Jerry Reese: “We do what’s best for the Giants, we’re not worried about what other people are thinking.”

August 1, 2011 – 10:15 am by Michael Bean

New York Giants fans have to be feeling a bit nervous as the second week of free agency gets underway. New York has yet to make much of a splash while the Philadelphia Eagles and others continue to add big name talent to their rosters. There’s also the Osi Umenyiora contract issue lingering, though it doesn’t appear as if that will be too much of a headache for the time being. According to Jerry Reese, the Giants are confident that they’ll both be under the cap and have secured the players they’re most interested in re-signing before August 4th. That’s not very long for guys like Kevin Boss, Steve Smith, and Ahmad Bradshaw to accept the offers the Giants reportedly have out there, but as we saw last week, developments can happen quickly in this year’s free agency period.

Reese joined WFAN in New York to talk about the Giants not going after big names in free agency, whether he’s been a part of something as frantic and fast-paced as this year’s free agency period, whether he’s surprised by Plaxico Burress’ decision to sign with the Jets, how the Giants made Plaxico an offer after a successful meeting with Tom Coughlin, not being concerned by all the headline-grabbing moves that the Eagles and other teams have made, the talk he had with Osi Umenyiora this weekend, the status of the Ahmad Bradshaw negotiations, and how he is constantly informed about what the salary cap status of other teams is as they make moves.

On the Giants being so quiet going after big names in free agency:

“Well we’re not into big names, we’re into trying to build depth with very good players on our roster, and that’s what’s most important to us. There’s this thing called the salary cap where we have to abide by some rules with respect to that. We do what’s best for the Giants, we’re not worried about what other people are thinking and what other people are doing. We do what’s best for the New York Giants. We had a game plan, we’re going to stick to it. We have a few offers out to a few guys obviously that we like, and we’ll continue to pursue those.”

If he’s ever been a part of something as hectic and fast-paced as this year’s free agency period:

“Well this is unprecedented, it’s a different time. But it’s been kind of nice because sometimes in free agency you have four months in free agency, there’s a lot of posturing going on. People have really had to get things done quickly, so we really kind of like it. We make adjustments every week, guys get hurt, so you have to make roster moves, you have to kind of do things on the fly. So we’re used to that, it hasn’t been too bad for us.”

Was he surprised that Plaxico Burress signed with the Jets?

“No, not surprised. We did our due diligence with Plax. We thought it was in our best interest to investigate that like we do most free agents, we try to investigate everything that’s possible and we did that. We got him in here first, and the first hurdle was to have him in here and have a conversation with the head coach and that was very, very positive. So we got the green light to make an offer to him, and Plax did what he thought was best for him and his family. You can’t blame a man for doing that.He looked around to different teams, but he came here first and you have to respect him for doing that.”

Whether the Giants are concerned about all the additions the Eagles have made:

“We are not concerned what the Eagles do. We are not concerned what anybody in the National Football League does except us. We have to worry about our own house and that’s what’s important to us.”

Whether he had a good conversation with Osi Umenyiora this weekend:

“Yeah Osi and I had a very good conversation, and really that’s all I’m going to say about that. There’s still some ongoing issues involved with that, but we had a very good conversation.”

On the status of the Ahmad Bradshaw negotiations:

“We have an offer out to Ahmad Bradshaw. We hope things can get resolved with that, and that’s what free agency is about — you try to go out and see what money is available. You can’t blame Ahmad for that.”

If he knows what other teams salary cap situations are as things change:

“Oh, of course. We know who’s over the cap, under the cap, how much money they have. Of course we know that. And obviously we’re a little bit over so we have to get down. We’re in good position now. Obviously you can create more, but we don’t want to borrow from Peter to pay Paul because then you end up in cap hell and we don’t want to be there. So Kevin Abrams does a good job managing our salary cap and we’re in good position.”

Listen here to Reese with Boomer & Carton on WFAN

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