Chris Bosh: “All I think about is basketball, basketball, and basketball. All I care about is winning a championship”

January 4, 2012 – 10:20 am by Chris Fedor

Even though they let an NBA Championship slip through their grasp a season ago, the Miami Heat do not look like a team that is still dwelling on what could’ve been a season ago. Their focus is on what is in front of them. What’s in front of them is a great opportunity to be the team hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy at the end of the season as opposed to watching the celebration.

For starters, Miami made a few new additions this offseason and look to be much deeper than a season ago. Not to mention the Big Three is getting great contributions from every member and they look like they now know how to play together as a unit. LeBron James is off to the best start of his career, Dwyane Wade has made some clutch shots in key moments, and Chris Bosh, despite having a terrible game on opening day, looks like a different player and has played five straight great games since his opening day clunker.

That’s quite a change from the way things were last year. Bosh heard all the criticism. “Call them the big two and a half.” “Bosh is overrated.” “Bosh is soft.” “Bosh doesn’t fit.” “They should blow up this team and trade Bosh.” All those things were completely ridiculous, but through it all he didn’t let it get to him and showed up large on the game’s biggest stage. There is a long way to go this season and many things can happen. The Heat were flummoxed by Atlanta’s zone the other night en route to their first loss so team’s may try to use that blueprint more this season, but Miami has the look of a champion and the road to the NBA Finals goes through South Beach.

Chris Bosh joined WQAM in Miami with Sid Rosenberg to talk about what changed fro him from last year, whether or not it is less of a circus for the Heat this season, on LeBron playing in the post more this year, how he was able to worry less this season, if the Heat really do have an issue when playing against a zone, and what he thinks about Erik Spoelstra’s job coaching.

How much more comfortable he is this year as opposed to last year:

“I think if you look at everything last year, last year was more of a year of getting acclimated to every situation, acclimated to how different the media coverage was going to be and it was brand new to me and brand new to us as a team. Me moving to another city and getting used to that, but now I’m settled and can just concentrate on basketball because all I really care about is winning a championship. I’ve been talking to a lot of guys who have won championships and you have to be obsessed with your craft and obsessed with basketball in order to win it. That’s what I want to do. I want to win so all I think about is basketball, basketball, and basketball and I just want to do whatever I can to make sure we take the right steps into winning.”

Whether or not the distractions around the team have calmed down:

“It’s definitely not as much noise. We know that adversity is eventually going to come. It’s going to come in any championship run you want to have. We have to pretty much get that in our minds, but for the most part it’s a lot more quiet than last year. Last year I think there was a bunch of unnecessary chatter going on for whatever reason. It was what it was but it’s a lot more quiet this year and we’ve been able to come in and focus on being a better team, doing what we need to do to win some basketball games and mend together and hopefully get that job done.”

On LeBron posting up more this year:

“He’s really made an emphasis to get down there on that block. I mean he scores in bunches so he really makes it look easy but when he’s aggressive and gets on that block down low, draws a lot of fouls, he plays a physical brand of basketball, and puts pressure on teams. The way our offense is designed we’re gonna make teams make quick decisions. Once he gets down there he’s such a good passer, he can see the double team coming, and he can pick the defense apart. If he gets to scoring down low and then he can eventually work his way to the outside I think it will just make this team more dangerous.”

What has changed for him personally this year:

“Before I was being too worried and that’s not what I do. I feel that I’ve put in enough work in basketball to just be able to be like okay ‘I’m gonna trust my instincts and go out there and play.’ I don’t care what the situation is. Any kind of situation, I’m gonna play basketball because there isn’t anything on that court I haven’t done. I’m gonna practice hard, I’m gonna think about it, and I’m not gonna worry about it. If I’m worrying that means I don’t trust myself because I haven’t put the work in. That’s my frame of mind going into it. I just had to stop worrying and go play basketball instead of ‘I have to go do this or I have to do that.’ Hey just toss up the ball, go rebound, play good defense, and shoot it when I’m open.”

Whether or not they struggle with the zone as much as it appears they do:

“I don’t think so. I think it’s all in the body language and the position we have out there. It’s a challenge and I’m not gonna say we have the best team against the zone. We have to get better at that. There’s no mistaking that. We just really have to get used to that because that’s what teams are gonna do. If you’re in man we kinda know where to go and we can get a rhythm but what’s gonna happen against those teams okay they’re gonna go zone a couple of possessions, are they gonna switch up their coverages and defense? That’s the next stepping stone for us. We’re not a perfect team, we totally understand that, and we know we have things to work on, but the good part about that is we know what we have to work on and what we have to improve on. If you know the answers to the test all you have to do is study them. Next time you take the test you ace it. We’re gonna see that over and over and it’s really gonna be a testament to our maturity and picking things up on the fly.”

What he makes of the job Coach Spoelstra has done this season:

“I mean everybody can tell you how to do something until they are put in that position. We can’t listen to all that stuff. Spo is doing a fantastic job. He’s been put into a position, probably the most difficult position in the NBA; high expectations with a team that hasn’t been together for that long. He’s handled it well. He’s gonna coach this team and do what he’s supposed to do. Most of the time you can’t really worry about what’s going on outside because people usually don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Listen to Chris Bosh on WQAM in Miami with Sid Rosenberg

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