Adrian Gonzalez on Boston Globe article: “It is personal opinion rather than fact. I am not going to comment on any of that stuff.”

October 13, 2011 – 6:00 am by Steven Cuce

It is the talk of the town in baseball. The Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, and St.Louis Cardinals cannot produce the kind of drama that is brewing out of Beantown right now. Over a month ago I would be hard pressed to believe the baseball world would have caved in on Red Sox Nation the way it has all gone down. Boston lost 21 of its last 29 games, and blew what at one point was a double digit lead in the Wild Card standings to the Tampa Bay Rays. The Sox failed to reach the postseason for the second straight year after a slew of free agent signings last season including a trade for Adrian Gonzalez.

An article in the Boston Globe came out yesterday blowing the lid off the Red Sox collapse and Gonzo was one of the many targets. Gonzalez was a stud this season hitting .338 with 27 home runs and 117 RBI’s. He’s not one of the reasons for the Red Sox demise, but he must realize that regardless of the context of a quote he will always be misinterpreted, so referencing God as a reason for why the team didn’t win or even say the schedule was tough on his body may not be the best answers coming from a leader, even though those responses were by no means excuses.

With Terry Francona stepping down as manager and Theo Epstein headed off to Chicago, we’ve officially reached the end of an era in Boston.

Adrian Gonzalez joined 1090 XX Sports Radio in San Diego with Darren Smith to discuss the differences between being a member of the Boston Red Sox and San Diego Padres, the role of the media in Boston, being misinterpreted by the Boston media, not blaming the schedule for why the Red Sox didn’t make the playoffs, the Red Sox choking at the end of the season, reading the Boston Globe piece on the Red Sox collapse, any truths in the Boston Globe piece, pitchers in the clubhouse drinking beer/eating fried chicken/playing videos games in the clubhouse on off days and more changes needed to fix the Red Sox.

How much different is it being a member of the Boston Red Sox than the San Diego Padres?

“The every day breakdown of the game is different. That’s the biggest difference is that when you win everything is great and when you lose there is always a little way of more magnifying the mistakes and what is was we lost. Everything is on a larger scale I guess, but I think the game of baseball is the same. I enjoy playing in both cities the same.”

The role of the media is so different in Boston compared to San Diego. How ready were you for that when you signed with Boston?

“The first thing we all know is not everything that is written is true. A lot of it is made up. A lot of it is taken out of context. I was reading an article today and it said some things about Papi [David Ortiz] that weren’t true. You just know as a person hearing about these things that not everything written is true. Everything is personal opinion and what they think and what they saw and what they heard and they don’t have the actual facts out in front of them. For me I learned how to – I guess going forward I am going to be careful to not give anyone anything extra to run with. You gotta answer the question as short as you can and as precise as you can and go from there.”

How do you feel like you were treated by the Boston media?

“I think it was great. I answered questions every time. You know I was asked a question I answered it from my heart and a lot of things got blown out of perspective, but I know I gave a true answer to a question that was asked. I never brought up anything on my own and said anything out of a way to complain or say that it was the reason we lost or anything like that. I answered a question that was presented to me. I know I am taking a little bit of heat for the scheduling part, but that wasn’t something I did on my own. The writer came up to me and said ‘Has the schedule been tough on you this year?’ I said we played a lot of getaway night games. I said it has been the most grueling season physically for me. That was my answer to the question and the question was prior to the collapse, so I answered the question I was asked. It was written after the last game when we didn’t make the playoffs and it was mentioned in a way as I was complaining of the schedule. I wasn’t. I was just answering the question of how hard it was on me. It was tough and it was really hard on my body.”

So you are not blaming the schedule as the reason to why the Red Sox didn’t go to the postseason?

“I never was. I never was. The question was never brought up in that context. [Darrren Smith: That was not the case?] I’ve learned that you don’t try to go out and try to justify your comments. You just let them be because you are never going to win the battle of trying to justify yourself.”

Did the Red Sox choke down the stretch?

“It’s hard to say. We didn’t play the baseball that we could. We didn’t do it in every aspect of the game. We didn’t hit when we needed to hit. We didn’t play defense when we needed to play defense and we didn’t get the outs we needed to down the stretch, so yeah we really didn’t play good baseball and we lost in the playoffs because of it.”

Have you read the story in the Boston Globe today?

“Yeah I got a glimpse of it.”

What did you think about the story in the Boston Globe overall?

“It’s a piece to get people interested and talking about it. Again not everything in that story is true and a lot of it is personal opinion rather than actual fact.”

Was there stuff in the Boston Globe article that is true?

“I would have to have the piece in front of me to be able to comment on that.”

Well I could sit here and go line by line, but I am sure you are not interested in that. In terms of some of the stuff that is making the news today with the stuff that is going on with the pitchers on off days. Any truth to that?

“I am not going to comment on any of that stuff.”

So what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse?


Are there more changes needed for the Boston Red Sox?

“I think those are decisions for whoever the general manager is and the management group to make decisions on.”

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