Frank Shamrock: “Strikeforce is on fire”

July 29, 2011 – 11:00 am by Chris Fedor

This Saturday night MMA will take center stage and instead of the UFC it will be Strikeforce. While Strikeforce doesn’t have nearly the talent that the UFC does nor do they have the same kinds of stars, it’s an organization on the rise. Similar to the UFC, Strikeforce tries to put on the best card possible. This Saturday night is no exception.

The two biggest signings by Strikeforce have been Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor was widely considered the best heavyweight in MMA and had been on quite a winning streak when the big splash was made to bring him to Strikeforce. Henderson had spent some time in the UFC, but left Dana White’s organization to sign a deal with Strikeforce in December of 2009. The two biggest names will get together in the octagon with tons of storylines surrounding the fight. For Emelianenko, he is trying to rebound from back-to-back losses and get back to the top of the division. For Henderson, his contract with Strikeforce will end following Saturday’s fight and may explore free agency. When two heavyweights get together there are usually some pretty explosive fireworks and this event could be the biggest in Strikeforce history.

Frank Shamrock joined WNST in Baltimore to talk about the upcoming Strikeforce card on Showtime, how big the headlining fight is between Fedor Emeliananko, what he thinks of the heavyweight division in Strikeforce, getting more women involved in MMA, and the growth of Strikeforce.

On the main event for this upcoming Strikeforce card:

“It is. For Henderson this is his last fight on his contract and he’s kinda unsure what he’s gonna do after that. He’s thinking about becoming a free agent and for Fedor he has suffered two losses in a row. This is a guy who had not lost in 27 fights and then lost two in a row under the Strikeforce name. This is really gonna decide who cements themselves as the legend of Strikeforce or really one of the superstars of MMA.”

What this says about the heavyweight division that Fedor has lost two straight fights:

“I think it’s a shine on the heavyweight talent in the Strikeforce division. Putting the heavyweight tournament together was an extraordinary feat by Strikeforce and Scott Coker. Getting Fedor aboard was a giant feather in the cap. Having athletes like Antonio Silva who is walking around at 290 pounds and moves like he’s 200. We’ve got top of the line, crème de le crème heavyweights. Fedor has just finally come into where all the big superstar heavyweights are.”

On Miesha Tate:

“She’s easy on the eyes. They don’t call her ‘Takedown Tate’ for no reason. She actually wrestled four years on the high school wrestling team. She comes with a huge pedigree, she has a beautiful look, and she can ground and pound her way to victory against any woman. She’s really facing a really tough competitor for the championship. (Marloes) Coenen has been all over the world, exceptional at submission, and has a really good stand up skill set which I think is gonna give Miesha some problems.”

On the growth of Strikeforce:

“Yeah we’re coming back September 10th and of course the Challenger series are running about every three or four weeks now because we’re really looking for the next generation of mixed martial arts stars and we really feel like we’re developing through that series, Showtime has been a tremendous partner, and Strikeforce is on fire.”

Listen to Frank Shamrock on WNST in Baltimore here

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  2. Strikeforce is definitely on fire and have a much brighter future… now that Dana White & Co. bought it. (Not sure why you left that detail out..)

    By Jeffrey on Jul 29, 2011

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