With Matt Schaub Seriously Injured, Even More Pressure on Arian Foster to Continue Playing at High Level after Texans Return from Bye

November 14, 2011 – 11:45 pm by Eric Schmoldt

It appeared that this bye week was going to come at an awful time for the Houston Texans. With Arian Foster returning to form, they have won four consecutive games and if the season ended today they’d be the top seed in the AFC.

Instead, the bye appears to come at a near-perfect time as the news came out Monday that quarterback Matt Schaub could be out for the season with a foot injury that apparently is far more serious than anyone realized.  That leaves Matt Leinart as the Texans’ starting quarterback down the stretch. It’s a scary proposition, but at least the Texans now have a week off to get acclimated.

Arian Foster joined KGOW in Houston with John Granato to discuss the confidence level of the Texans, if the bye comes at a good time considering the streak they’re on, his own health and how he’s feeling physically, if the bye could cost the team some of its rhythm, making plays in space, setting goals on a weekly basis, getting national recognition now and what the expectation level is for this team. (Unfortunately, the interview took place before news of Schaub’s injury.)

Are you and your team at a point where you have the utmost confidence?:

“Yeah, you know, team-wide, this is a confident team. I think the defense gives us our spark and that’s where our momentum comes from and that’s where our swagger comes from, also.”

Is this a good time to have a bye week?:

“I think so, because we’ve played 10 weeks straight and it’s hard to go 10 weeks straight in this league without a bye week. We have some guys that we need to get healthy and it’s always good to have one week rest.”

How are you feeling health-wise?:

“I think any time you have a break, you have to feel good about it. I’m just going to enjoy my days off and just take advantage of the rest that you have. It’s good to be healthy, just to work through the overall soreness. To be healthy through 10 games is big in this league.”

Is there any worry about losing some of that rhythm during the bye?:

“I think you always need a little break from whatever you do … for a living. You’ve got to get away and just enjoy your life a little bit, smell the roses and then come back and get your job done.”

Are there any players you feel could tackle you one-on-one when you get out in space?:

“I just believe that, in this league, that you’re paid to make people miss in the open field. You’re going to get the ball as an offensive player and you’re just paid to make plays. That’s what we do for a living and I think I just take advantage of that.”

Do you go into games with set goals when it comes to how many yards you want to rush for?:

“I think I just go into each game with whatever the gameplan is and just try to execute the gameplan the best I can. You never know how many times you’re going to get the ball in this offense, or in this league period, but especially in our offense because we have such an explosive offense. When your number is called, you’ve just got to step up and make plays.”

Does it feel nice to finally be getting recognized?:

“Yeah, I’m really happy for the defense. They’re just playing at a very high level and it’s fun to be a part of that. Anytime that they get those accolades that they deserve, it’s rewarding. We work hard for what we do and when we have a defense that’s playing like they’re playing, they deserve some recognition and it’s fun to see those guys get it.”

What happens with the expectation level at this point?:

“I think our coach does a great job of keeping us level headed no matter what we do. At the end of the day, you’ve got to go out and beat a team. Each win in this league is special. … It’s hard to get a win in this league. … We don’t take that for granted and our coach does a good job of preparation. As a team, collectively, we’re just doing a really good job of preparation and execution.”

Listen to Arian Foster on KGOW The Game in Houston here

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