Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central Roast, Admits He Probably Should Have Kept ‘Mouth Shut’ Earlier this Year

September 19, 2011 – 6:45 am by Michael Bean

If a guy ever deserved to be ‘roasted’, it would certainly be Charlie Sheen. The former Two and a Half Men star who wowed the world with his antics earlier this year agreed to partake in one of Comedy Central’s most popular series. The roast of Sheen was taped 10 days ago, but will air Monday night amidst a flurry of other premieres on television. William Shatner, Mike Tyson, Jeffrey Ross, Jon Lovitz, Kate Walsh and Slash, among others,  are reportedly part of the crew that will roast Sheen. Obviously there’s built-in jokes galore with Sheen, but hopefully the comedy won’t be limited to just jokes about blow and prostitutes. We’ll see!

Sheen joined FOX Sports Radio to talk about why decided to be roasted, whether he was impressed by some of the jokes and cracks that the roasters threw his way, what he’s learned this past six crazy months, what’s next on his plate professionally, and his take on the playoff picture across Major League Baseball.

On why he decided to be roasted:

“I did it because I saw it as an opportunity to just close the book and put so much stuff behind me and just end it all in one epic way on one big night. And I think we achieved all of that, I think we did. And they came to me and are there any areas that are off limits, and I said ‘no, no, leave no stone unturned.’ Why handicap these guys? Let them just go for it! And then nobody can say ‘they didn’t touch on this, they didn’t cover that.’ No, it’s all there.”

Was he impressed by some of the roasters who took cracks at him?

“Jeff Ross I thought had the best set of his career. He’s unbelievable. It got a lot worse though. It started with Seth McFarland reading my obituary, I was like wait a minute. But it was so entertaining. And I think a star was born with Amy Schumer. This young lady stepped up and did things, I was like ‘oh my God, get ready for this one.'”

On what he’s learned from his crazy past six months or so:

“Well as far as the tour goes, stick to what you know, you know? Leave that stuff to the experts. Yeah, I just think you’ve got to be smart about some of the things you say publicly, and how they’re interpreted, and then how you support them afterwards. It would have been so much easier to have gone out after the Andrea Canning interview and just said ‘nah, it was all crap, I was just joking.’ Instead I was like ‘yes it’s all true, follow me back to my home planet.’ It was a runaway train and I couldn’t get it off.  It was a hell of a ride! I mean, I don’t think that can happen again; I mean, I hope it doesn’t happen again just for the sake of mankind. But I think in hindsight, yeah, I learned a lot, and when in doubt, just keep your mouth shut. You know?”

On what he’s got on his plate next professionally?

“I’ve got a pretty full plate coming up. I’m doing a film with Roman Coppola, it’s called ‘A Glimpse Inside the Mind’. I’m Charlie Swan III, and it’s a character piece that’s about a mid-life crisis scenario about a guy that’s lost the love of his life. I think a lot of people can relate to it; I think Roman’s a genius, and I think this is going to really show it. And then I start ‘Anger Management’ after that, a new TV show I’m doing with Joe Roth and Lions Gate. It’s loosely based on the film; I’ll play a counselor of an anger management group. We don’t know where the setting is, we don’t know what the cast is; so I wish I could talk more about it, you know?

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