Chris Webber Lashes out at Sacramento Radio Host Before Hanging Up

February 13, 2012 – 10:40 am by Michael Bean

Well, that’s surely not what Grant Napear expected to transpire when he spoke with TNT analyst Chris Webber about the network misreporting information about the state of the Sacramento Kings’ arena situation.  Take a listen for yourself as Weber took offense to the very first question of the interview — an inquiry about incorrect statements made during last Thursday night’s nationally televised contest between the Kings and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Webber joined KHTK in Sacramento in to talk about the TNT crew misreporting the Sacramento Kings’ arena situation, why he’s angry that he was being asked about that considering his track record of being an advocate for the city of Sacramento and the Kings organization, and how he’s happy to apologize to the city of Sacramento for the crew’s mistake but not at all willing to explain himself to the show’s host — all before hanging up abruptly and angrily.

On how the TNT crew got their information wrong about the Sacramento Kings’ arena situation:

“Well what is the correct information? First of all, Jodi  (Bacon, the producer of the Grant Napear Show) called me and said fans want to talk which is a nice thing. If there was any incorrect information, just tell me the right information and do it correctly. But just realize this people of Sacramento — it’s not about what information was given, it’s that people are talking about Sacramento. My job in the media, all I’ve done is keep Sacramento’s name out there, it’s a fact. Who got on TV last year  and said we need people to call in and make sure Sacramento stays? Did I do that? Did I stop my professionalism and go to my number one which is to keep the team there? Can you ever accuse me of being professional when it comes to the Kings, because you can’t? I can’t be professional because that’s my home. So if we need to have a conversation, let’s have a conversation. But for those of you out there, I was in a meeting, people were calling and texting so much saying ‘hey, we love you, it was so fun, I even missed a flight.’ And then I call in and do this, and this is what always happens. This is what’s funny. Just call me and say what you wan to talk about….’how do you people at TNT…’ I don’t know. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. This is the first thing you say to me?! This is why the relationship between us has always been this way. I am the most straightforward guy and all you have to do is say ‘I want to talk about what happened yesterday.’ I called you out of the goodness of my heart to talk about how good it was to put on a jersey, and that was the first time I had put on a basketball jersey since I retired. And then if we wanted to talk about that, we could. If I did anything wrong to the fans of Sacramento, I apologize, but I’m not going to give this guy a chance on this show to do that. I’ll give you the forum to talk to me, and I apologize if I did anything wrong Sacramento.”

Listen here to Webber with Grant Napear on KHTK in Sacramento

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  1. 2 Responses to “Chris Webber Lashes out at Sacramento Radio Host Before Hanging Up”

  2. Did Grant Napear mislead Chris Webber? Or did Chris just get it wrong again? He made an error on national television about the Sacramento City Council rejecting a proposal to allow a private company to operate the city parking and give a portion of the proceeds towards a new arena for Sacramento. Sacramento really needs to redevelop downtown and a new arena is one way to generate local business. I don’t live in Sacramento now, but i did grow up there and it will always be a special place to me. I used to walk to Tower Records from my grandma’s house; I rode my bicycle from South Sac to downtown; I graduated from McClatchy High; I attended my graduation and many concerts at the Memorial Auditorium. I walked to the old airport to welcome music stars when they got off the plane right in front of the fans. I still travel from Lodi to see the Kings play and I really don’t want to miss out on this great activity. My grandfather worked at the rail yards in the late 30’s early 40’s. It is just a very historic place (downtown Sac) and it would be a travesty to lose the team. As for Chris Webber, I lost a lot of respect for him this past week. Ranting and then hanging up is childish behavior. I listened to the game from home and I thought I noted a rather negative tone in his voice throughout the game. Then for him to give out incorrect information vital to the Kings future was plain wrong, and he should apologize to everyone publicly. I wonder if Chris really cares at all about Sacramento. I seems like Chris Webber is for Chris Webber only.

    By Linda Marty on Feb 17, 2012

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