Joe Buck: “That was the best game, with what was on the line, that I’ve ever seen in my life”

October 28, 2011 – 10:45 am by Chris Fedor

Game Six of the World Series between the Rangers and the Cardinals had everything you could ever want as a sports fan wrapped up in over four hours of incredible and drama-filled baseball. All the errors, base running blunders, incredible defensive plays, clutch pitches, and clutch hits added up to make Game Six of the 2011 World Series one of the greatest sporting events that I have ever seen in my entire life. Twice the St. Louis Cardinals were down to their final out. Twice they were down to their final strike with their season hanging in the balance, and yet both times they came through with memories that will forever be etched in baseball lore. What made the game even better was Joe Buck. Buck captured the moment, he built the storyline beautifully, and capped off one of the most memorable nights in MLB history with a perfect final call to pay tribute his late father Jack Buck, who spent so much time with St. Louis Cardinals.

Joe Buck joined KFNS in St. Louis on the ITD Morning After to talk about honoring his dad with the final call of Game Six, whether or not he thinks about his father during games, on the idea that his dad would’ve enjoyed the game last night immensely, and how tough he thinks it will be for the Rangers to bounce back from the Game Six loss.

On his decision to pay tribute his father with his final call of Game Six:

“That’s always lurking back there and we had run a lot of the game six memories from years gone by earlier in the game and Tim even said it during the broadcast. If it fits, you don’t ever try to shoehorn or cram it in there. I think I used it back in ’02 when the Angels and Giants were playing. I’m not sure what game, I’m not sure what the situation, but that was kinda the perfect time to do it. That was strictly for him and maybe as much for my mom who was watching back at home.”

Whether or not he thinks about his father when calling games:

“I thought about him last night and it actually dawned on me because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told people that I think about him during the game. I don’t know if I always do just because I don’t have the time. I think about him the second the game is over because when it was over I used to pick up the phone immediately and call my dad for a postgame chat. He used to joke, I’ve said it a thousand times, back in ’96 when the Yankees won after my first one, I called him and I was proud. He picked up the phone and I said ‘well what did you think?’ This was after Game Six, after the end, and he said ‘what time does the game come on?’ Acting like he hadn’t watched any of it. Then he just said ‘it was great Buck,’ handed the phone to my mom, and my mom told me the next day he was so choked up that he couldn’t talk. I’ve thought about that moment a lot. I actually did think how much he would enjoy being there and being a part of that game last night. I guess I thought about it after the first time the Cardinals tied it in the ninth.”

On the idea that his father would’ve loved to be part of such an incredible game involving the Cardinals:

“Well I’ve got my FOX hat on and I’m really thinking about building up the story about the Rangers. I think that’s a great story as well and you have to tell it for a national audience. This is the 51st year in franchise history and the 40th year in Texas and they’ve never won. Nolan Ryan took over as Club President, Jon Daniels has done a great job as GM, and Ron Washington, who this team kinda feeds off, you start telling that story. When you do it for a national audience one team is on top and that’s where you look. Then toward the end of the game you do a kinda ‘Albert Pujols is this it? We’re gonna see at least one more time with him in a Cardinal uniform.’ There are so many things to say, so many different stories to tell, so many different directions that you kinda pick and choose and up until the ninth inning with two strikes the story was the Rangers. Heck even the next inning with what they did with the (Josh) Hamilton home run. It was incredible and it’s hard to really grasp all that went on in the last few innings last night.”

How tough he thinks it will be for the Rangers to bounce back after such a devastating loss:

“I think it’s impossible to take the emotional part of it out of it. This team has got to be thinking, the Rangers, my God I mean you can’t come any closer twice to being one nasty pitch away from celebrating in the middle of the field and it didn’t happen. Now you have to deal with (Chris) Carpenter, (Nelson) Cruz didn’t look good at all, and we won’t know if these guys are playing at all until you get to the ballpark later on this afternoon. You don’t know if (Mike) Napoli wakes up and he can’t walk on that ankle, how bad Matt Holliday’s hand is, or if he’s even an option to play in the game, but we’ll find out later today. There’s just so much intrigue and drama going into this seventh game I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Listen to Joe Buck on KFNS in St. Louis here

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