Bernard Berrian on Last Year’s Team: “We didn’t play as well as we should’ve period”

August 24, 2011 – 8:30 am by Chris Fedor

After a magical season in 2009 that saw them go all the way to the NFC Championship game, the Minnesota Vikings took a huge step backwards in 2010. The Vikes went from 12 wins to 6 wins, they went from contender to pretender, and they went from division leader to division cellar-dweller. Their step backward led to an offseason of change in Minnesota. There is a new head coach in Leslie Frazier who was kept after taking over late last season and there are new faces on both sides of the ball, but none bigger than Donovan McNabb. The Vikings brought in McNabb after a rough 2010 campaign in Washington.

It’s hard to imagine that McNabb really has that much left after taking so many hits and dealing with so many injuries and the Vikings don’t really look like a playoff team, but first round pick Christian Ponder is not ready yet. The Vikings hope Donovan McNabb can help them crawl out of the basement in the NFC North while also keeping Ponder on the sidelines where he belongs in his rookie year.

Bernard Berrian joined Fox Sports Radio with the Loose Cannons to talk about the differences for him this year compared to last year, how difficult it was for the team last year, how different camp is now that Donovan McNabb is there and not Brett Favre, if he notices a difference in Donovan McNabb after his rough season in Washington, how he would describe Leslie Frazier as a coach, and whether or not he thought Randy Moss was a distraction.

How this year is going to be different for him than last year:

“I hope so. I haven’t done anything different. Came in and worked out the same regimen that I did in the offseason just with some new people around us. That’s basically the only thing that is different.”

How tough it was for him last season:

“It was difficult for everybody. Not just me, the whole team it was difficult for. We didn’t play as well as we should’ve period. That’s been the biggest focus this year in training camp and in the short time we’ve had leading up to the season.”

Whether or not training camp has been more tranquil without Brett Favre:

“Camp is usually tranquil anyway. We have some great additions here now. Donovan is a great QB, he’s been doing great with the limited time we’ve had. The offense has been picking it up and we’re a lot farther ahead of schedule than we thought we would be actually. There are not too many mistakes being made out there and that’s huge right now.”

What he notices in Donovan McNabb after a rough season in Washington last year:

“I think he’s just happy. Players get put in bad situations sometime and try to make the best of the situation they’re in. When they leave it’s almost like a fresh start. I’m pretty sure he’s excited and ready to get this season rolling.”

How he would describe Leslie Frazier as a coach:

“It’s hard to really describe Leslie. He commands respects and he is definitely earning the respect of the team. That’s first and foremost. There’s nothing you can say that you have to be worried about like if he says something to you I don’t know if he’s really saying the truth or not. What he says is pretty much what you can pretty much believe. I think that’s the first thing with head coaches. You have to be able to trust your head coach and your head coach is gonna trust you.”

What he thought about Brad Childress calling Randy Moss a distraction:

“I didn’t hear all the distractions. If that is what was said I really didn’t feel Randy was a distraction. I really felt Randy just spoke his mind. (Host: Your former coach basically blamed Randy Moss for everything bad that happened to the Vikings last year.) Everybody has their own opinion.”

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