Eric Wilbur Stands by His Criticism of Tom Brady

February 6, 2012 – 10:15 am by Chris Fedor

After the Patriots second-straight Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants, many people around the country needed to point the finger at someone for the win and for the loss. Eric Wilbur from the Boston Globe decided to point the finger at Tom Brady here. It comes with the territory though. The quarterback is always going to be the most criticized player on the field, just like they will get the most credit. This one isn’t solely on Brady though. He deserves his fair share of the blame, but there’s lots to go around and there are lots of reasons to praise the Giants for their performance. While Brady was outplayed by Eli Manning and he has come up short in his last two Super Bowl appearances, his performance on the game’s biggest stage was hardly “disgraceful” and this writer’s opinion is a little over-the-top, which he admits.

At one time Brady completed 16 straight passes against a defense that hit its stride in the postseason and threw two touchdown passes. His performance wasn’t good enough to win last night and he cost himself a shot to be the best QB of all-time, but Brady will be back.

Eric Wilbur joined 98.5 The Sports Hub with Toucher and Rich to talk about the backlash that he has received for his column on Tom Brady, why he thinks so many people were upset with his column, if he still believes what he wrote last night now that he has had some time to sit back and reflect on it, how the loss affects Tom Brady’s legacy, and who he puts the most blame on for the Wes Welker dropped pass.

On the backlash that he has received for his column on Tom Brady:

“I can’t even pick one. I’m a hack, I’m a loser, I’m a fanboy, and I should be fired. A lot of calls for my head this morning.”

Why he thinks so many people were upset with his column:

“I guess because I dared criticize the god of New England. If he had won that game we would’ve lauded him as the greatest quarterback ever so if he messes up in the game and loses it why can’t he take some of the poison? It seems like fans can’t admit that.”

If he still believes what he wrote last night now that he has had some time to sit back and reflect on it:

“I still believe it. There were a lot of people saying ‘you know sleep on this and you’re going to look bad in the morning.’ It was a little over-the-top and I admit that but I think that was purposely so just because like I said if he would’ve won the game it would’ve been ‘oh Tom Brady’ so you know what? Let him get a little bit of the criticism. I guess that’s what people don’t get. It was a little over-the-top and purposely so but then again you don’t understand Vancouver writers either so.”

How the loss hurts Brady’s legacy:

“He’s still a Hall-Of-Famer obviously but he’s going to have this hang over his head and Belichick too. They lost to the Giants and Tom Coughlin twice in a row and they’re kind of like (John) Elway in reverse. Elway couldn’t get the big one in the beginning and he got the two at the end and now Brady has lost the two at the end so you kind of hope, look I hope the Giants are back in the Super Bowl next year and the Patriots are there again because you really want that rematch to put that right away.”

Whether or not he thinks Welker should’ve made the catch:

“The pass was bad but he should’ve had it. I think the most egregious play was the interception that Brady threw. It was ill-advised, it’s not what they would do in the past in that situation, and was a real head-scratcher.”

Listen to Eric Wilbur on 98.5 The Sports Hub here

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  1. 28 Responses to “Eric Wilbur Stands by His Criticism of Tom Brady”

  2. What an idiot.

    By Really now on Feb 6, 2012

  3. I NEVER feel the need to post in forums, but this writer should be fired for his irresponsible, unnecessarily provocative journalism, if you can even call it journalism. Look at the box score. Brady played well, and by the way, finished 2nd all-time this year in passing yards, and has made it to as many super bowls as anyone ever has. To call his performance what this idiot writer called it was dramatically irresponsible.

    By Don't Usually Post in Forums.. on Feb 6, 2012

  4. This guy must have self-esteem problems. How dare he publish this crap about one of the greatest QB’s of our time. Yes I agree he should be fired. He seems to know nothing about the game of football. Also he’s writing an article that you know Patriot fans will be reading. Wilber is an idiot! Garbage journalism at its best. He needs to find a new career. How about a Water boy for the Patriots!!!

    By Mary on Feb 6, 2012

  5. Wilbur is 100 % correct…there was something embarrassing last night, but it was Mr. Wilbur’s comments. What’s worse is him standing behind his comments after backpedaling like Michael Jackson moonwalking on speed. What a disgrace.

    By Doug Berlin on Feb 6, 2012

  6. Look……….the Giants played better and got the breaks. I rooted for the Giants, but I will admit the Patriots are a damn good team, and don’t pin the blame on Brady……..he will be back……..21-17 is a close game. Its a team effort, it wasn’t all his fault………there were numerous missed catches. Plus, Eli Manning was relentless,…..the kid is coming into Greatness. This writer is way way off in his scathing article about Brady.

    By Peter J Whiteside on Feb 6, 2012

  7. Wilbur, you’re an idiot! One can only guess that your ratings/readers are so bad that you must publish absurd statements for your 15 minutes of fame. Enjoy it jerk, then go and crawl back under your bridge.

    By Sean McCarthy on Feb 6, 2012

  8. Someone’s going to have to explain to me how two points scored six minutes into a 60 minute football game can “kill” a team.

    Man, columnists just have to write, don’t they? And it doesn’t even matter if it makes any sense.

    By Jason Castro on Feb 6, 2012

  9. dont read globe. never heard of eric wilbur. dont care enough about what he has to say to go read. but i’m sure he’s a perfect example of why i stopped reading globe & herald years ago!

    By mitch rich on Feb 7, 2012

  10. Typical Globe writer that knows nothing about his subject matter but throws in idiotic statements just to draw readership. I mean the ” the safety blew the game” really? The Pats are down 2-0 and Brady has blown the game ? Funny, did Eric Wilbur notice that the Pats were up 17-9 at one point?

    Wilbur is an uneducated idiot writer that has no business being a columnist in this town or any other.

    The safety blew the game…….really????

    By Curt on Feb 7, 2012

  11. “like I said if he would’ve won the game it would’ve been ‘oh Tom Brady’”

    Really is this what people said after the AFC Championship, Eric? Brady has been to 5 Super Bowls, lost 2 of them in the last minute and he’s not one of greatest QB ever? He’s embarassing? Really? This column was on the level of a tirade by fanboy you would see on youtube, not a thought out column by a paid professional.

    By MFC on Feb 7, 2012

  12. Wilbur, you are an idiot and deserve more criticism than you are giving Brady. Your comment out the Manning boys having as many rings as Brady. My question to you is, how many quarterbacks (and coaches) can say they have been to 5 Super Bowls in 11 years??? Do you know that answer or do you need to crawl back to your wimpy archives of sports hitory. You are a JERK and an embarassment to Boston Sports writers…you should be fired.

    By CDD on Feb 7, 2012

  13. Absolutely agree with all the other posters here. I’m also a very rare poster on forums but this article just proves how vitriolic some opinions can be, when they are put down without thought or the slightest understanding of how the game was played.

    I would urge the Boston Globe to grow a spine and get rid of such rubbish, which belongs in a sewer.

    By Karran on Feb 7, 2012

  14. It’s so obvious that Wibur is a nobody and he wrote this article to get a rise out of everyone in Boston so that for one brief moment in time, he can feel important. We should all just treat him like he’s been treated ever since he was a little kid and ignore him.
    This is really nothing more than very poor tabloid writing.

    By Mike on Feb 7, 2012

  15. How drunk was he and how jealous of Brady’s life is he? Hmmmmm.

    By riddles on Feb 7, 2012

  16. All one has to do is juxtapose the catch David Tyree made to Welker’s drop. Tyree leapt up like Welker but had Rodney Harrison trying to wrestle the ball away from him as he pinned the ball up against his helmet with ONE hand. All Welker had to do is spin around and jump up to catch a pass with a ton of loft on it. It wasn’t thrown like a laser and there wasn’t a d-back within ten yards. The ball hit him SQUARELY in BOTH HANDS and Eric Wilbur wants to blame Brady?? Get a life…

    By Terry on Feb 7, 2012

  17. tom brady has not win a superbowl since becoming an elite qb. he is country miles better than he was when they won 3 rings. his playoff win against the broncos at home (a gift matchup to say the least) was his first playoff win in what, something like 4 years. sure that wilbur idiot went too far but the truth is that tom doesnt get criticized enough. prob has the easiest pass by media ever. he’s certainly on the decline of his career. hall of famer but somehow overrated which is hard to say about a hall of famer but it’s true.

    let’s be honest. the safety was brutal and the welker pass even worse. what did he was think he was throwing to the mammoth gronkowski? without moss making circus jump ball leaps, he cant accurately throw the deep ball. he deepends on ridiculous yards-after-catch plays that welker and gronk regularly provide

    the truth

    By the truth on Feb 7, 2012

  18. Brady’s pass to Welker was over the wrong shoulder and hard to catch but we are used to Wes making the play. Manning’s pass to Manningham was surgically accurate. Game over. The Pats have lost their psychological edge in big games since spy gate.

    By T.R.Victor on Feb 7, 2012

  19. So many unintelligent rants in the article, but I’ll concentrate on the dumbest in my opinion. Calling Brady the new Jim Kelly: Kelly got to 4, lost all 4. Brady has got to 5, has won 3. So, now Brady is Jim Kelly? I’m a dolphins fan, but I wish a player of Brady’s caliber was on the fins. And Brady, overall, had a good game. Not his best. But you don’t tear into arguably the greatest qb ever because his team didn’t win the Super Bowl! I don’t know this Wilbur guy, but his article was strange, bizarre, and wrong.

    By dee on Feb 8, 2012

  20. Why he thinks readers are upset with him: ““I guess because I dared criticize the god of New England.”

    –It couldn’t be because he’s wrong and sounded like an idiot, could it?

    Hard to even plumb the depths of this guy’s stupidity.

    By Hawkinsob on Feb 8, 2012

  21. How quickly people forget that Tom Brady made and has kept New England relevant in the NFL world 11 years ago. I cringe at the thought of the articles that will be written 5-6 years from now when he’s gone, and they are back to the “same old Patriots”. Sad.

    By Joe on Feb 8, 2012

  22. I’m a Giant fan and I hate Tom Brady with a passion, but respect is due when it is deserved, and he’s more than earned my respect. This d-bag of a writer needs to take a look at facts:

    The Patriots had a 17-9 lead and the defense allowed the Giants to march into their territory 3 times for the remaining 12 points of the game – the defense deserves just as much blame if not more.

    The dropped passes were killer too, blame the receivers just as much if not more.

    That “egregious” interception was on a match-up which pitted Rob Gronkowski against Chase Blackburn. Ask ANY other NFL QB if they take that match-up and they would say “yes” without hesitation, it was an instinctual reaction to an obvious mis-match in the Patriots favor, which would of been a big gain if not a TD if Gronkowski was healthy.

    The Manningham catch was an amazing one, the defense was perfect on that one play, but Manning put the ball in the one spot where only Manningham and nobody else could make a play on it, so there was nothing New England can do about it.

    This Wilbur guy is a condescending idiot who makes me wonder how a guy like that could get a job writing for any newspaper, much less one that services a major metropolitan area such as Boston

    By Eric on Feb 8, 2012

  23. After 3 days of this heartbreaking loss, I still do blame Brady for most of it. After all he’s the QB and he knew how bad our defense had been…so he should have known better before making those 2 critical boneheaded plays…the interception…he showed poor judgement…it was a 2nd down, not 3rd…so many other things he could have done, run with the ball since you avoided the sack, throw it out if nobody is open. And yes, that 2 points to start the game ultimately COST the game. Otherwise we would have been up by 4 points, not 2 and the Giants needed to score a TD to win, not a FG. Then Belichick didn’t have to let them score a TD and our defense at least showed consistency at the red zone. Even if they scored a TD we needed to score a FG to tie…so yes, it mattered. We all LOVE Tom Brady and that’s why it hurts so much. Coz we want him to be the ‘greatest QB ever’ not ‘owned by Eli Manning’ or ‘legacy tainted’…etc etc. So I can relate to Wilbur’s frustrations…(although he should understand that he’s writing as a pro journalist, not as an emotional fan). Anyway, we still gotta belive in B&B and they will be back and we can’t wait for September…GO PATS!

    By SM on Feb 8, 2012

  24. wilbut – you’re an idiot.

    By at least i'm smarter than wilbur on Feb 8, 2012

  25. Eric Wilbur. Another John Tomase, from The Boston Herald 4 years back, trying to make a name for himself. Shameless. But he doesn’t care. Some people now know who he is, and the Globe will prefer the hard copy sales and online increase in readership this idiot caused, over the integrity of doing the right thing and firing him for being an embarassingly inept and cheap writer.

    By matt forde on Feb 8, 2012

  26. Ridiculous. This is sickening. Felt like sending Wilbur an email to call him an idiot myself, but couldn’t find a way to contact him at the Globe’s site. Hey, Eric, why don’t you give us an outlet so you can understand how your audience really feels?

    This is not the way a journalist acts and is far off the expectations of a grown man. Sack up, dude. You’re reporting on the freaking Super Bowl. It’s sad you don’t have the foresight to thank Brady for giving you that opportunity for the fifth time. Get a life.

    By Danny on Feb 9, 2012

  27. Go read Rick Reilly’s piece on ESPN. It examines the backlash fans heap on the losing Super Bowl team, and it specifically mentions Wilbur’s article.

    Is it any wonder that the modern athlete is less fan-friendly than his predecessors? Win it all, or… you’re a goat. What garbage!

    Brady and Bill and Welker and the rest of the team gave it their all during the BIG GAME and throughout the season. Unfortunately, the Patriots lost. One team wins, the other team loses–duh! It’s a lesson we all learn early in life, right?

    Maybe the Pats didn’t play their best game. That sucks, but you know who feels worst about that? The Pats. They don’t need to be told that they stink after they’ve come up just short of their ultimate goal.

    What a crappy commentary on humanity.

    By john on Feb 9, 2012

  28. In actuality the safety ended up being big, because they didn’t need to just get into field goal position; they needed a TD. It’s mind boggling how Brady, a GREAT QB could have made that error. Look, he made some pivotal errors, the INT being one, too, but it’s not his fault that Eli had all day to throw in the 2nd half, or that there were 12 men on the field (resulting in a TD when it should have been Pats ball), Ninkovich offsides, Chung not going for the ball instead of trying to push Manningham out of bounds on the 38 yarder, lack of pass protection, and dropped catchable balls. The QB doesn’t win by himself, and I wish Eric Wilbur and others would remember that about the ultimate team sport: football. From where I sat, this was a total team loss. Brady wasn’t so hot, then he was great, and then not so hot again. He may have been inconsistent, but he didn’t exactly stink the joint out.

    By Tony on Feb 10, 2012

  29. “It was a little over-the-top and I admit that but I think that was purposely so just because like I said if he would’ve won the game it would’ve been ‘oh Tom Brady’ so you know what?”

    What a strange comment, Eric Wilbur. Since when is it the responsibility of a sports columnist to make sure that athletes get criticism when they lose equivalent to the praise they would have gotten had they won? Were you elected by God to distribute cosmic Karma to your social betters?

    No matter what you say, your column is the result of envy and personal resentment towards Tom Brady. The only reputation it hurt is your own.

    By J on Feb 10, 2012

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