Matt Cassel Less than Forthcoming about Severity of Hand Injury During Monday Morning Interview in Kansas City

November 15, 2011 – 6:45 am by Michael Bean

By the close of business on Monday, we learned from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley that his starting quarterback, Matt Cassel, might be done for the season due to the injury to his right throwing hand sustained in the Chiefs’ Week 10 loss to the Broncos. Here’s what Haley had to say about Cassel’s status Monday afternoon:

“That’s a possibility,” said Haley, who also indicated Cassel would probably need surgery. “I wouldn’t say it’s an absolute. There’s some optimism, but with each person that varies. Being a quarterback and being the hand he throws with, that’s a difficulty.”

Earlier in the day however, Cassel was not ready to come remotely close to sharing the severity of his injury. In his Monday morning interview on WHB in KC, Cassel downplayed the injury, reminded the hosts that he’ll never go into specifics about injuries, then claimed he would be preparing for the New England Patriots next Monday night as if he were going to be healthy enough to play. Now, we all know that players and coaches keep a tight lid on the internal affairs of their teams, particularly when it comes to injuries. I suppose I just wonder why Cassel would go on the air when he knows his hand is seriously hurt and he’s going to be forced to lie when the injury questions inevitably arise. Anyway, take a listen to his misleading answers below.

Cassel joined WHB in Kansas City to untruthfully talk about how his hand is feeling after Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs, what exactly happened on the play where he hurt his hand, if he thinks he could have returned to action Sunday after being forced to the sidelines with the injury, how he supposedly was planning to prepare for the Patriots in Week 11 as if he were going to be healthy enough to play, the Chiefs’ struggles after cutting the lead to three in the third quarter, and being excited about returning to New England to see fellow teammates and other friends in the area that he made grew close to during his tenure with the Patriots.

How is hand is feeling after having to leave Sunday’s loss:

“It’s doing alright, it really is. But you know we really talk about specifics or injuries like that. So our focus is going to be getting ready for this big game on Monday night and going from there.”

What exactly happened on the play where he hurt his hand:

“I don’t really know to be completely honest. It was just a situation where I got hit, and I haven’t really been able to watch the film and see anything from it that would tell me I did this or that.”

If he does in fact think he would have been able to return to the game on Sunday despite as he had alluded to previously:

“Again, we’re probably not going to get into specifics right now, but it was a medical decision more than anything else by the medical staff.”

Whether he’s going to be preparing for the Patriots in Week 11 as if he’ll be able to play:

“Oh absolutely, absolutely, I’ll be watching my film and doing everything I need to do to get ready to prepare.”

On the Chiefs falling apart after cutting the lead to three points in the third quarter:

“From that point on, I definitely felt like we had a momentum shift at that point, and it’s a three point ball game, and then from that point on, we weren’t able to sustain any drives and convert some third downs on some key third down situations, and that put us in a bad position.”

If he’s still friends with anybody on the Patriots or elsewhere in the city of Boston from his time spent in New England:

“Oh yeah, I still have a ton of guys on the team that I’m still very close with, some guys in the neighborhood that we keep in contact with. I lived their for four years, it was a great experience for me, and it will be fun to go back and play there again.”

Listen here to Cassel with The Border Patrol on WHB in Kansas City

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