Cryotherapy and a Hyperbaric Chamber Are the Keys to Vince Carter’s Success in Dallas

February 15, 2012 – 9:00 am by Chris Fedor

After winning the NBA Championship a season ago, the Dallas Mavericks roster was given a face-lift this offseason. JJ Barea went to Minnesota, Caron Butler went to Los Angeles, Tyson Chandler went to New York, and DeShawn Stevenson left as well. The new-look Mavs also made a few additions. The move that garnered all the attention was the Mavs trading for Lamar Odom. However, an under-the-radar move that has worked out even better is bringing in 35-year-old Vince Carter. It was tough to know exactly what Carter would bring to Dallas at his age, but VC is healthy, he is scoring in double figures, he strengthened the Mavs’ depth, has given the Mavs another scoring option to compliment Dirk Nowitzki, and is playing better than expected on one of the best teams in the Western Conference.

Vince Carter joined ESPN Radio Dallas with Ben and Skin to talk about why he picked Dallas in free agency, on his decision to use cryotherapy and a hyperbaric chamber to stay fresh and healthy, how he feels this year compared to years past, and on Charles Barkley saying that Dirk Nowitzki can no longer carry a team like he used to be able to.

Why he picked Dallas in free agency:

“It was a great opportunity, great basketball team, and once the lockout was lifted you’re kind of scrambling trying to find teams, to talk to teams who are interested in you and there’s always been an interest in possibly playing here. Once you get that call and weigh your options with some of the other teams you look at the pieces to the puzzle and what they accomplished last year and said ‘hey they can possibly do it again this year.’ I just wanted to be a part of that. A lot of guys here, like J-Kidd (Jason Kidd) and Brendan (Haywood), I’ve played with before at some point in my career and makes my transition easier.”

On using cryotherapy and a hyperbaric chamber:

“Let me tell you that thing is great. Both of them. I got the opportunity to use them and I heard about them and even read up on them and now getting the opportunity to kind of utilize the facility and what we have here, it’s been great for my body. It keeps you fresh and it’s done wonders for me.”

Do you feel differently compared to who you’ve felt the last couple of years:

“I feel pretty good. Just taking care of my body, that’s the most important thing particularly with a season like this. It’s imperative that you get your rest and utilize all those things available to you. This is just another thing, I think the hyperbaric chamber has been great for me and of course cryotherapy. It’s cold. It’s cold, let me tell you, but it really works, I feel great, and it’s something that is there for us so you might as well take advantage of it and I’ve done so.”

On Charles Barkley’s comments about Dirk Nowitzki not being able to carry a team the way he used to:

“I don’t listen to Charles Barkley. (Host: Ever?) No. (Host: Do you think it’s funny? What do you think?) I don’t think it’s funny. He’s a player who has been there before so I don’t know. I have respect for all players out there. If you’re able to still perform and do what you can do on the court I respect that. When it comes to that I just feel like, I’m not going to say give him the benefit of the doubt, but the ground work that Dirk has laid has been unbelievable and I’m just glad to see him healthy, feeling good about himself, and playing ball.”

Listen to Vince Carter on ESPN Radio Dallas here

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  2. VC, Thank you for coming to Dallas, everyone is underestimatng this Dallas group, personally I think this is a better team. Stay focused and you’ll get that ring with Kidd this go around.

    By Diana on Feb 15, 2012

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