San Francisco Tight End Vernon Davis: “We can do whatever we want.”

December 22, 2011 – 10:30 am by Eric Schmoldt

There’s two sides to every coin, right? On one side of this past week’s Monday Night Football game, you have a San Francisco 49ers team that dominated the Pittsburgh Steelers, serving notice that they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. On the other, you have a 49ers team that dominated a Steelers team that was missing James Harrison due to suspension and trotted out a dinged up quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger.

San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis is clearly looking at the first side of that coin, saying his team showed the nation that it can play. He believes the 49ers can go wherever they want to go and do whatever they want to do.

Vernon Davis joined 97.5 The Game in ┬áSan Francisco with The Drive to discuss the power outages, breaking through in the red zone, making a statement on Monday Night Football, how the team is holding up physically heading toward the playoffs, lighter practices, how important it was to beat the Steelers convincingly, and the 49ers’ potential to get even better.

What happened with the lights? We heard it was your fault?:

“My fault? I have no idea, man. That was crazy; it was a crazy moment for us. I’ve never experienced a situation like that before.”

How important was it for you guys to crack through in the red zone?:

“It was very important. That’s something we’ve been struggling with for a little while. We’ve worked on it in practice. I still think we can get a lot better with that. I definitely believe that in my heart because we’re that good.”

What kind of statement do you think you made by beating Pittsburgh?:

“I think we showed the nation that we can play. We’re for real and we’re coming full force. But we’ve got to finish strong and get ready for the playoffs.”

How much more attention are defenses paying to you in the red zone?:

“Sometimes they switch it up. Most of the time, when they’ve got a man on me, they always have someone over the top to help them. They’ve always got their eyes on me no matter what. I really haven’t seen too much single coverage.”

How are you guys holding up physically given that you’re about to go into the playoffs, something this team hasn’t done much of?:

“You know what? The legs, they’re a little tired right now, I guess because we have this quick turnaround. Usually, if we had a regular Sunday and then we get Monday off and Tuesday we come in and walk-through, I’d be all right by Wednesday.”

Has the staff pulled back a little in practice?:

“Yes, he’s been taking it a little easy on us and cutting down some of the reps — pretty much keeping us off our feet. That’s what it’s about; he knows it.”

How important was it to you guys to have a solid showing for a national audience, and not only that, but to win convincingly?:

“It was very important. We knew that we were playing on Monday night and everybody was watching. We wanted to redeem ourselves, especially after the loss we had to the Baltimore Ravens. We were a much better team than that. Of course, we got the low end of the stick by travelling the day before the game and going all the way across the country and then playing the game. It was tough on our bodies. We pretty much just came out and made it happen.”

What do you see as the potential for this group?:

“We can take this thing wherever we want. We’ve got it; we’ve definitely got it. We’ve got it in the running game, got it in the passing game. We can do whatever we want. All we have to do now is finish strong, finish these last two games, come out with the victories, and then move on and move forward with the playoffs and play the same way. … That’s how we play the game right there.”

Listen to Vernon Davis on 97.5 The Game in San Francisco here

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  2. Since when does vernon davis play for the 49ers? he’s like sooooooooo good at football though, I wish he wasn’t on such a lame team… I think he should ask for more money, but if he was really smart he would start partying more and stop being so serious and goal oriented and just give in to the DEVILLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOO…..sPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS

    By R on Dec 22, 2011

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