Kirk Cousins Reflects on Michigan State’s Miracle Ending Against Wisconsin

October 27, 2011 – 10:10 am by Chris Fedor

For the last couple of seasons, Michigan State has always had a game that has come down to the wire. Last season it was a fake field goal against Notre Dame that propelled the Spartans to a huge victory and gave them big momentum heading into Big Ten conference play. Last weekend Sparty got their miracle play again. This time undefeated Wisconsin was the victim. Michigan State looked like they had the game in hand but the Spartans went in full meltdown mode in the fourth quarter as Wisconsin tied up the game at 31. It looked like the game was headed into overtime with Wisconsin having all the momentum, but Sparty had one last play. A Hail Mary from Kirk Cousins to Keith Nichol might end up being the play of the year and the play that leads Michigan State to a Big Ten Championship.

Kirk Cousins joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about whether or not teachers ask him for tickets or an autograph, whether or not he was surprised that Wisconsin called a timeout when Michigan State had the ball on the final drive, on the conference realignment, what he saw on the Hail Mary to Keith Nichol, if he would’ve been prepared to go into overtime if the officials didn’t overturn the call on the field, what he thinks of Andrew Luck and some of the other quarterbacks in college football, and whether or not he thinks he can play at the next level.

Whether or not he has had professors ask for tickets or autographs:

“They’ve never asked for tickets but my professor on Tuesday morning, I had an 8 AM class, she said you know Kirk I don’t want to embarrass you but that was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen. She made the whole class applaud. I kinda felt bad if there were some kids in the class that didn’t want to applaud, she kinda made them.”

If he was surprised that Bret Bielema called timeout when Michigan State had the ball on the final drive:

“It was surprising. I would say that it’s a little bit against the grain to call a timeout there when you’re not in the two minute situation yourself. It was fortunate it worked out in our favor but I think what Coach Bielema was trying to do was put us in a fourth down punting situation and bring the house and block the thing.”

On the conference realignment taking place:

“No I think the landscape of college football is going to change over the next five to ten years. What I remember being college football growing up and what I remember having played and being a part of when I’m telling my kids about college football it will be a completely different scene. Who knows where we’re headed but it certainly looks like it’s gonna be two, three, or four super conferences that are really gonna be loaded with main teams.”

What he saw on the final Hail Mary play:

“From where I was from behind the 50 yard line I didn’t have an ability to really perceive the depth of how close Keith Nicol was to the goal-line when he tried to make the reach for the touchdown. I thought because they ruled it not a touchdown that we were two or three yards out. We were that close but we would have to go to overtime. I ran down to see where the ball was spotted and realized it was spotted on the one inch line so when it was spotted that close I knew we had a chance with a review and so I went over to some cameramen on the sideline who worked for the mothership and they told me they were hearing it was gonna be a touchdown. That’s when I started feeling really good about it.”

Whether or not he would’ve been okay with going into overtime:

“You would prefer to just end it right there and I was very thankful for replay but at the same time we felt good about what we were gonna be able to do in overtime with the defense that we have and the plays that we had left in our back pocket. Wisconsin was playing at a high level at that point and they were on their way back in the game and really had the momentum. The chance to end it right there was to our advantage.”

What he makes of Andrew Luck and other QB’s in college football:

“I was out at the Manning camp this summer early in July with everybody you named there and it was great to get to know those guys as people, not just football players. To be able to throw the ball next to them and pick their brains a little bit. They’re all very talented, it seems like it’s a loaded year for quarterbacks as most years are. I will say that Andrew Luck, great player, but the thing that I do have on him, I think I got him in the looks department and I think I got him in table tennis. I could take him any day in ping pong.”

Whether or not he thinks he can play at the next level:

“I think I can play next level. I think I can play next level, but I have a few more weeks to prove that to people and going on a show like this can help me get out there.”

Who he would give his Heisman Trophy vote to:

“I think there’s something special about Kellen Moore out there at Boise State. The way he just continually wins, puts up video game type numbers, and I spent a week with him at another camp and he was really impressive just in terms of his knowledge of the game and his ability to make great decisions which is what great quarterbacks do.”

Listen to Kirk Cousins on The Dan Patrick Show here

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