do well in the UFC because it is a different sports. Likewise those fighters in the UFC will going to be KOed if they fight Manny in boxing. It’s a totally different sport.

    By mayweathervsortiz on Jul 22, 2011

  11. dana needs to put better cards together, ufc is good when good fighters fight. not these white guys making 5 grand a fight throwing haymakers. when the elite guys in the ufc fight it looks really good. dana better be careful because in my opinion ufc company makes alot of money but has guys on contracts. floyd mayweather makes on his last 4 fights has made 100 million dollars. anderson silva has proabale made 1.5 million theres a big difference. once fighters wise up like fedor did and said imma get money, wont exisit because fighters will have their pormotoers and able to negotiate who takes the full pot of money. those ufc gates do about 7 million but the fighters on the card for the night as a total make 1 million if that

    By sweetscience on Jul 22, 2011

  12. Dana is brutally honest! And he’s telling the truth about Floyd.

    By Luis B. Cabasis on Jul 22, 2011

  13. georges st. pierre who? the biggest star in UFC?

    By roland on Jul 22, 2011

  14. St. Pierre is their biggest star..hahah very poor UFC, but I agree w/ what Dana said Mayweather is the problem of Boxing today.

    By roland on Jul 22, 2011

  15. Floyd is not only a problem in Boxing. Floyd is also a problem with security guards, law enforcers, wife, kids, almost everybody who comes close to him. If you see him inside a mall, better run or hide or just stay away from him… better to watch him only on tubes.

    By Floyd's Arresting Officer on Jul 22, 2011

  16. Floyd Mayweather is not only GREAT for boxing, but agruably the best fighter on the planet! If not for Floyd, half of the haters would have nothing to talk about.
    He is a polarizing figure…half of the fans (like me) love him, and half absolutely hate him. But guess what, all of us tune in to watch him and can’t wait to see what he does next. This to me me sounds like a very sound and saavy business model. Floyd not only has the best record among the elite champions, but is also the richest (financially). Boxing is a sport AND a business. Floyd has mastered both, whereas Pac-man is a master boxer and a only a very “good” boxing business man. I still can’t wait them to fight to finally settle who is the better boxer. As I mentioned before, we already know who has mastered the business side of the sweet science!

    By Gunn on Jul 22, 2011

  17. only stupid people adores mayweather, an uneducated no class fighter …. adored by stupid fans

    By tim gun on Jul 22, 2011

  18. Mayweather has got the whole boxing world fooled. He is the farthest thing from a warrior that I can think of. This fucking pretender is a bitch & will never be remembered anyway. I can’t believe people actually think he is, or will be an all time great!!! It doesn’t make sense! Top 300 maybe. Take a walk Floyd, boxing is better without you and your family!

    By Broncs on Jul 22, 2011

  19. AGREED.101%.Mayweather is everything that is wrong with boxing.Luckily Victor Ortiz will rid the boxing world of this joke on September 17th.

    By SugarRayDuran on Jul 22, 2011

  20. “The fake retirements of Floydjr could be the best time for him to juice up for maximum benefits with no danger of unannounced test. By the time Floydjr calls for OSDT he has already completed his cycle and already clean. His version of OSDT is a bastardized version. It is not fully random as it starts 2 or 3 months before bout and ends on the day of the bout, and yet he could not agree to a few days window of no testing before fight day.”
    Think about it fans, floyd goes for a long period of vacation/fake retirement because that’s the time when he is juicing then bark like a dog that he is a clean athlete…

    By Aslam Jafer on Jul 22, 2011

  21. floyd mayweather jr. absolutely will be no match againts manny pacquiao…manny is just too much…

    By jnb on Jul 22, 2011

  22. Pacquiao would have Floyd outta there inside 5 rounds. Easy fight for Manny!

    By Broncs on Jul 22, 2011

  23. MeWeedDer announce he’ll fight Ortiz only after Arum announces that Manny will fight MarKizz.. what a joke this little chicken MeWeeder.. I’ll bet that after the fight with Ortiz, hell go into his little retirement again.. Dana is only half right though, lil’ chicken is only half of the problem in boxing.. his father and very stupid uncle consist the other half.

    By TNUE on Jul 22, 2011

  24. i beg to disagree that anderson silva is the best fighter in the world. he is just a dana white’s media product. the guy can’t fight. st. pierre is head and shoulder above him in over all fighting skills. white ahould be ashamed to compare him to manny pacquiao. in silva’s fight against sonnen, the referee can stopped the match at any point but the poor guy can’t do it or else white’s fury will fall on him. mma is all about media hype, their fighters got no chin. if ever pacuiao fights in ufc. he will just collect belts from light going to heavier classes. remember, mma fighters got no chins? everyone knows that tonney’s fight against couture is fixed. so that white fools everyone into believing that mma is better than boxing.

    By royceroof on Jul 22, 2011

  25. Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don’t…

    41-0, with 25 by way of knockout!

    Dana White needs to stop hating! As for those of you that support Pacquiao, I also think he is a Great fighter. But, if he and Mayweather were to ever to fight, I have to give an edge to the undefeated Mayweather! He doesn’t know how to lose. Manny…has been stopped in the past, and has a ton of outside distractions that are constantly growing. Mayweather by decision!

    By Men lie, Women lie, Numbers Don't on Jul 22, 2011

  26. Manny Pacman lost 3 in his boxing carrer,floyd lost 6 in his boxing carrer. number dont lies. boxers make millions, mma fighter not even close. Numbers dont lies.

    By matt on Jul 22, 2011

  27. Hahahaha Dana White tells the truth!!! No one believes Floyd but his own delusional fan base. Losers.

    By Dylan on Jul 22, 2011

  28. i believe that manny is a good fighter and also floyd gayweather..but like what dana white said, floyd became a problem with boxing..” true that “…

    By smart_ass on Jul 23, 2011

  29. why not mmafighters challenge pacman in a boxing match, lets see what happens

    By enrico on Jul 23, 2011

  30. why not mma fighters challenge pacman in a boxing match, lets see what happens

    By enrico on Jul 23, 2011

  31. yap, dana white is correct in saying floyd has been the pain in the arse of boxing sports. pac gave boxing a better side and meaning. yet, US base media still loves to post floyds name in the limelight pretending the chicken guy is still awesome. lole, espn and other still keep hyping him.

    as i recall, floyd said pac is next after ortiz, but according to recent news floyd is setting khan as his next after pac declared that he will take blood testing.

    By nahingun on Jul 23, 2011

  32. Does anyone know the real boxing records for Manny and Floyd? I thought Floyd was undefeated and Manny had a few losses (early in his career)?

    Can’t wait to see these two fight! This boxing match is way bigger than anything Dana can offer!

    By Question? on Jul 23, 2011

  33. PBF is a virus that has reduced the sports of boxing like an infectious disease where fighters now can simply accuse another of taking something in order to make an excuse about their loss. Sad to say, mentally destitute fans of PBF has been contaminated and has imposed self stupidity as a result.

    By Toughguy on Jul 23, 2011

  34. Gotta love this guy, Dana. He is honest and not afraid to speak his mind. He is one reason I follow MMA now. Fuck Mayweather.

    By Dods on Jul 23, 2011

  35. Mma P4P king Silva got 200,000 for his last fight, Floyd got around 30,000,000. His fighters want more money seeing how the ufc makes a ton. Hos fighters will revolt against him one day, thats why he is mad.

    By 210 Boxing on Jul 23, 2011

  36. Dana White is the new age Don King/Bob Arum, only worse! He is into trafficking and exploiting his fighters. Sure he deserves to be compensated and even applauded for bringing MMA to the forefront of the public’s consciousness, but he should also stop treating the fighters so unfairly. He continues to get fat on the backs of the men who really take the risks. Come on Dana, loosen your grip on some of the wealth so everyone can enjoy the spoils! Greed kills! Regardless of wether Floyd Mayweather is good or bad for boxing, Dana is the last person that should be casting stones in his glass house!

    By Greed Kills...Wake up, Dana White!!! on Jul 23, 2011

  37. Dana White has a lot of support from his own MMA fan base as much as in boxing. It is a fact that Floyd is one of the biggest problem in boxing today next to greedy promoters like Arum and a liar and loser in Schaefer. Floyd is not what he think he is. Hahahahaha Dana tells the truth!!

    By Greg Evigan on Jul 23, 2011

  38. Hey Greg, how is Dana White any different/better than Schaffer or Arum. You need to wake up and see the truth…Dana is just as greedy and money-hungry as the rest of them, probably even worse since he basically has a monopoly of the MMA sport!

    By To Greg on Jul 23, 2011


    By BERN99 on Jul 23, 2011


    By trueboxingfan on Jul 23, 2011

  41. How ironic is it that a promoter blames a fighter for the problems in the sport? When promoters are the ones who traditionally control everything. Even more so with the patented Dana White UFC company model. Imagine if we were to exchange the names Dana White and UFC for the names Bob Arum and Top Rank and imposed the UFC business model onto boxing. How much more convenient would it be for Bob Arum to blame Floyd Mayweather for all of the sports problems than it already is now? And that’s all Dana White is doing is putting himself in Bob Arum’s shoes and sympathizing with his perspective. Because he is a promoter and he sees it from the promoters perspective. Mayweather is Dana White’s biggest nightmare. And he has done a good job at selling the public on the idea that a fighters ability to negotiate terms for fights should be severely limited. Everyone knows that promoters are usually the ones to blame for the woes in the sport of boxing. What about the sanctioning bodies and all the vacated titles and interim champions. Is Mayweather to blame for that mess also? Good try Dana White (aka “Typical Self Interested Promoter”), but I don’t think so.

    By peplz on Jul 24, 2011

  42. Since this circus started, Floyd has been the clown of the bandwagon.

    By Joe Black on Jul 24, 2011

  43. Where are the Mayweather haters?

    One of Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao’s former sparring partners has admitted that he regularly injected the fighter with steroids ”in the locker room, in the upper outer quarter of his butt cheek!”
    The man, a Filipino and former pro fighter, now fears the wrath of millions of his fellow countrymen, and as a result, his identity is protected. He claims to have worked with Pacquiao from ”his early years” up until Pacquiao’s 2010 fight with Miguel Cotto, and claims Pacman only began using steroids in anticipation of his 2009 fight with Oscar De La Hoya.
    He also claims that Pacquiao has switched from using steroids, to now using a complex mixture of HGH (human growth hormone) and insulin, a combination that is virtually undetectable in post fight drug tests.
    In an interview given in a top secret location in Las Vegas, the former Pacquiao associate said ”Manny was curious about using steroids for many years before he actually started. There is a lot of steroid use in the Philippines, and they are easy to get. But Manny hates needles! He hates ‘em.”
    ”Manny was already on the way to becoming one of boxing’s greats when he got the call from De La Hoya and his people about a fight. Oscar wanted a rematch with Mayweather, buy Mayweather decided to retire. Someone came up with the idea for De La Hoya and Manny as a potential big fight. When I heard about it, I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard.”

    By Manny is a doped...The truth hurts! on Jul 25, 2011

  44. Dana is right! I love boxing but it is getting out of hand when you have boxer trying to control the negotiation and out of control. I believed the Boxing Commissioner or somebody need to step it up and have power over the promoter and fighters enough is enough. The problem here is about money that is why Mayweather dictating it and getting away. The promoter, the media got suck into it because this is a Mega fight the will earns hundreds of millions of dollars. If Ortiz beat Maywether on Sept. 17 the issue is over no more Mayweather vs Pacman. It will be Ortiz vs Pacman it will be a great match and better for boxing.

    By Adam on Jul 25, 2011

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