Larry Fitzgerald Sr. Backtracks A Bit On His Comments Regarding Kevin Kolb

August 3, 2011 – 11:35 am by Chris Fedor

Last season was a horrible year in the desert for the Cardinals. When it came to quarterback play, it would be tough to find a situation that was worse than Arizona’s. Obviously any time a team has to replace a future Hall-Of-Famer like Kurt Warner it’s not easy. Arizona learned that the hard way. Derek Anderson was a disaster, Max Hall proved that he wasn’t ready, and for John Skelton, Fordham is a long way from NFL. The losing season and the disastrous play took a toll on the players, the fans, and the front office. And Arizona realized that they needed to find a long-term answer at quarterback before anything else and went out this offseason and got one.

It remains to be seen what kind of quarterback Kevin Kolb will be in the NFL and the sample size of success is extremely small, but Kolb was the guy that the Cardinals had on their radar and he also was the guy that Larry Fitzgerald had targeted as well. Fitz is entering the final year of his deal, he was pretty unhappy with the play of the team last year, and the Cards can’t afford to lose the most popular player the team has. While the trade for Kevin Kolb had a lot to do with improving the position, it also goes hand in hand with the Cardinals trying to keep their best player happy. Bringing in Larry Fitzgerald’s workout partner certainly can’t hurt the latter.

Larry Fitzgerald Sr. joined ESPN Radio Los Angeles with Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley to talk about the Cardinals trading for Kevin Kolb, whether or not Kolb was worth his contract, who he thinks was the best quarterback for the Cardinals to target this offseason, and talks about the possibility of his son playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

What he thinks of the Cardinals trade for Kevin Kolb:

“I think for the Cardinals it’s a good move. They obviously need a quarterback. Last year was a nightmare for them when you go through the musical chairs of four quarterbacks and Derek Anderson kinda falling on his face. It was really, for me personally, it was tough to watch my son go through that season. I’ve never seen him have to dive for balls, balls flying over his head, balls underthrown, and I could sense the frustration that he was going through. He’s very disciplined and a terrific talent so he got through it. They needed a quarterback and I think they probably paid a little bit too much to get Kevin Kolb. I think they sent the signs out there that they wanted him and once Philadelphia had that meat on the hook they made them pay.”

On Kolb’s contract:

“The numbers, and as we know numbers can sometimes lie, 63 million is the number but we both know he’s not gonna see all that. We probably see 22 or close to 30 million of it and it depends on his production. If he’s able to have success in the system in Arizona, I’ve seen some flashes of him, I think he can play the position, be a solid quarterback, and he was an early second round pick that has had time to apprentice but I was just kinda surprised that he got that number financially when in my view he hasn’t done enough to get that kind of contract.”

Who he thinks the Cardinals should have targeted this offseason:

“They’ve got the one that I think will best fit working with Larry because Larry has worked out with Kolb and he’s been very positive about it. I’ve met Kolb and talked to him and I think he can be very successful in Arizona. As far as Kyle Orton, he’s been successful but for some reason wasn’t particularly high on him as he is on Kolb. I think he let it be known that he thought Kolb was the better of the two and I think Cardinals management agreed with that.”

On the possibility of his son going to the Vikings:

“No. The Vikings are clearing cap space I have heard that but Larry has to make that decision. This is his life and he has always wanted to be a Viking because he is a Viking. He was a ball boy and that type of thing. He loves playing in Arizona, he’s valued in that community, and he’s a Cardinal. (Host: He always wanted to be a Viking.) Yeah but the Cardinals would have to fall on their face. (Host: If I connect the dots, he’s going to be a Viking.) Well yeah he always wanted to be a Viking growing up. He got drafted by a Viking. Dennis Green left Minnesota and went to Arizona.”

Listen to Larry Fitzgerald Sr on ESPN Radio Los Angeles here (Audio begins 10:45 into the podcast)

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  1. 3 Responses to “Larry Fitzgerald Sr. Backtracks A Bit On His Comments Regarding Kevin Kolb”

  2. Hi Chris, I just read the article in reference to Fitz Sr. and the Arizona Cards Kevin Kolb and the QB play of last year. I should first state that I think Kolb will be a good additon to the Cards. With that said I have a question for you, before writing this piece did you do any research into the QB situation from last year or did you just go with the flow of every other media that also did not research it? If you don’t mind I will give you a little information since you apparently did not do any research other than listening to people that don’t have a clue. First if you are going to write sports articles do your own research and not just listen to everyone that makes a comment. Second, are you aware that when Warner retired the Cards lost their best lineman and Anquan Boldin an all pro receiver opposite Fitzgerald? Wouldn’t it have been nice for last years QBs to have two all pro recievers to throw to like Warner did? Second in 2009 when Warner was the QB ESPN ranked the Card’s line at #6 in the NFL, but in 2010 after he had retired and left guard Mike Gandy wasn’t resigned, the line ended up ranked #30 that year. Also are you aware that the two rookie QBs, Max Hall and John Skelton had almost zero practice snaps with the ones (starters) before they were thrown into QB their first NFL games? This was due to Leinart and Anderson taking all the snaps. Are you also aware that when Hall took over for Anderson in the 5th game that Fitzgerald was only about 75% due to an injury he received. Are you also aware they didn’t have Breaston or Duecet due to injury? THe receivers they did have opposite a 75%Fitz were a rookie and an undrafted free agent rookie new to the NFL and to the Card’s system. Are you aware that the running game was ranked, get this Chris, LAST in the NFL? Chris, without ever playing the game you have to recognize that not a QB in the league could have succeeded under these conditions. Virtually zero practice snaps with the first team, no one to hand the ball to, and no one to throw it to. Now Chris, add the fact that the Card’s defense was ranked #29 in the league unlike the #14th ranking they received when Warner was QB. What problems does not having a good defense cause a QB? Well Chris if your defense can’t stop anyone and they allow a lot of points you have no alternative than having to revert to passing the ball to get back in the game. With no real option at receiver and no rushing game, all you have to do as a defense against the Cards is man up put a safety over the top of a 75%Fitz and bring the house. That’s exactly what they did Chris and who gets the blame? The QB’s. They were running for their life. Hmmm, sounds like management is to blame for not bringing in the pieces last year like they’re doing this year. So that do they do? Put all the blame on the QBs to devert attention from themselves and their irresponsibilty in not aquiring the needed pieces in 2010. Do I think Anderson was the answer? Probably not but there is no way to tell without getting all the pieces Kolb is now getting. He’s getting the benefit of a heathy Fitz, an all pro tight end in Heap, a better leftside line with the pick up of left guard in Daryn Colledge from the Super Bowl Champs Packers. Daryn started for them the past 5 years. Cards also picked up a running back with their second round pick. Now why do you think they went and did this when they had Hightower and Wells? Is it possible they are also blaming the running backs without taking it to the media like they did with the QBs? It is my understanding that good/great running backs have good to great lines. Chris you have to ask yourself, if the QB position was the cause of all the problems and the reason the Cards didn’t win last year like you say in your story, then why didn’t they just go get their big name QB and spend the rest of the money on the 27th ranked defense? Why not write an article about how the management refuses to come out and defend the QB’s when there were all these other glaring problems. Not once has Coach W or management stuck up for the three QB’s and let the public know that there were many other things that contirbuted to the losing season. Did the QB’s play great? Heck no but how would we know what they can do unless all these other factors were similar to when Warner was there. Chris,with all the injuries that no one talks about, the failure to replace Boldin at receiver, Mike Gandy on the o-line, the poor play by the offensive line, both in the passing game (ranked 31st with 50 sacks and 93 QB hits) and the running game (last in the NFL), the poor play by the defense (ranked 27th), who in the NFL do you think could have QBed this team? It is a joke the Cards Mgmt and the media keep blaming the QB’s for this mess. Check your own story, it’s all about what a debacle the QB play was. Do you or any other media outlet ever talk about what a huge change this team went through after Warner left? From a 6th ranked o-line to a 31st,from a 14th ranked defense to a 27th, no Boldin, and all the injuries. Do some checking Chris and find out why none of these contributing factors are ever mentioned. It’s not fair to these QBs who were put into this crappy situation to continue to blame them. Be a reporter and do some investigation, don’t just copy what everyone else is saying. Do yourself and these QBs a favor and verify my stats. Then you will have a story. I am a Cardinal fan because I live in Phoenix, but I can not stand to read another article like this without the otherside of this. The Bidwills have a life long history of not making the right decisions on personnel and this is just another example of why they have only made it to the super bowl once.

    By Pete Parr on Aug 8, 2011

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