Jake Plummer on Tim Tebow: “When he accepts that we know that he loves Jesus Christ, I think I’ll like him a little better.”

November 21, 2011 – 7:00 am by Steven Cuce

Jake Plummer was 39-15 during his time with the Denver Broncos from 2003-06. Jake ‘The Snake’ knows a thing or two about the pressures of playing the quarterback position in the Mile High City. Despite winning far more than he lost during his time with the Broncos, Plummer feels Mike Shanahan ran him out of town for Jay Cutler a little too early. He led the Broncos to the AFC Championship in 2005, but was given the short end of the stick after some inconsistent play in the first 11 games of the 2006 season.

The man who retired from the NFL in favor of team handball rather than competing for the chance to be the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has some interesting takes in the following interview on the future of Tim Tebow in Denver and his former coach Mike Shanahan.

Jake Plummer joined XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix with Bickley and MJ to discuss the city of Denver going crazy over a quarterback who can’t complete a forward pass, Mike Shanahan running him out of town in Denver, the Broncos running the option offense with Tim Tebow, the pressure of trying to be the next John Elway in Denver and an update on his team handball career.

Did you ever think the city of Denver would go crazy for a quarterback who can’t complete a forward pass?

“[Laughs] I’m telling you I came in at the wrong time down there. He is a winner though. I like that because I think the town and the fans and everybody there – they are craving a winner. They lost one when I was run out of town. I don’t have to say it. We won a lot of games when I was playing. It wasn’t all me. The team was Rod Smith, John Lynch, all those guys. I had some ballers that could play like Mike Anderson. I didn’t do it all, but we won and I think you can see with Tebow. He knows he’s not the only cog down there as a piece of that puzzle that is making them win and helping them win. They have a belief in the kid. That’s really special because they make such a big deal about intangibles and height and arm strength and leaping ability and bench press and 40-time and all this crap that really means nothing when it is crunch time. Tebow, regardless of whether I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates, I think he’s a winner and I respect that about him.  I think that when he accepts the fact that we know that he loves Jesus Christ then I think I’ll like him a little better.  I don’t hate him because of that, I just would rather not have to hear that every single time he takes a good snap or makes a good handoff…like you know, I understand dude where you’re coming from….but he is a baller. He knows how to win and when your teammates believe in you that you can do good things and that’s what they are doing. They are winning. That’s fun to see.”

You were 39-15 in Denver and played extremely well given the pressure of having to play that position in Denver. Mike Shanahan really gave you the shaft. I admire that you had the balls to put him on blast the last few years and look now in Washington the guy is completely exposed:

“Yeah and I don’t like to see that. I mean I don’t want to see anybody struggle. I’m not sitting here gloating or feeling better about his lack of success down there. As time goes you learn more things. I’m here hanging out with my buddies from college. Jason Verdugo from St.Paul, Minnesota, he’s a baseball coach for Hampton University. He said ‘God when we were 21 [years old] we thought we knew everything and thought we were old and we thought god we know what we’re doing. Now you look back and I’m 36 and I’m looking back on that and I didn’t know anything back then and look what I know now. In retrospect and hindsight you see things. Things play out and you learn if you keep your eyes and ears open. Hey I was lucky to get the opportunity to play for [Mike] Shanahan. He helped turn my career around and gave me a chance to show that I was a winner regardless of how things went down. His style is just what it is. I think we are seeing he isn’t the special coach we thought he was. He’s a great coach, but he’s not like some of those guys that will take a player…Coach [John] Fox man look at what he is doing. You think he is going to force Tebow to throw 30 times a game? No. They are going to try to win with what he can do and it is kind of fun to see since they are bucking the system in the NFL. They are running the option. Are you kidding me?”

How long can the Broncos continue to run the option offense and what was the pressure like being the next quarterback in Denver after John Elway?

“When are they going to stop that [option offense]? I don’t know man. That’s why you wont see me on ESPN prognosticating or trying to analyze what they do. They are going to do it until it gets stopped and probably are going to keep doing it until Tebow can take a drop and hit an out route or a comeback and until he can do that then why would they change? If he can’t ever do that, which let’s be realistic the guy is phenomenal athlete. I think if takes the time and gets the right coaching and has people surrounding him with patience and putting effort in. He’s willing to learn. You can hear it in his words. I think he’ll end up becoming the thrower we expected him to be immediately. Right now he is winning and that’s all that matters man. I think the town and the fans in Denver they loved John Elway for one reason. He didn’t win every game he played, but you know what he brought a belief there and the fans never gave up in a game. They always knew that they had him running the show behind the reigns and they had a chance. I had that for awhile there in Denver. That’s a special feeling and I can see Tebow building that up right now. I mean belief from the whole entire stadium of 70,000 screaming fans can be a powerful, motivational thing. It can be a powerful energy to feel for a whole entire team. You guys get a feeling from what you do. It’s exciting. Imagine what we’re doing when we are out there on the field, so I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. You can never tell. They are enjoying it now, so right on. Go win some more games.”

Finally update us on your team handball career? You are getting more serious as the years go by?

“I am not…I am actually getting less serious. I had a little bit of an issue with my back and kind of health wise. I’m kind of backing off as far as the competitive side of handball goes and playing just for the love of it. That’s the thing. It’s a sport that I am going to play forever and hopefully forever until I can’t really move at all, but even then I’ll get a really good doubles partner. It’s fun. I am doing what I can do. We had our tournament in October and it went really well trying to teach a bunch more of the young kids in the youth how to play the game. I believe in this day and age it is important to have a life sport you can play forever and football ends for all of us. There’s not a guy that will play until he is 60 in the league. That never, ever, ever will happen and so getting a sport you can do up until your 70′s and 80′s and even your 90′s. There’s 90-year old handball players that have been playing for 60-70 years. I try to expose the kids to that because it is something fun for them.”

Listen to Jake Plummer on XTRA Sports 910 KGME in Phoenix here

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  1. 72 Responses to “Jake Plummer on Tim Tebow: “When he accepts that we know that he loves Jesus Christ, I think I’ll like him a little better.””

  2. Jakes comments about Tim Tebows religious status confirm the medias paranoia about Christianity. Why is Christianity so “Politically Incorrect”. Cowards in the media like Jake would never criticize an athlete for changing his name to a Muslim name. Nor would they criticize an athlete for praising Allah. They also would be completely scared to attack a Minority Athlete for their Christian ethics or celebrations. Be careful of what you write, because you know who owns the media and controls your paycheck. You better make sure they approve. GODSPEED TIM TEBOW!!

    By centrecounty on Nov 21, 2011

  3. I don’t see Jake’s comments indicative that there is a media bias about Christianity, but I see the response of Christians as indicative of their paranoia that there is. Christians make up the bulk of people in the US and many, if not most, of the people in football and the media reporting on football are Christians, but the majority of people feel that someone’s faith is a private issue. Jesus told his followers not to make a show of their religion to men and to go into their closets to pray, not bow down and make a scene of their beliefs. Most people, IMO, want Tebow to keep his faith as his own personal life: not anyone else’s business.

    As for Jake’s comments, loved them. He’s grown and matured and for many Broncos fans, we agree he was run out of town by Shanahan and Mike “Dinger” Heimerdinger in favor of the interception machine now in Chicago.

    By rogue719 on Nov 21, 2011

  4. Rogue, There is no “Christian Paranoia”, just obvious observation. What does it matter to you or anyone else if: A players name is Jesus Alou?, or if a baseball player from the 60′s to present day makes the “Sign of the Cross” on himself or Home Plate?, or if players from both teams meet together in the middle of the field of play before or after a game to create a “Prayer Circle”?. Are you so removed from Sports that you haven’t heard Boxers, Basketball, Baseball or Football Players “Thank God or Jesus Christ” after their competition? Who do you praise? Media? Allah? or some self proclaimed “King”? I’m only trying to say: “Leave Tebow Alone. Allow every athlete to express themselves as guaranteed by the U.S. Consitution.”

    By centrecounty on Nov 21, 2011

  5. Tell Jake to suck my ass and shut the hell up. Tebow is recognizing the lord and savior Jesus Christ and it TOTALLY SHOULD BE DONE AFTER EVERY GAME AND ANY OTHER TIME! Jake should focus more on Jesus’ return, which is SOONER than he thinks. Thank you

    By rick on Nov 21, 2011

  6. CentreCounty?

    Could the paranoia be because we live in a secular state? You do know the concept of separation of Church and State, right?

    I a deeply devout Christian but I don’t want that thrown in my face by people like Tebow that think they pray harder then everyone else!

    If you want to have everyone on the same page as yourself, become a Muslim and move to Iran! No one will differ from your opinion there!

    If you want

    By Boris on Nov 21, 2011

  7. rogue has nary a clue – George Barna found that 13 out of 14 Americans could not define what a Christian is. 19 out of 20 movies blasphemy Christ and glorify immorality – only a tiny percentage of Americqns actually do whav Christ says. I have seen the identical comment from others who lie – kids study Islam in SCHOOLS, horoscopes are unchallenged, and new Age ideas are celebrated. Obama celebrates Islam and disrespects Chrostianity and Judaism. I wish there more Christian people, but the fact is we operate essentially as a pagan nation.

    By John Teets on Nov 21, 2011

  8. Boris,

    How do the Denver Broncos, the NFL, or the television on which these games are broadcast have anything to do with the State that you are wanting to keep the Church separated from?

    By What? on Nov 21, 2011

  9. You guys are a bunch of nut jobs

    By Jim on Nov 21, 2011

  10. Teets,

    Just because we operate like one doesn’t mean we have to.

    By What? on Nov 21, 2011

  11. People are tired of hearing Tebow talk about how thankful for god he is, and his beliefs in god and god is great…god god god… STFU and do a FOOTBALL interview… We dont care about his beliefs, just answer the dam questions in the interview and thank your god on your own time. Throwing your fingers to the sky or crossing your chest after a TD is fine, andwhatever else someone wants to do…but when you are talking to the public, and the question is “What did you do on that play?” And your answer is “Well thanks to god for guiding my way to the end zone because if I didnt believe god he wouldnt of helped me get there” Thats not the frickin answer we want to hear nor care about… Just STFU and answer the question…this is why most of us are irritated with Tebow..STFU and play ball

    By Jim on Nov 21, 2011

  12. Jim,

    1. That’s never been his answer. Quit spinning.

    2. He’s not giving an answer to make you or any other specific individual the answer they WANT to hear. So whinin’ about it ain’t gonna help.

    By What? on Nov 21, 2011

  13. centrecounty: LMAO!!! since when is Jake Plummer a “Media” figure?
    You obviously have no clue what you are talking about; the guy goes years at a time without doing public interviews

    By denverguy on Nov 21, 2011

  14. The Lord does say: “Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them.” Maybe Tebow should keep his Christianity more closeted. No one wants to see your dirty business in public.

    then again the Lord also says: “the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church [so] as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything” but for some reason the word of the LORD isn’t good enough for my goddamn wife.

    By riacheslav on Nov 21, 2011

  15. All you people will have to experience what Tim Tebow has before you all open your mouths about someone else’s faith in God. Just because you had mininal success while you pretended to be a QB, Mr. Plummer, don’t knock it…If a big offensive or defensive lineman thanked God for making a big block to spring a running back or sacking an opponent QB, would you tell them the same thing you tell Tebow..GO ahead.And how is that handball coming along

    By RichCook on Nov 21, 2011

  16. Wow Rick, how Christian of you! Suck my ass? Just like a republican who touts his faith and diddles little kids in the back room.

    By YourMaster on Nov 21, 2011

  17. I, as a sports fan, really don’t care either way about T. Tebow’s display of faith. The thing that I find disturbing is the way that some, not T. Tebow, feel they have the right to dictate and criticize everytime someone makes an observation or statement. If a person is sooo insecure about their faith that they feel they must defend it against “every” statement, observation or even criticism, what does it really say about them and their faith. I’m still waiting to see the sports figures, or any “public” figure, come together after a big loss and give thanks to whoever they pray to for losing. How about being thankful for just being able to work doing something you love to do or for being able to work at all. There are many who don’t have the last option at all!

    By Deuce602 on Nov 21, 2011

  18. The Lord also says that “If a man lies with an animal, he shall surely be put to death, and you shall kill the animal. ” but what I’m wondering is, like, if the animal is already dead then will I be killed too? Cuz I didn’t read this until this morning. I should have read it last night, before i got all Kama Sutra with the Thanksgiving turkey.

    By riacheslav on Nov 21, 2011

  19. Look at Steve Young….that guy is pretty dam religous and we never heard crapo about it his whole career…only media even mentioned it… Steve never came out whining about his faith and actin like a lil sissy about it… He was a pro… and Im not a 49er fan by any means.. but hey Tebow, shut up, and play Running Back…and everyone will be happy

    By Jim on Nov 21, 2011

  20. let him be him

    By kevin on Nov 21, 2011

  21. All those chastising Plummer for his comments need to relax. He thinks your beloved Tebow has a ton of potential and had nothing but good things to say about him. He didn’t have anything bad to say about Tebow’s religion or how he displays it besides the fact that in post game interviews it isn’t necessary. He isn’t alone in those locker rooms when it comes to openly displaying his faith and that is where those who are defending him against this criticism are getting it wrong. He does plenty inside and outside of football to where it is obvious to see he walks the walk and talks the talk. We know Tebow is a good person and a we will hold him to that. But as he matures I am sure we will hear less and less of the faith statements, just because it’s known.

    So not unless people are attacking his religion directly or him personally do I see a real reason to bring the general topic of faith into the picture. There are lots of people who believe in Christianity and acting like a singled out minority that is being persecuted by the media just proves a huge level of ignorance and extreme level of unbalanced reasoning. If you are already cursing at and belittling the person you think is insulting Christianity, you are already missing the point of your own religion proving you practice it very little if at all.

    By Kyle on Nov 21, 2011

  22. Hey ‘rick’ – We’re supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves big guy! That’s a pretty rough commment directed at a guy who’s just offering an opinion, dude. Yikes! Show some love because, yes, Jesus is coming back soon.

    By Dawgforlife57 on Nov 21, 2011

  23. All the people who are saying turkey-rotica is against God are wrong, Scripture states: “And you shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it: it is perversion, it is not cool in the sight of the Lord, no matter how sexy the idea may seem after a few Peppermint Schnaaps.”

    See where it says “unclean?” It is clear that if you are careful to kowtow to sanitary concerns then the Lord is okay with it.

    By riacheslav on Nov 21, 2011

  24. AHHH.. The Political Extremes are showing. I don’t agree with the vulgarity, but obviously some people are OVERLY EMOTIONAL on this subject. “OVERLY EMOTIONAL”!!! CHILL OUT! Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Islam or Agnostic, just be civil enough to let EVERYONE have their opinions and beliefs. There are several agnostic comments that do demonstrate that the authors don’t know the difference between the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament”. It is “Night and Day”. Christianity does not ignore the the “Old Testament”, but does embrace the “New Testament”. “Do unto others as YOU would have them to do unto you.” Also a very similar quote by Confucius. “Do not do to others what YOU do not want done to YOUrself”. These philosophies apply to “YOU”. Look in the mirror!! YOU.. Not who you choose to target. YOU!!

    By centrecounty on Nov 21, 2011

  25. When and where you display your faith is a personal choice. T. Tebow has this opportunity because of the fans that put him in the “lime light”. If the demand for him to play the game, minus the Christian “acknowledgment”, is great enough he will stop or be stopped. While some seem they are greater than the medium that puts them in the public eye, Tebow could take a lesson from another Denver star Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, that found out the hard way that he’s not being paid to preach.

    By Deuce602 on Nov 21, 2011

  26. Exactly, Centrecounty! You are so right: I’m a Christian, but Jesus knew that not every single commandment applied to everyone! Sheesh! People are so uptight! So if God says you should be killed if you lay with a turkey, just to choose a random example, I don’t really think that applies to me, not in this modern day and age. I believe in a loving God, who wouldn’t send someone to eternal fire just because one sweet, drunken night they got into about fifty positions in twelve minutes with a $40 butterball three days before Thanksgiving!!!

    By riacheslav on Nov 21, 2011

  27. You want to know why Tebow should keep the religious stuff private? Aside from because that’s what Jesus recommended, but because this ENTIRE thread is about religion, and not football. That’s why your Sunday is broken up into two separate parts – the part where you go to church (should you chose to), and the part where we watch FOOTBALL.

    Now I can’t just argue about football, I have to weed through reams of nasty, ignorant, arrogant posts on religion.

    Having all these insane Tebowites around, rolling around in the swamp of victimhood, is going to be the ultimate deciding factor that Tebow doesn’t make it into year 2. McDaniels is STILL ruining this team.

    By Jvill on Nov 21, 2011

  28. OMG!!!! I was gonna say something smarter than centercountry and rick could ever come up with even with amillion typing monkeis then I read riacheslov wrote and almost lost it out the nose and sphincter. He spared the idoits from the trolling comments I had for thier troll bridges.

    By Allen on Nov 21, 2011

  29. Tebow starts every interview by thanking his lord and savior Jesus Christ. After that he talks about his teamates and coaches as being instrumental in the teams success. I have never heard him say God shined his power on me and I made a great run. Many NFL players point to the sky after making a great play. I have heard others thank god prior to participating in interviews. I have never heard him say believe in God if you want to be a fan. If it works for him and he wants to acknowledge this whats the big deal?

    By Dave on Nov 21, 2011

  30. LOL…not a single Christian posted in this forum. NOT ONE! Then they want to quote Jesus. Incredible. I’ve read the bible 15-20 times, never seen where Jesus states to keep your faith to yourself (poster that said to go to a closet best check that verse). Fact is the word gospel means good news and he tells us to go spread it. I guess I better get a newer, I’ll choose what applies to me, new age liberal, we are all Christians, God will not send anyone to eternal fire, I’m my own redeemer and no sinner version and see what that tells me.

    Bottom line: this has nothing to do with Tebow and his faith but everything to do with yourself; the unwillingness to see how putrid we are and how we can only be saved by our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I’ll leave you with a true verse of scripture: Romans 3:10-11 “As it is written, there is none righteous, not one. There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God”. Sounds just like the world we live in doesn’t it?

    By Rivie on Nov 21, 2011

  31. i don’t think anyone on here is secure in their own life in who they our, cause if you where, you could care less if anyone called themselves anything, he is a great role model, and he is playing great football, most athletes, are doing a lot worse things. if you are so upset about it that means there is really something wrong with you… so that is the sad truth…but i don’t think you can handle the truth… you just like to put down people for standing up for what makes them feel like a 100% them…maybe you don’t realize that Tim Tebow, doesn’t feel like a complete football player without JESUS.. for some people like me JESUS is everything, so get over it, let him have what he wants, like someone said earlier…lets get upset about the athletes, and the ones, who are abusing, our kids, come on people

    By missjessiejones on Nov 22, 2011

  32. Rick,

    Yeah, I remember reading something about where it says in the Bible that Christ said “Blasphemers, Suck my ASS!!” You sir, are a Pathetic Moron.

    By Zzzott on Nov 22, 2011

  33. I think everyone needs to chill out on Tebow. Who cares if he proclaims his faith and if you dont like it then change the channel or pull for the other team. dont knock someone when you know nothing about them…it makes you sound ignorant. We as fans know nothing about these athletes and I hope Tim Tebow turns out to be a solid citizen and wins for the broncos because i am a fan. I think the point is that he is starting kids hostipals and improving life for some people so until you do more to contribute to mankind than him, keep your comments to yourself.

    By Jimbapple on Nov 22, 2011

  34. Some understand (like Tebow might), most don’t: “Seek — first — the KINGdom of GOD.” Whoever believes pro sport’s networks, former & current player’s opinions, fan’s demands, money &/or winning is the most important focus … need their life priorities improved. Those things have their place, but not first place, for sure. Maybe , prayerfully, those who disagree will fill their inner void not with criticism, but the all-Perfect & only possible Savior JESUS CHRIST. :)

    By j. york on Nov 22, 2011

  35. You Jesus freaks are ridiculous. You live in the past. Have you actually read your book? How could you believe that nonsense in a time of science and knowledge. Jake is right. Tebow needs to be quiet.

    By J.C. Kester on Nov 22, 2011

  36. Best memory of Plummer in Denver flipping fans the finger on the sideline “Unsportman Like Conduct” mind your own business Jake..we don’t care what you have to say. Glad your gone..who do you play for? YOURSELF!!

    By Pam on Nov 22, 2011

  37. I can’t believe the negative comments against Tebow that aim reading. If he wants to give thanks to Jesus then that is his God given right. To those that feel a need to voice there opinion on who you should give thanks to, you will some day need to answer to a higher power

    By J Stewart on Nov 22, 2011

  38. Rivie, my scriptural veracity kicks your scriptural veracity’s ass and that verse was Matthew 6:1. Here’s another verse I think you should pay attention to, Ephesians 5:18 “do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with ‘gin’”– Scholars are divided between those who think that the original Aramaic could be translated as “the Spirit” and those who read it as “11 ounces of gin.” I choose the latter. But it doesn’t matter because the message that we all as Christians can agree on is that God forgives all, all sins, all transgressions, even if you, just to choose a totally random hypothetical example, mixed some of your gramma’s Vicodin with the aforementioned gin and got all Rick James with a semi-thawed Thanksgiving turkey on the kitchen floor. Last night. I believe that a truly loving God would forgive that on the spot, no questions asked. I believe because… I have to.

    By riacheslav on Nov 22, 2011

  39. Rivie, I guess that’s the problem with many ‘Christians’. They ‘read’ the bible over and over and yet don’t understand it.

    ““5 When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, who love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on street corners so that others may see them. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward.

    6 But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you.”

    Matthew 6:5-6

    By cgapperi on Nov 22, 2011

  40. It’s great to hear from Jake. I agree with most of what he says. I don’t think he necessarily has a problem with Tebow’s being a Christian; I think he was saying that there is a fine line between celebrating a victory and preaching. I’m not interested in any athlete using their position-irrespective of what their faith is-as a soapbox to get converts. Tebow’s stating he thank his “Lord and Savior” is ok with me, but he should be careful not to go any further than that. If he does so, Christians may like it, but millions of others will not. That said, I think Tebow is mature enough to know how far to go.

    By Gork on Nov 22, 2011

  41. Snake he wants you to know Christ becuase he loves you. That’s why he does what he does. I know you know that. It’s pretty much the main play in the follower’s of Christ playbook (the Bible if you were wondering) to go and tell others about Jesus, you know the one and only that can save us from all our stupid actions and comments.

    By John on Nov 22, 2011

  42. Tebow displays his faith as his heart and conscience tell him to do. That is his personal decision. Plummer thinks he does it too often and wishes he would stop. That is his personal opinion. Nothing controversial in either of these two facts.

    By MVK on Nov 22, 2011

  43. It’s sad that a man who lives a good life and wants to give credit to the one that gave him life gets talked about so much! He has always been very humble and never has given a reason for so much disrespect! Just cause jake doesn’t give credit where it truly belongs doesn’t mean he should treat tebow this way and his religious beliefs shouldn’t bother him anyway! Being an Nfl qb is hard enough and he should know that! Help the kid and support him for how hard he plays and that he has great character that kids can look up too! Look at the other athletes that have destroyed the game by their life-styles and we finally get one who stands for something great! God bless tebow and I hope he never stops giving God all the praise he deserves!!!!

    By Tyson on Nov 22, 2011


    By tom c on Nov 23, 2011

  45. I am a Christian and not at all paranoid. It is laughable how anyone who accepts Christ is taunted or adversely criticized when witnessing his faith, while the likes of pseudo intellectuals, such as, Jon Stewart Stewart, and actor Robin Williams, uses profanity and obscenities in interviews frequently and never “hammered,” as being vulgar or even out of line. These and other in the entertainment world (and football is entertaining – I played two years for Coach Bowden, a Christian), can say or do anything offensive and get little, if any adverse criticism from their peers. Make one wonder how bad our moral standards really are????
    Plummer seems a little resentful and, as you’re the article that read on the subject mentioned, Plummer does not care what people think. Maybe, if Plummer tried reading a little about the life of Jesus, he would care a bit more.
    Ken Brown

    By Ken Brown on Nov 23, 2011

  46. Plummer sounds ignorant and scared…self-willed and bossy about the discomfort HE feels when a Christian like Tebow can and does express his faith in Christ. Maybe Plummer needs to do something equally immature and just “shut his eyes” if he can’t handle what Tebow does! I don’t care much about who the “ballers” are…I love the fact that one of the best examples in the world of outward faith in Christ happens to be a part of one of the most selfish, greedy, and corrupt systems in the world–the NFL! Entertaining as it is, and as much good as it does for generating revenue, yadayada…this is a refreshing NEW benefit, and Tebow has every right to praise God any time and every time he and his team play. If yoiu haven’t noticed, Tebow also prays when they need help…how cool is that?

    By Dawson on Nov 23, 2011

  47. I guess people who only love themselves, could never understand how Tebow could love Jesus Christ the way he does.

    By Homer on Nov 23, 2011

  48. I completely support Tebow expressing his beliefs that Jesus Christ is his Lord & Savior!!! We still live in a free country, last I checked :)
    Actually, I’m exceptionally proud of him for standing up for his faith & giving credit where credit is due…”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Tebow is living this out in his life!!! We should all be more like him!!!
    We are with you Tebow, keep the faith & keep up the excellent job, on the field & in your life!!! We need more Godly examples in America like you :)
    God bless you richly as you continue to serve Him faithfully!!!

    By Joanna on Nov 23, 2011

  49. I am Christian, and his on-field behavior is getting very annoying! What happened to Jesus’ words about when you pray, do it in private? I’m paraphrasing. Anyway, I’m glad he is faithful to God but I have an interesting question: Where are his pastors and why aren’t they giving him better counsel? Perhaps they are taking advantage of him to promote a faith that is best shared person to person.

    By Dave O on Jan 15, 2012

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